The Super Soldiers
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The Cybermen in the story
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date 2017
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by N/A
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The Super Soldiers is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the sixth installment of the Surgeon stories and the first to introduce the new character of Amanda Mycroft.


A now lone Surgeon travels back to the future where he discovers Super Soldiers used by the British Army are an old enemy: Cybermen.


Just four stories after their first appearance, the Cybermen are back, first appearing at a demonstration in front of a huge audience of politicians and military leaders in the year 2117 and are first also being shown as part of a montage before the real things appear marching down the stairs.

They introduce themselves to the audience before unveiling a demonstration on a politician and kill him before being withdrawn. The Cybermen's return makes them fairly unique among antagonists because the antagonists used or made by the wiki founder are given a far longer break and brought back or introduced.

Doctor Who Live The Cybermen

Doctor Who Live The Cybermen

A visual representation of the Cybermen's introduction in The Super Soldiers.

After the events of Destroy All Plants, a now lone Surgeon journeys back to the future when he travels to the year 2117, a hundred and forty years prior to the events of what would become The Yeti Factor (it is important to know that no events in the Surgeon stories have any continuity like the case of Defenders of Earth and The Mammal Wars for instance). But outside, the Surgeon has a very different experience to setting foot out of the SIDRAT:

Once he steps foot out of the SIDRAT, the Surgeon is confronted by the politician Amanda Mycroft, Army sergeant Claribel Bloodworth and her section who point their guns at him but like in The Yeti Factor, the Surgeon does not allow himself to be intimidated but under coercion from Bloodworth holds his hands up and despite assuring the women that he is un-armed, Bloodworth is not convinced.

The Time Lord is then scanned by the sergeant and when the results turn up negative, she orders her section's guns to be released from him before he asks the two women who they are before they take the Surgeon to witness a project that Claribel has been working on: The Super Soldier project. In the room, the Surgeon meets the man at the beginning of the story who introduced the Super Soldiers to a room and Amanda tells the man at the beginning about the Surgeon who then tells the man about the Super Soldiers and expresses some concern.

His concern especially is due to the Doctor's encounter with the Daleks during World War II when they posed as soldiers but ends up being accused of badmouthing the British Army. But one Army general is indifferent to showing him training and so decides to show him the Soldiers in training which they manage to do even if the training is less like the Marines and more like the Spetsnaz.

Even before the soldiers complete the training, the Surgeon is horrified to learn that his accusations were right and the Super Soldiers are in fact the same enemies he faced in Iran: Cybermen. After being shown the tests, the Surgeon undergoes an attempt to try to convince the Army that the "Super Soldiers" are in fact hostile alien cyborgs but his warnings fall on deaf ears and instead he is taken to a laboratory to meet a soldier up close alongside Claribel and Amanda.

At the laboratory, the Surgeon decides that if the Army won't listen to him then he will make them listen to him and he does it in such a fashion that it leaves both Amanda and Claribel speechless as the normally stoic Surgeon who they had met now loses his temper and even attacks one of the soldiers before echoing the words he told The Master in Egypt:

"I am the Surgeon! AND YOU ARE THE CYBERMEN!"
Finally, he kicks the soldier which leaves both women in the laboratory shocked and horrified even more. But when he cools down, the pair join his side and watch as the soldier now revealed as a Cyberman gets to its feet and replies that the Surgeon is correct in his assumptions.

The Cyberman transmits a signal to other Cybermen and they attack the Army but the Surgeon flees with Amanda and Claribel before forcing the latter to put her section on the line and help him defeat the Cybermen. However, the Cybermen are impervious to bullets so their wires are ripped out and eventually the Surgeon destroys the Cybermen when he destroys a Cyber planner which had been in charge of the whole operation.

After the destruction of the Cybermen, the Surgeon is accused of making Britain vulnerable to attack because he has forced the Army to abandon the hope of Super Soldiers but the Surgeon bites back and tells the General to go back to the drawing board. He then storms off and Amanda with him but not before witnessing Claribel angrily resign from the Army and tear her sergeant stripes off her tunic in defiance.

As the Surgeon prepares to leave, Amanda asks him if this is the thing he does all the time to which he replies it is and offers Amanda the chance to come with him which she does because she will continue the excitement she has had today. At first, Amanda is cautious but eventually becomes the Surgeon's third companion; as she enters the SIDRAT, the Surgeon dematerialises and Claribel watches it go before leaving to start all over again.