Yevgenia Schastlivtseva Agrafena is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Russian criminal and the leader of the Russian Vixens which is revealed as the Russian branch of the larger criminal organisation known as the Eastern Vixens...which in turn becomes one of two branches of the much larger Vixen criminal organisation.


In the series, Yevgenia does not get a physical appearance until the beginning of the series second part in the form of Warlords; when the time comes, her physical form is eventually revealed: She is a twenty six year old Russian woman with very fair, almost white and vampiric looking skin, cold blue eyes and raven coloured hair.

For her first appearance, Yevgenia is also dressed in "normal" clothing in contrast to the catsuits normally worn by the other Vixens (with a few exceptions such as the leaders of the Bosnian Vixens who are Muslims or the Hungarian Vixens' faction led by Izabella Bognar who are Romani) though on some occasion like the one depicted in Warlords, some are either in different suits or wear a different form of their form fitting wardrobe.

In this case, Yevgenia wears a white blouse, a black knee length leather skirt, a black leather corset with gold accents, black tights and black leather boots that go over her knees and have high heels.


While not the most powerful woman involved in the cause against PHANTOM, Yevgenia is certainly one of the most well known and prolific; she is also shown to be a much more divisive figure among Russians unlike other Vixen leaders such as Stanislava Blagoeva who is merely viewed as a petty criminal (at first. It's not until the Vixens are revealed as just a powerful organisation as PHANTOM does Stanislava become much more well known to her country).

She is also a famed criminal among the recruits the Vixens have, devoted to their cause especially for the Russian recruits who are said to have seen Vixens commanded by Agrafena but not Yevgenia herself.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Following the events of Stranger of the Past, Firroth has devastated much of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Vixens are forced into hiding. At first, one of the Vixens in the form of Bogdana Buneva accuses Stanislava of giving up and complying with authority (because the Vixens have rarely, if ever, submitted to authority) though Blagoeva assures they won't and so phones Yevgenia.

Yevgenia's voice tells the Vixens to congregate in the dining room of the Falcon Sanctum, the home of the Bulgarian Vixens. In the dining room, Yevgenia asks Stanislava to choose her own group and appoint a second in command; this results in Stanislava choosing Boyana Strashilova as her second in command then selecting Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Grozdana Ruseva, Tanya Nakova, Miroslava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Kalina Toncheva, Bilyana Zhelyaskova, Bogomila Gavrilova and Stanimira Zhelyaskova for her group.

The rest of the Vixens are left to Boyana and before long, the Vixens learn their instructions: Half of the Vixens will drive north to Sofia International Airport to board Flight A42 while the other half will drive west to Burgas, collect the weapons left behind by the last remnants of the Bulgarian Army and drive north to Burgas airport where they will board Flight 946A.

At the end of the story, Yevgenia declares war on PHANTOM as retribution for their kidnapping of one of their own in the form of Boyana Strashilova and also decides that if PHANTOM want to declare war on them then they will declare war on PHANTOM.


Warlords finally begins to see Yevgenia's physical appearance and despite being one of the most powerful women in the alliance against PHANTOM, she does not appear on stage like the other leaders of the Vixens (both East and West) and instead appears via a fire exit in the bottom right hand corner of an auditorium filled with recruits for the Vixens and their allies with much of them being former University Challenge contestants such as Darshani Jayasena, Harriet Rosewall and Jessica Hart.

But it also contains six women who were originally owned by the wiki founder and brought back: Hannah Stroud, Sophie Taylor, Maya Deacon, Charlotte Livingstone, Chloe Scargill and Eve Lennon (all of whom were made when the wiki founder was in secondary school, likely in their last year or maybe penultimate year). Like her PHANTOM counterpart Vojislav Strekalov, Yevgenia addresses the crowd in the middle of the stage.

Towards the crowd, she makes the same monologue that she makes in Nightmare's Hell, though obviously with a few differences (the monologue was re-used and edited because the wiki founder had troubles in making a new speech for Yevgenia to address the recruits with). After making this monologue, Yevgenia asks if the recruits really are ready to put their faith in the Vixens.

In response, two potential recruits for the Vixens in the form of Anastasia Igorievna Pishchalnikova and Nezabravka Krasimirova Atanasova raise from their seats and declare "Faith carries us! Faith protects us!" followed by other Slavs in the audience, then by people such as Darshani and Sithara and finally the whole audience who rise up and chant "Faith carries us! Faith protects us!" all while giving raised fist salutes and chanting the above declaration in the same style as the "Hail PHANTOM!" declaration used by PHANTOM.

As Yevgenia witnesses the devotion to the Vixen cause, she stops the chanting after about ten minutes or so and splits the recruits up by sending recruits of differing nationalities to leaders of their own. For instance, British recruits such as Jessica Hart or Maisy Ryan are sent back to England under the command of Claribel Bloodworth while Hungarians such as Anita Orosz are sent with Bianka Halasz.

This keeps going until the only ones left in the room are Yevgenia and the Russian recruits...but as Yevgenia prepares to take the recruits to her own base, she is forced to steal a step van owing to Russia coming under attack from the recently awoken Nelarth, Lord of the Black who claims that he has come to show Earth their new masters.

Luckily, Yevgenia manages to evade Nelarth as he begins to raze St. Petersburg to the ground...until he is attacked himself by his rival: Venia, Lord of the Skies.