The Yeti Factor
The site of the first Yeti attack, the Covenanter's prison
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date 2016
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by N/A
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The Yeti Factor is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the fourth story in the revived series of the Surgeon stories and is the penultimate story to feature the character of Ghazal Rashidi.

Alongside some of its successors of its immediate successor Destroy All Plants and a few other stories, The Yeti Factor is one of a few stories to have an unoriginal title because its title merely comes from The Dalek Factor from The Evil of the Daleks.


In the year 2257, a century after the Daleks conquered Earth, it is conquered again this time by the Great Intelligence which uses its Robot Yeti and other machines to pillage the last remnants of humanity.


The story begins in the year 2257 in the streets of Edinburgh in Scotland where a group of shadowed figures have captured a student named Eleanor Davidson and bring her to the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions where she is tortured in front of the Great Intelligence by an old friend Clarissa Wainwright.

In the end, the Intelligence leaves Eleanor alone in the Outlook Tower tied to a chair. The story then cuts to the Surgeon who is seen in the SIDRAT but this time he is seen alone with Ghazal. He tells her that at the end of Land of the Two Foes he told her that he would take them out of the past and into the future and keeps his word, but Ghazal suggests they go to his home planet of Gallifrey.

Despite a pleasant reminiscence about Gallfrey the Surgeon refuses to go back to his home planet and instead takes Ghazal to the United Kingdom which apparently is one of his favorite countries; when he goes to take Ghazal out to explore the future however, she has gone much to his fears outside the SIDRAT...

In fact, Ghazal has gone further into the SIDRAT and has changed her clothing; she keeps her hijab but replaces her clothing with her abaya changed to a light blue dress with a zip on the back with black tights and black Chelsea boots. When she has changed, the Surgeon takes her outside the SIDRAT.


The chapel of Greyfriar's Kirkyard where the Surgeon lands the SIDRAT

The first destination however, actually appears inside a chapel which upon further exploration turns out to be one of the most haunted locations in Britain: Greyfriar's Kirkyard. Despite this however, the time is definitely right as the SIDRAT has landed in the 23rd Century in the year 2257 according to the Surgeon.


The site of the first Yeti attack, the Covenanter's prison

While he shows Ghazal the outside world, she scares him for real this time when she hears the sound of beeping which actually comes from a control sphere used for Robot Yeti which are stationed all over the cemetery and according to the Surgeon will also be found all over Edinburgh. As the Surgeon chases Ghazal to the Covenanters Prison, he warns her of a Yeti attack and she narrowly manages to escape.

Granted, the pair manage to escape from the prison but they don't escape from the cemetery because upon awakening, the Yeti has sent out a signal telling other Yetis to attack and they surround the exit of the cemetery preparing to go in for the kill.

The pair are saved from certain death however by a group of students who arrive with a group of Yeti. The students first open fire on the Yeti and allow the Yetis to come for them and once the pair escape the students unleash their own Yeti into the cemetery as the girls take the Surgeon and Ghazal to Edinburgh castle where they are introduced to their saviours: Abigail Huntsman, Christabel Davenport, Clementine Galbraith, Felicity Barbrige and Hester Cartridge.

Once the girls have been introduced however, the girls take the pair out of Edinburgh castle and to a new location in the city in the form of the Kirk of the Canongate. On the way there, while Ghazal is horrified by Yetis attacking innocent civilians in the streets the Surgeon does not have any kind of emotional reaction thanks to traveling the universe for centuries and having seen death and destruction practically everywhere he went.

Inside the Kirkyard, the Surgeon comes to Ghazal's defense after she is attacked by Felicity and also engages in conflict with her friend Hester Cartridge. The girls are berated by Abigail who threatens to betray them to the Yetis if they come into conflict with anyone else; finally the Surgeon and Ghazal are led into the chapel where he actually comforts Ghazal as the group journey into the chapel.

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The Kirk of the Canongate, the resistance stronghold.

In the chapel, the Surgeon and Ghazal are introduced to more girls, women and men the latter of which are split into two groups: Those that wear military fatigue and those that wear tight clothing and/or leathers in some cases. It is also at this stage where the Surgeon is forced to prevent more conflict from arising thanks to Abigail's right hand girl Amelia Bedingfield.

He and Ghazal get a huge sense of deja vu when Amelia introduces her own group of girls to the pair, exactly in the same way that Abigail introduced her group: Whenever a girl's name is called out, they step forward and introduce themselves. The Surgeon expresses a further sense of impression at the way the girls are trained with military precision with Abigail and Amelia even dismissing them in the style of Army officers.

As the girls are dismissed, Abigail and Amelia promise to tell the Surgeon and Ghazal everything about the Yeti and the questions that they have. However, they do something very unusual before they do it: Instead of telling them at the Kirk of the Canongate, the girls take the Surgeon and Ghazal back to square one: All the way back to Greyfriar's Kirkyard.

In the chapel, Amelia and Abigail reveal everything and why the world is like it is: The year is 2257 and it is a century since the Daleks invaded Earth and ultimately suffered their defeat at the hands of the First Doctor during the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. However, Earth has come under attack again from another hostile alien race which is the Great Intelligence.

While it is mentioned that the Intelligence has conquered the Earth and used the Yeti to destroy all humans left on Earth, only the Surgeon knows about it likely either because of previous adventures or thanks to the Second and Eleventh Doctors. Continuing on from the story, the girls do not mention the Intelligence because two of the students have got close to it and since coming into contact with it, one of the girls has been captured and is trapped in the Outlook Tower.

The Surgeon and Ghazal further get answers about why most of the Yeti attack humanity but other Yeti attack other Yetis: During their fight against the Intelligence, the resistance has captured several Yetis from the Intelligence and has impregnated them with "The Human Factor" which causes them to attack other Yetis. Abigail further adds that the second student to come into contact with the Intelligence now serves the alien because she has been impregnated with "The Yeti Factor" which is the impulse to obey the Intelligence.

Having heard Abigail and Amelia's story, the Surgeon decides to help the resistance take back the planet from the Great Intelligence, the first time he has been able to do such a thing because he has not been able to help anyone thanks to The Rani and what she could have been doing to destroy the world or take it over. He tells the group to go back to the Kirk of the Canongate and along the way, he tells Ghazal that she has to join the resistance while he will bring the students back together again.

At the Kirkyard's chapel, the Surgeon rallies the students and has Ghazal join them before choosing Abigail and Amelia to choose one girl from their groups to accompany him. The girls choose reluctantly but Huntsman eventually chooses Hester Cartridge and Amelia chooses Kierra Hastings; finally, the Surgeon begins his journey.

During the journey, it appears that Hester falls into a trance and begins singing along with the Yeti who she imagines singing a derogatory song intended to discredit the Surgeon and his accomplices. However, for all the discrediting singing the group eventually make it up to the Outlook Tower.

At first, the Surgeon dismisses the girls and allows them to go back to the Kirkyard but they refuse with Kierra especially being defiant. Eventually, the Surgeon reluctantly gives in and allows the girls to accompany him into the Tower.


The headquarters of the Intelligence, the Camera Obscura and World of illusions.

Inside the Tower is the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions and inside the building, the Surgeon and his accomplices search for the students and eventually find Eleanor Davidson tied to a chair and also find Clarissa Wainwright who holds them hostage inside the building.

Unlike Hester Cartridge and Kierra Hastings who are terrified of being held hostage by Clarissa, the Surgeon is also held hostage by Clarissa but he does not seem to care which irritates Kierra who wonders how someone who is being held hostage can be so relaxed.

Clarissa also does not like the fact that the Surgeon is in fact playing with her and before long, he explains everything: Before Clarissa came in, the Surgeon had the girls untie Eleanor instantly but by the time Clarissa came the girls had kept Eleanor tied to the chair but untied her legs which allows Eleanor to kick Clarissa in the stomach sending her off her feet and throwing the gun out of her hands.

With Clarissa on the ground, the Surgeon has Hester and Kierra finish untying Eleanor which they do and once she is freed, Eleanor leaps out of her chair and ties Clarissa's hands behind her back before handing her over to the other students. The Surgeon then orders the girls to take Clarissa back to the Kirkyard while he takes Eleanor out of the Camera Obscura; however, she does not understand how one person can take down an alien race.

