Tyrath is a dragon that features in Defenders of Earth. He was the first enemy of the dragon known as Firroth and eventually evolves into one of his closest allies alongside Kilarth.


When he attacks Firroth for the first time, Tyrath is described as being magnificent: He is 60 meters tall, 100 meters long, has a wingspan of 185 meters long and weighs more than 30,000 tons with grey-brown skin.

This is also just his statistics; his description in general is described in the same descriptive fashion as the other Dragons from Defenders of Earth;

Narrow flaming eyes sit low within his skull which is long and scaled and gives him a vicious looking appearance. Several enormous horns sit atop his head, just above its short, warped ears and with them, several large fan-like skin and bone structures runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines.

His nose is pointy and has two wide, pointy nostrils and there's a horn on his chin. A few large teeth poke out from the side of his mouth and reveal only a fraction of the terror hiding inside.

A muscular neck runs down from his head and into a massive body. The top is covered in thick scales and a row of thick armor plating runs down his spine. His bottom is covered in massive scales and is colored slightly darker than the rest of its body.

To add to his massive physique, Tyrath's body is carried by six huge limbs which allow him to stand sturdy and tall. Each limb has 6 digits, each of which end in huge talons seemingly made of onyx.

Horrendous wings grow starting from his shoulders and end at his hips. The wings are rounded, bone structures are clearly visible through the thin layer of skin and armor-like scales grow on top of the wing's primary bones.

Despite his first tyrannical reputation, Tyrath's surprisingly elegant tail ends in a sharp tip and is covered in the same thick scales as its body.


In his first appearance, Tyrath has a very negative reputation as being a tyrannical monster that is a dark equivalent to Firroth and their first fight in King of the East is likened to that of a power struggle between the forces of democracy (Firroth) and dictatorship (Tyrath).

However, like his original foe Firroth, the former Eastern Tyrant evolves into a far more heroic character helping Firroth to fight off threats such as Inhusrelun and Invincible. What is also known as Tyrath is that he operates with the element of surprise like a hunter, first appearing as a shadowy figure in the sky before finally appearing to confront Firroth.

Powers and abilities

Like other dragons with his physique, Tyrath is depicted as being very physically strong even in the air when he is shown kicking Firroth in the back and throws him out of the sky and into a heap on the floor. His spine is covered in armor plating and like many of Firroth's other enemies such as Inferlon and Eternula in particular, this is impervious to Firroth's fire.

His claws are even more powerful and are likened to that of an Iguanadon or a Deinonychus and could easily rip an enemy open. While granted he is just as powerful and intelligent as other dragons with his physique such as Inhusrelun, Nelarth and Sarmeyzmal for instance, Tyrath is shown to be a lot more agile and in addition to these powers he has the basic dragon powers such as flight and the ability to stand on his hind legs.

Tyrath's claws are not only powerful but so is his bite and his bite is likened to that of a Hyena or a vice since the jaws of a Hyena can easily crunch through bone; this is evidenced when he fights Firroth for the first time and bites him in the throat only for Firroth to manage to release his grip off his throat.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

At first, Tyrath is only shown as a silhouette in the night sky after Mira Adamova destroys the Armed Forces by killing the last sergeant remaining and killing the sergeant who killed Firroth where he is first seen by Vixen Ivana Atanasova Manoleva however when another Vixen looks into the night sky, Tyrath is nowhere to be seen. The only thing that eventually reveals his presence is a long drawn out roar similar to Anguirus:

Anguirus (1955) Roar

A representation of Tyrath's first roar.

He finally appears physically when he is spotted by the Vixens on the Burgas coast, at first the Vixens believe the flying dragon to be Firroth but Boyana refutes this and replies that Firroth is actually lying in a heap on the ground after being knocked out of the ground by him and when the dragon appears physically Boyana names him Tyrath.

Tyrath's one time backstory is then revealed as he is described by Boyana as being "The Tyrant of the East" and should he rule Eastern Europe then it will turn back into an autocracy. The Vixens can soon only watch on as the two dragons prepare to fight.

This story also marks the beginning of Firroth's heroic time because when he prepares to fight Tyrath, he tries to take off somewhere safer so the dragons can fight without many human casualties but when he does try to fly away, his enemy simply grabs hold of his tail and throws him over the back of his head back into the sea. Finally, Firroth hovers above the sea and tries to burn the dragon which proves futile thanks to Tyrath turning his back on his enemy exposing his armour plating.

What happens now is a huge fight in which the dragons simply bite and claw at each other and thanks to his narrow body, FIrroth has the upper hand and gives Tyrath a taste of his own medicine by throwing him over his shoulder. But Tyrath is too quick and and Firroth is on the receiving end of a Hyena like grip on his neck from his opponent.

Fortunately, the dragon manages to escape by kicking Tyrath in the stomach causing the dragon to be released from his grip. What follows is a huge dogfight in which Tyrath makes attempts to tear Firroth's throat out but Firroth gets there first and attempts to strangle his enemy in the air.

But Firroth undergoes a sense of deja vu when he is thrown out of the air by his opponent and kills the tyrant by grabbing hold of his neck and throwing him over the back of his head where his body sinks to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Nightmare's Hell:

Dawn of the Tyrants:

Invaders from Space:

The Court of Nelarth:

Firroth vs. Sarmeyzmal:

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