The World War X series
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Evacuations made by the Space Fleet. Dark red indicates Poland and Dark blue indicates Britain.
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The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington King of the Dinosaurs
The World War X series is a series of science fiction stories created by the wiki's founder.

It is the first science fiction series on this site alongside the Surgeon stories and Defenders of Earth, unlike the stories however the World War X series is part of the Timeline of World History.

Despite it not featuring on this wiki, the fantasy series Lady of Destiny eventually comes to have elements added to it, such as the world of Nokoriz being visited by the Space Fleet.


In the 75th Century, Earth has been savaged by war: Conventional and civil wars, revolutions and eight world wars involving more deadly warfare including chemical, nuclear, radio-logical and biological war.

The amount of war on the face of the Earth plunges the world into chaos and leaving it open for alien invaders who attack the Earth and take over the world.

Humans on Earth have either been imprisoned, tortured or killed while a certain amount have been brainwashed to serve the aliens. Elsewhere, meanwhile Earth has been evacuated by Poland and Britain when they launch the Space Fleet into space.

Now pursued and attacked by the aliens, their associates, various space monsters, demons and mutants and several mutant dinosaurs, the fleet try to find a new world meeting various alien races both hostile and friendly along the way. In their journey to a new world, the humans' threat of The Invaders has long gone and they face a new threat in the form of the Smaugosaurus.

Similarities to other stories.

Currently, it is the only series part of the Timeline of World History that involves a crossover as it also features dinosaurs that feature previously in Invasion of the Reptiles (The Surgeon stories is also a crossover series but it is not included in the Timeline of World History.).

Alongside the Cold War II series, the series has also spawned a feature story King of the Dinosaurs which focuses on the Space Fleet's final journey to a new world and their struggle against a mutated chimera dinosaur known as the Smaugosaurus.

The World War X series is also the second piece of literature to feature multiple protagonists alongside The Recruits as this series features four heroes: Charlotte Norrington, Oscar Frobisher, Aleksandra Kosmalska and Bogdan Konik while other series feature just one.

Involvement with Lady of Destiny:

Despite the fantasy series Lady of Destiny never being included in Future of our Destiny (because it was written way before Lady of Destiny was made), the World War X series eventually comes to cross over with the series because of the world of Nokoriz that eventually comes to be visited by the Space Fleet.

As such, there are two trans wiki articles from Lady of Destiny, the world of Nokoriz itself and the series' eventual greater scope villain, the Assembly of the Cosmos (its primary antagonist was originally meant to be the Dark Lord, Moronul but he was scrapped and replaced with Zysaharad on the basis he was a better antagonist to use while the Assembly would have worked better owing to the series science fantasy genre).

Stories in the series


Title Antagonist Synopsis
Future of our Destiny None Overview of the series as well as a background to the events leading up to the World War X series so this is the only story that does not feature any antagonist and is also the only story to be written in first person owing to it being told by Charlotte Norrington.

Part 1: