Vladimira Vladimirova Petrovaa is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is ultimately revealed as the Bulgarian branch of the criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens which is actually the main heroic organization in Defenders.


She is a thirty year old Bulgarian woman with fair skin, brown hair tied in a plait and green eyes. Like the other Vixens who come to greater prominence in King of the East, Vladimira's true clothing is never revealed but when she is forced undercover along with the rest of the Vixens she wears a white dress, black opaque tights and black knee length boots with a grey fur coat and black leather gloves.


Much like Victoria Nankova who is seven years her junior, Vladimira is characterized by having a relatively short temper but is shown to be a lot more easy to control it alongside Victoria unless she is pushed too far such as her leader Boyana Strashilova first telling the Vixens to hurry up in putting guns onto their truck.

She also appears to be one of the more rational than some of the other Vixens both in Bulgaria and out of Bulgaria that are her age because she refuses to believe anything about the dragons until she sees Firroth first fight Tyrath but even so, she does not become quite so mystical as the likes of Alexandra Zhivkova.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Alongside the rest of the Vixens in her group, Vladimira is one of several Vixens to come into prominence in the story King of the East; the other Vixens to do so include:

She is first seen among all of the Vixens who have been forced undercover at the end of the events of Stranger of the Past and is seen being sent back to the Falcon Sanctum. Like many other Vixens, Vladimira remains quiet about being forced undercover instead of being allowed to live their exciting lives of crime which are soon put to an end when Stanislava phones another Vixen leader in the form of Yevgenia Agrafena.

Alongside the other Vixens, Vladimira sits in the same seat that she sat in three months ago when the Vixens showed their loot to their leader, only this time the Vixens have a new objective: First, the Vixens are split into two groups with one half leaving Bulgaria immediately via Sofia International Airport while the other half are to travel to Burgas, collect the guns left behind by the Army and leave Bulgaria through Burgas Airport.

Once they have their instructions, the Vixens are given an hour to change, pack their bags and be ready to leave their hideout at 8:30 which they manage to do. During the briefing, the Vixens were given a strict 8:30 deadline to leave their hideout but no more deadlines after that and because of this, Boyana's group takes a diversion to the house of the Sergeant who "killed" Firroth.

Boyana then orders the other Vixens out of the truck and asks who shall kill the Sergeant to which Vladimira puts herself forward in a very enthusiastic fashion but this proves in vain when Boyana instead selects Mira Adamova for the job and sends the remaining Vixens back into the truck ready to make a speedy getaway. Inside the truck, Vladimira becomes the first Vixen to hear the claims of Ivana Manoleva of seeing another dragon in the sky and refutes it.

After the sergeant is killed and Mira is pulled on board, Vladimira and the Vixens are taken to the Burgas coast where they hurry in loading guns onto their truck where she and Victoria are put under pressure by Boyana who tells the Vixens to hurry up; this triggers an angry response from Vladimira who tells Boyana:

"The more you keep shouting "Hurry!" at us Boyana, the slower we're going to go!"
This is the least of their worries however when the Vixens hear a long drawn out roar and come to see the source of it: Tyrath who kicks an old enemy out of the skies: Firroth. For a while, the Vixens watch the dragons fight but when Firroth tries to set Tyrath's back on fire Vladimira cannot bear to look on and instead rushes in loading the guns in the truck while the dragons fight which ends with Firroth throwing Tyrath into the Black Sea where Firroth himself was shot down in Stranger of the Past.

At the Burgas Airport, Vladimira joins the other Vixens in being forced to leave Bulgaria by the Lionesses of Turkey as they kidnap Boyana Strashilova and in Russia which was the plane's destination, Vladimira joins the Vixens in their declaration of war against PHANTOM.