William Houghton is a character from The Mammal Wars. He is one of the five judges at the trial of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska as shown in the very first story and as revealed in Wolves Attack is also a game show host alongside Grayson Randall.


With his fellow judges and Surgeon stories character Maurice Callaghan, Houghton bares a real life resemblance because he is based on game show host and comedian Bradley Walsh who is well known for hosting The Chase. He is a fifty six year old British man with fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair with seemingly grey sides.

Houghton wears a white shirt, no tie and a grey blazer with grey trousers to match. His top button is also undone, the only judge to follow such an attire.


Alongside defense judge Charles Williamson, Houghton is shown to be one of the more sympathetic judges of the judges shown at the beginning of Seslinain the Invincibe. However, much like most other judges Houghton does not allow emotion to cloud his judgement because granted he is considered to be one of the more softer spoken judges with Nikolaus Clements, it does not alter the fact he shows no remorse to sentencing Katja Naganowska to life imprisonment.

Because Houghton is only a minor character however, this is all that is known about him.

The Mammal Wars

Seslinian the Invincible:

In Seslinian the Invincible, Houghton is one of five judges at the trial of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska alongside Nikolaus Clements, James Harrison, Charles Williamson and Grayson Randall. He is first shown with the former two entering the Salisbury Court at the scientists' trial in which the story is set for their final hearing to deliver their verdict.

While Nikolaus delivers an opening statement, Houghton calls on Katja to read out her charges and ask her how she pleads to which Katja responds with:

"I can only plead guilty, judge."
Houghton then turns to the defense and asks their verdict who also find her guilty. Finally, he reads out Katja's sentence:
"Katja Naganowska, you have pleaded guilty to the charges that you stand here accused of. By the power invested in me, I hereby sentence you to life in prison; you will serve your sentence in the Firevault Institute. However, if you display good behavior during your sentence, we will consider either releasing you or transferring you to another prison. That is the verdict of this court."
After the trial of Forbflaith Hennessy, he is the last judge to leave while in the beginning of the trial Houghton is the first to enter the court.

Wolves Attack:

A month after the events of Seslinian the Invincible, Houghton returns in Wolves Attack as the host of a sketch of The Chase or as its known in the story "The Hunt" where he is shown in a more energetic light and a somewhat supportive one as well.

In the story, he is given two questions about monsters with the first being the first monster Godzilla fought (Anguirus) and the only dragon made by J.R.R Tolkien who does NOT have wings (Glaurung). In the end, three contestants are through to the final chase, manage seventeen steps but are caught by the Hunter (Chaser in earlier versions) and for them "The hunt is over".

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