Wallace Huntington is a character from the Cold War II series. He is the quartermaster for the European Intelligence Network and is one of three people to run the E.I.N in the series; In The Recruits, he is replaced by Anton Bang and in Agents of Tomorrow, his role is taken on board by the role of Miranda Chalmers.

He is of no relation to the British criminal Veronica Huntington who becomes one of the many criminals to help Helga Blankenburg.


He is a fifty five year old British man with fair skin, grayish hair and blue eyes and of the three people who leads the E.I.N in the Cold War II series, is the most formally dressed as he wears a navy blue three piece suit (which involves a shirt, tie, trousers, blazer and waistcoat) and a black and white spotted tie (Johnson and Young are also suited but they do not wear waistcoats).


Much like his associates, Graham Johnson and Noah Young, Wallace does not make many appearances so his personality is not well known. The only difference is that Johnson and Young appear in every story in the Cold War II series while Huntington appears three stories into the series; unlike Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons who disappear after The Defector, Huntington stays in the series.

Quartermasters in spy fiction are known for their undercover gadgets and Huntington is no different and he is also the one who provides Helga with her trademark pistol which sees first use in The Defector when she tries to use it to fight off a wolf pack.

The Cold War II series

The Defector:

Wallace makes his first appearance in the Scandinavian trilogy finale The Defector as one of the three people in charge of the E.I.N alongside Graham Johnson and Noah Young. In the story, his role is just as minor as his other story appearances and it is also in this story where he gives Helga her first gadgets and weapons.

The weapon he gives her is her trademark pistol which is a Heckler and Koch P7 while the main gadget he gives her is a fire extinguisher and while Helga is dubious as to why she needs a fire extinguisher in Scandinavia, it is revealed that the extinguisher helps her when she is confronted by a pack of brown bears.

He finally appears at the end of the story watching Johnson quietly yet furiously dismiss the Alliance hostages from the E.I.N and after calling Helga back in, Huntington is presumed to go back to his office.

Enemy in Silence:

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