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The Invaders arriving to Earth in the last stages of the Tenth World War in the year 7441.

This is a timeline for the events covered in the human stories on this site, these include The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw, The Great Irish Heist, the Cold War II series, Invasion of the Reptiles, to a degree A Woman's World, The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington, Defenders of Earth and The Mammal Wars. and the World War X series.

The timeline does not cover events in the Surgeon stories because it is set in different time zones and it is re-capped in the first story of the World War X series, Future of our Destiny.

Except for The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw and A Woman's World, the stories in the timeline are often categorized by the presence of secret organizations, especially in the Cold War II series or non secret organizations particularly in the World War X series.


  • 2016- Syrian Civil War ends with a new government. Dissolution of Islamic State.
  • 2020- Arab Syndicate formed. Troops sent elsewhere to bring ISIL fighters down
  • 2021- End of the War on Terror. Events of The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw.
  • 2022-2026- Revolutions break out in war torn countries. Arab Syndicate turns against the west. Rise of the Syndicate in Syria
  • 2030- Alliance of Russia and East Europe formed. Central Asian allies take power Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan
  • 2039-2042- Arab-Emirates war. Syndicate repelled from Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates
  • 2042- Invasion of Turkey. Turkey is split between the Turkish government and the Arab Syndicate
  • 2043- Formation of U.T.O.C.I.P and The Company
  • 2045-2053- Many organizations destroy Western products. Prominent especially in the Middle East and South Asia
  • 2067- Scandinavian relations strained with the West after it backs U.T.O.C.I.P in a coup
  • 2071- Danish-Swedish War. Swedish forces expelled
  • 2075- Sweden, Norway and Finland cut off relations to Denmark
  • 2077- Old English Alliance formed. Events of The Great Irish Heist.
  • 2079- Cloak and Dagger formed
  • 2080s- European Intelligence Network formed. Begins relations with the O.E.A in 2083
  • 2082- Finnish coup d'etat. Scandinavian Alliance formed
  • 2087- Cloak and Dagger begins relations with the Old English Alliance and the European Intelligence Network.
  • 2094- End of Arab-Israeli War
  • 2101- Jewish-Arab Alliance and Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime figures and members in Latin America and Europe formed
  • 2114- Declaration of Cold War
  • 2215- 2189- Second Cold War; events of Cold War II series, The Recruits and The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow
  • 2189-2191- Revolutionary waves. End of Asian and Eastern European dictatorships
  • 2192- Normalization of world relations
  • 2195- Dissolution of organizations around the world.
  • 2215- Poppy Wright and her gang kidnap four boys Jesse Fairchild, Benjamin Greaves, Gabriel Eaton and Noah Kimberly and transport them to Alkrington Hall, there to experience BDSM. Events of A Woman's World.
  • 2300- British coup overthrows the monarchy
  • 2301- United Kingdom is renamed to "Republic of Britain" During this period is a time of civil war which ends in about 2310
  • 2315- Britain announces close relations to its former enemies
  • 2317- American embassy in Britain destroyed and the diplomats expelled
  • 2327- Guy Fawkes agreement. Military relations with the U.S cut off but diplomatic relations restored
  • 2336- British-Poland treaty. Poland and Britain announce an alliance
  • 2341- Weapons inspectors arrested in Britain, tried and executed.
  • 2346-2350- World War III
  • 2350- British revolution and collapse of the government. Takeover by the armed forces
  • 2355-2375- Weapons of Mass Destruction projects launched around the world
  • 2376-2476- World War IV
  • 2478- Space programmes launched
  • 2515- Satellites launched into space
  • 2529-2586- Great Cyberwar. Hackers recruited into the army round the world
  • 2592- Massive increase in the armies around the world
  • 2697-3000 World War V
  • 3000- New British government comes to power. Repression is more relaxed but held tightly
  • 3010- British Armed Forces hands over power to the new government
  • 3020- New cabinet announced in England
  • 3025-3026- Space war
  • 3036-3056- Electronic war
  • 3057- Peace is restored for a second time
  • 3067-3073- World War VI
  • 3074- Weapons inspectors tried and executed round the world
  • 3075-3078- W.M.D.S testing programmes launched all over the world
  • 3080-3088- Artillery tests for bombs and cannons
  • 3090-3091- World War VII
  • 3091- 4000 Peace is restored for a third time
  • 4010-4030- World War VIII. The world against mutant dinosaurs. Events of Invasion of the Reptiles.
  • 4030- Final restoration of peace.
  • 51st Century- Human conflicts have ended but the world instead sees a new kind of war; In the East are the Dragon Civil Wars between the forces of Venia, Lord of the Skies and Nelarth, Lord of the Black; this is also the events of Defenders of Earth. In the West meanwhile, specifically in the United Kingdom is the events of The Mammal Wars.
  • 54th Century- Events of The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington. The Ladies in Leather carry out several heists but one last heist lands them in the grip of the Force of Amazon.
  • 7400-7410- World War IX
  • 7420- Britain and Poland launch the Space Fleet project. Space Fleet formed
  • 7421-7441- Evacuations commence
  • 7441-7461- World War X. Beginning of the events of the World War X series and continues until 7515 when The Invaders take over the world.
  • 7461-7494- Evacuations for the space fleet finish
  • 7494- Another alien invasion which is successful this time. The Invaders take over the world.
  • 7501- Space fleet launched
  • 7515- The Invaders subjugate Earth as humans aboard the Space Fleet leave Earth. War commences between the Space Fleet and The Invaders alongside several other races as the humans leave for a new world. Events of the World War X series continue and end with King of the Dinosaurs when the Space Fleet reach a new world.

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