Great Intelligence snowglobe

The Great Intelligence, Earth's master

The Surgeon however only tells her that all will be revealed sooner or later and Eleanor finds out when the Surgeon takes her to the Great Intelligence; when the Surgeon confronts the Intelligence, he puts up a highly confident defense to the Intelligence and is especially confident by the fact that the resistance will defeat it thanks to impregnating several other Yetis with The Human Factor.

But the Intelligence pulls the trump card and tells the Surgeon that it has actually been waiting for him and claims that the Human Factor is useless because it has shown the Intelligence what its own strength is. It further delivers the final blow by telling the Surgeon that it wants him to take the Yeti Factor and spread it through the entire history of Earth so humanity will obey it.

Once the Intelligence pulls its trump card, the Surgeon brings Eleanor back to his instructions of "When I say run, run" and in doing so he orders her to do just that despite Yeti attempts to stop the pair from escaping. The Surgeon continues to scare Eleanor by telling her to go up to the Outlook Tower where she has been imprisoned by the Great Intelligence which sparks an argument between the pair.

The Surgeon is actually telling her to go the Outlook Tower because there is a telescope there. He then tells her to look in it and when she does, Eleanor finds the resistance marching up to the Camera Obscura with their Yetis ready to do battle with the Great Intelligence. Despite her willingness to escape, the Surgeon orders her to stay where she is and this ultimately pays off because the students come up with Ghazal to claim Eleanor and the Surgeon manages to reclaim Ghazal.

Once he has Ghazal however, the Surgeon does nothing else but run for his life with Ghazal leaving the resistance for the Intelligence which is ultimately destroyed. But even with the destruction of the Intelligence, the Surgeon and Ghazal just keep running away from the building until they finally reach a deserted section of Edinburgh.

In this section of Edinburgh, Ghazal breaks down in tears which makes the Surgeon comfort her and embrace her. After he does, the Surgeon informs Ghazal that on her journeys she has been in the past (Terror of the Rani and Land of the Two Foes) and the future which is the events of this story so asks her if she would like to go back to the present.

A delighted Ghazal replies she would love to go back to the present, but the Surgeon decides not to take her back to the Middle East and instead takes her to a new location. In the SIDRAT, Ghazal stuns the Surgeon when she takes off her hijab, a sign that all the adventures she has been through make her feel as though her Hijab is not necessary anymore.

Additional info

In stark contrast to its predecessors Terror of the Rani and Land of the Two Foes, The Yeti Factor is often considered to be one of the most easiest stories written by the wiki founder; largely because this is the first story that does not feature Majid Bashar who is killed in the latter story owing to the fact that his writing became very difficult to write.

This story is also considered to be the starting point of a consistent line in the Surgeon stories because the wiki founder started on Defenders of Earth with the story Stranger of the Past and writing begun on 30th December 2016 and finished on 15th January 2017. Another contributing factor to The Yeti Factor being written a lot better than its predecessors is largely due to the fact that the story was put on hold in the form of Operation Viking from the Cold War II series.

It is considered to be a starting point of a consistent line in the series because once Destroy All Plants was written, this was followed with the following stories: The Super Soldiers, Thunderbolt (which required another break in the form of King of the East), Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes.

Links to The Mammal Wars

The Yeti Factor is a notable story in the sense that it is one of the Surgeon stories that links with other stories that are not included in the Timeline of World History such as the Cold War II series, not because of its story-line or title however;

Instead, the story is one of three including its successors Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes where characters from the Surgeon stories also appear in other stories; in this case it is The Mammal Wars and the characters that return in the series are the Irish and Polish scientists Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska from the two fox stories as well as the Women of the Night and the students depicted in this story.

Unlike in the Surgeon stories where the two organizations are resistance groups, the former is reformed as a criminal organization and the latter are depicted as being more of a gang. In addition, the latter has its name changed from the Sisterhood of Resistance to Britain's Angels (or so they call themselves) which is actually one of the organizations in the story; there are also students such as Felicity and Clementine which have far more vocal roles in The Mammal Wars.

The students have also changed in the sense that they are fairly independent and are more influenced with the Slavic criminal organization, the Eastern Vixens.