Victoria Entwhistle is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of a group of students who are part of a resistance group that is fighting the Great Intelligence and with her students, Victoria makes a return in The Mammal Wars.


She is a twenty year old woman with black hair and brown eyes with fair skin and like many of the other students except for Clarissa Wainwright, Eleanor Davidson and Erika Armstrong wears black Chelsea boots alongside dark running tights and a black top.


Unlike some other characters even if they are minor characters, very little of Victoria's personality is known. However she is known to be a very dark character and a very obedient character alongside her other students; it is believed that she purposefully dresses in black in order to blend in with the darkness as hinted when she is practically invisible at the Kirk of the Canongate when she is first introduced with her group.


The Surgeon stories:

The Yeti Factor:

Victoria first appears at the Kirk of the Canongate alongside four other students: Her leader's right hand girl Amelia Bedingfield and three others Kierra Hastings, Lara Derbyshire and Erika Armstrong; once Abigail and her group return, the girls with Amelia spring into action ready to introduce themselves to the Surgeon and his sole companion Ghazal Rashidi.

Just as the students introduce themselves, the Surgeon and Ghazal also introduce themselves to a certain extent. Victoria's group time however comes to an end when the student groups except for Abigail Huntsman and Amelia Bedingfield to merge and are then dismissed to convene with other resistance fighters and/or groups. However, Victoria returns to fight with the resistance alongside several Yetis when her leader rallies the students to be ready for what is soon to be the final fight between the resistance and the Great Intelligence which is ultimately destroyed by the girls.

The Mammal Wars:

Return to Buckinghamshire:

Victoria returns in The Mammal Wars where she is no longer a student or servant of a villain and instead acts as a criminal. The name of her original group is also changed to "Britain's Angels" all of whom have the ambition to integrate into the Vixen criminal organization or rather its British branch and become Vixens themselves, like the Romanian sisterhood in the East.

She first appears with the rest of her gang at the Buckinghamshire New University in the events hall, a building that has been abandoned a month prior to the events of The Mammal Wars and like the rest of the Angels, listens attentively to what her leader is telling them; unlike Felicity Barbrige however who is distracted by the sound of whooping and two shadowy figures, Victoriaremains focused.

That is, until the whoops start to get more louder and frequent at which point, the Angels become slowly scared and think that the source of the whooping is coming for them. In High Wycombe, the Angels as well as the whole of Buckinghamshire ignore the warning to stay at home and instead come out in the open to see "Superfox" as their children call him.

But it's also here where the Angels and most of Buckinghamshire see more of the whooping animal; they see that it has a sloping spine which makes it out to be some kind of hyena, but that's it. The only other thing that the animal receives is a name, courtesy of Felicity Barbrige who names it "Jomnune".

The Angels are forced to watch another animal appear: The Shadow Cat as Clementine Galbraith calls it but what Felicity Barbrige calls Vlaasarak who actually goes to fight Jomnune alongside Seslinian. Once the fight goes to Sheephouse Wood, Abigail declares that the Angels will expand even with the threat of The Mammal Wars.

Outback Vixen:

Along with the rest of the Angels, Victoria is forced undercover by a combination of Jomnune and the British government who have activated Operation Temperer which has deployed 2,550 armed police officials on the streets all over the United Kingdom, forcing not only the Angels undercover but the organization which they wish to integrate themselves into: The British Vixens.

Despite this though, the Angels are still determined not to let this stop their expansion and during a speech made by her leader, she takes her place in front of Abigail with the rest of the Angels and cheers as Abigail makes the declaration of:

"I promised that the Angels would get an expansion, and Abigail has always kept her promises. Jomnune may have forced police onto the streets but he hasn't taken away our freedom and if we are to get into the Vixens then we have to be brave. This time, neither soldier nor hyena will prevent us from expanding! And that is not a promise but it is something that will happen!"

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood: