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Welcome to the The second Untermation Wiki

Whilst the original Untermation wiki focused on the Anthro Saga the Second Untermation Wiki is focused more on human stories by the creator of the Anthro Saga buddyrichiedonmoochie.

Here, you will find stories such as the Cold War II series, the Surgeon stories and the World War X series. But you will also find canon characters such as the Daleks and even characters who appear not only on this wiki but the original wiki such as Bounder and other blue foxes.

This wiki is also far darker with more depictions of bondage and it can even be classed as being far more free than the original wiki.

The original Untermation wiki

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About the author

Buddyrichiedonmoochie (or by his real name, Adam Walker) is an English student, writer, and model and the creator of both Untermation wikis and its various focuses. The first being the Anthro Saga and other animal literature and the second being various kinds of human literature.


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