The Thunderspirit organization, or just Thunderspirit, is a secret organization operating as a pharmaceutical company in the Cold War II series and is an ally of the European Intelligence Network through its alliance with Cloak and Dagger.

It is the only organizational ally of the E.I.N that also appears in the series' spin off The Recruits because of the series' largely Germanic characters including the titular recruits and also owing to Thunderspirit's largely German membership. Here, it supplies weaponry to three motorcycle gangs that help the five girls: The Monster Skulls of Estonia, the Eastern Scavengers also known as the Renegades of Lativa and the Dragons of Lithuania.


Like the Old English Alliance, Thunderspirit is a very controversial and polarizing organization. To allies, it is a very close ally and probably just as close to the E.I.N as it is to Cloak and Dagger but to others in particular the British Ministry of Health and the British government in general, it is an illegal and highly dangerous organization.

In contrast to its closest ally Cloak and Dagger which is based largely in the South, Thunderspirit is a lot more prominent in Britain. It has a huge presence in the South, West and East of England and a small prominence in the North, particularly in Manchester, Newcastle, Lincolnshire and to an extent Cumbria in particular Ravenglass, the Lake District, Ambleside and other places.

The organization not only operates as a pharmaceutical company but it also operates as everything else on the medical side of things and its members are all sorts of medical staff ranging from radiographers and doctors to surgeons, cardiologists and others.

Their bases meanwhile are composed of not only research facilities and laboratories but also hospitals and psychiatric institutions, as such, Thunderspirit follows a similar structure in organization to Cloak and Dagger.

Like the The Syndicate, Thunderspirit is composed of both English and German members, however it's main leaders are German and English while its members are predominantly German. Unlike Cloak and Dagger where its headquarters is unknown, Thunderspirit's headquarters is in Wiltshire but alongside Cloak and Dagger, the membership of Thunderspirit is largely male dominated.

In the Cold War II series, Thunderspirit is a far more secretive and morally ambiguous organization but in The Recruits it is shown to be a lot more prominent and actually helps the E.I.N. It does not assist in the same way the army does but instead, it supplies weaponry and training to the three motorcycle gangs that are encountered by the five girls: The Monster Skulls (Estonia), the Eastern Scavengers also known as the Renegades (Lativa) and the Dragons (Lithuania).



Name Age
Heinrich Kalkbrenner 33

Oswald Harnischferger


Viktor Misselwitz


Reinhard Kappler


Julius Gudenlach


Josef Muller


Hermann Oberg


Joachim Berchtold


Werner Greifelt



Name Age
Archibald Falconer 36
Cuthbert Akehurst 37
Edwin Coppinger 35
Douglas Gilchrist 38
George Fletcher 42
Laurence Darwin 29
Myron Baskerville 47
Philip Arnold 32
Stephen Culver 33


Name Age
Adolf Grabner 37
Albert Misselwitz 43
Alois Bomelburg 47
Arnold Eichmann 36
Benedikt Flesch 30
Bruno Heydrich 48
Christof Kappler 27
Dagobert Rinnan 38
Delbert Wielen 33
Dietrich Von dem Bach-Zelewski 37
Eilhard Von Eberstein 26
Ewald Greifelt 23
Ferdinand Graf von Helldorf 32
Friedrich Lauterbacher 47
Gerald Von Neurath 49
Gilbert Oberg 42
Erich Pancke 36
Gottlieb Schaub 39
Gottfried Schlessman 27
Heinrich Taubert 44
Helmuth Ritter Von Beck 23
Herbert Clauberg 30
Hermann Von Ribbentrop 27
Hubert Staudinger 26
Joachim Streckenbach 38
Konrad Scherner 47
Ladislaus Klausner 37
Lars Brummenbaum 42
Ludwig Seetzen 36
Manuel Dassler 47
Moritz con Sammern-Frankenegg 36
Ottomar Gesele 29
Philipp Grimminger 36
Rainer Lange 35
Randall Albert MeisingerV 40
Sebastian Moser 30
Severin Buchardt 34
Siegfried Bilfinger 26
Sigismund Blomberg 38
Sigmund Kirschner 45
Sylvester Ludwig 39
Ulrich Sievers 32
Vollrath Medefind 35
Wilhelm Hoffman 30
Wolfgang Kremer 32
Stefan Breitwiesser 28
Emil Grabner 42
Wilhelm Neubert 29
Victor Schobert 37
Bruno Heukelbach 43
Friedrich Burmeister 44
Martin Korten 33
Karl Streicher 37
Hans Becker-Freyseng 36
Wilhelm Brack 33
Walther Genzken 40
Hermann Wolfgang Romberg 27
Rudolf Schafer 39
Gustav August Weltz 37
Hermann Pohl 40
Wilhelm Hoven 37
Kurt Sommer 30
Viktor Karl Franslau 34
Karl Hohberg 29
Rudolf Mummentheg 42
Siegfried Bobermin 26
Waldemar Von Ammon 23
Joachim Barmickel 30
Adolf Rothaug 31
Siegfried Westphal 46
Konrad Schlegelberger 42
Wolfram Klemm 37
Georg Mettgenberg 34
Oswald Steinbrinck 48
Wolfgang Terberger 37
Wilhelm Von Knieriem 32
Franz Bruggemann 36
Bernhard Rudolf Mann 31
Julius Weiss 29

Symbols and recognition

Probably the main reason why the British government deems Thunderspirit to be an illegal and terrorist organization is partially to do with its symbolism. While it does not use Nazi symbolism such as swastikas or the SS runes or fascist symbols such as the Flash and Circle, it does use these symbols to a degree.

Perhaps its best known symbol is a skull above a pair of crossed syringes while members wear some Nazi insignia such as swastikas to a degree, no military insignia is worn by leaders of Thunderspirit however. As a result of the organization's predominantly German membership, the organization is also recognized by several Germanic cars among them even being enemy vehicles such as Volvo's and Saab's owned by the Scandinavian Alliance.

Unlike Cloak and Dagger where its monks are recognized by Nazgûl like robes and the Cult's leader, The Grand Regulator General who is recognized by black robes, Thunderspirit's members are not recognized by traditional medical uniforms and instead are recognized by Nazi medical style attire.