The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw
Britain and Arabia
Britain and the Middle East, the two regions featured in the story.
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Author The wiki founder
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Published by The wiki founder
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The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravensahaw (originally titled Ravenscroft) is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the first story involved in the Timeline of World History which covers all but one series on this wiki: The Surgeon stories.

While the story is far more serious than Joy and Punishment, it also departs from the traditional story lines seen in other series such as the World War X series and the Cold War II series which involve secret organizations. The story is also the first so called "feature story" written by the wiki founder and the first to feature a titular character.


The story of one of Britain's most wealthiest people, her descent into mental instability, financial ruin and eventual death.


Veronica Ravenshaw is a British heiress and the heir to the Ravenshaw family, one of the wealthiest in the United Kingdom. One night after a garden party with other heirs and heiresses celebrating the end of the War on Terror at the hands of the Arab Syndicate, she prepares to settle down for the night but soon finds herself in the Arabian desert.

In the desert, she meets an Arab guide who is shot dead by another which causes some resentment but when it is over, Ravenshaw follows her guide's attacker to what seems to be Iraq but is actually the whole Middle East.

In the Arab world, Ravenshaw is greeted by various other Arabs who treat her with a large amount of respect for a foreigner. As a foreigner, she is taught about the customs of Arabian life by Abbad Baba who also tells her that she is actually dreaming which she enjoys but is warned of Ja'far Hawsawi and his followers.

The next day, Ravenshaw feels a lot more refreshed and to the surprise of her lover Victor Cosgrove and her best friend Kate Akroyd has no ill effects from last night despite drinking a lot. But overtime, Veronica shows more irrational signs and signs of psychological instability.

Examples of this behaviour include paranoia and a few signs of eccentricity which is a sign that Ja'far is beginning to take over. That night she goes back to the Middle East and is taught more customs of Arabia, even being given Arabian robes which also exist outside this world.

It is at this point where Ravenshaw becomes even more unstable. More paranoia begins to settle in, she becomes withdrawn and stops wearing Western attire; instead she substitutes it for Muslim dress. Meanwhile, in the Arab world Ja'far gets into a confrontation with Abbad which results in the death of Abbad and Ja'far seizing control.

Ja'far seizing control also has dramatic consequences in the real world when Veronica goes on a massive murder spree where she kills almost all of her rich friends, saving some for last. Veronica also believes that Victor has betrayed her and in a confrontation he wounds her but she kills him.

All the while, Kate has been trying to get Veronica in the hands of the police which she regrets doing when the police arrest Veronica and take her into custody. She is later tried and imprisoned for a week at least but escapes only to be arrested again and end up in an institution. It is at the institution where Ja'far lets her free.

In the Arab world, many of the Arabs slowly either die or defect and in the real world Veronica and Kate encounter each other at a leisure center where a catfight breaks out but becomes more and more intense. The women eventually fight under the pool's water where Veronica nearly drowns Kate; finally Veronica comes up once more and it is here where Akroyd finally kills Veronica by shooting her through the heart.

Veronica's body sinks to the bottom of the pool leaving Kate distressed for a short period of time. After it all comes back to hit her, Kate leaves the leisure center and walks off into the sunset.


Alongside two animal stories Journey of the Vixen and Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame, The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw was originally under a working title and so was the titular character. While granted, she is still called Veronica, the character's surname was originally Ravenscroft but her name was changed because Ravenscroft seemed inferior while Ravenshaw seemed more memorable.

The story is also one of three stories alongside the aforementioned animal stories that was under a working title.