The Recruits
The series' main locations: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
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Cold War II series The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow
The Recruits is a spy series written by the wiki founder. It is the spin off series to the Cold War II series and alongside Agents of Tomorrow is part of the Timeline of World History.

While it differs a lot from the Cold War II series and other stories in the Timeline of World History particularly the World War X series, The Recruits does share the same story line as the Cold War II series in which there becomes moderate story arcs which gradually become more complex.

Story line

During the Second Cold War, the European Intelligence Network is at war with several villainous organizations; however this is not a war like the Vietnam War or the Sri Lankan Civil War or even the Danish-Swedish War of the 2070s, instead the Second Cold War between the E.I.N and the East and to an extent, the West is a war of nerves.

The series focuses on three Scandinavian students Elisabet Gundersen, Adelgunde Bogstrom and Kaapriella Hamalainen who have come to Berlin from Scandinavia to train for the European Intelligence Network where they now end up fighting their own governments.

The Recruits also introduces new characters to the series and shows how the E.I.N functions. It also shows the Scandinavian Alliance in a far more sinister, almost archetypal, light and the organization as it depicts the three girls fleeing from Scandinavia because of them.

While the series has three protagonists, it can have as many as five because the girls are also aided by two girls already training with the E.I.N: Aardina De Winter who is a Dutch recruit and her friend and Danish recruit Aleksia Jessen.

The Recruits is often set in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland but it can also take the recruits out as far as Lithuania, Latvia, Aardina's home country the Netherlands and even Estonia where the girls meet new allies in the form of what appears to be three different motorcycle gangs: The Monster Skulls (Estonia), the Eastern Scavengers also known as the Renegades (Lativa) and the Dragons (Lithuania).

Changes from its predecessor

The Recruits is largely considered to be a younger version of the Cold War II series because while the agents featured in that series are adults, this series shows teenagers training for the E.I.N. It is also in this case where the characters are more diverse including Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish girls who are brought to Berlin by the three aforementioned girls and already training with the E.I.N are Danish girls and Dutch girls.

While the Cold War II series has just one protagonist Helga Blankenburg, The Recruits is one of two series to have multiple protagonists alongside the World War X series as the former has three protagonists (Elisabet, Adelgunde and Kaapriella) and the latter has four protagonists: Charlotte Norrington, Oscar Frobisher, Aleksandra Kosmalska and Bogdan Konik.

The Cold War II series features various antagonists of multiple ethnicities such as the Union of Terrorist, Organized Crime and Insurgent Protection, the Arab Syndicate and their ally the Jewish-Arab Alliance, but in The Recruits there is only one villainous organization which is the Scandinavian Alliance which appears to be far more sinister. For instance, there is a small personality cult of the Alliance's respective leaders although this is more common for Anders Hammarberg than Sverre Aarrestad and Hannu Elomaa.

The European Intelligence Network features three organizations as allies: Cloak and Dagger, the Old English Alliance and the Thunderspirit organization. Of these three organizations, only the Thunderspirit organization appears in the series because of its cast of Germanic characters, in addition the E.I.N is far more diverse having not only Danish and Dutch recruits but it also features members of the E.I.N who are Dutch and Danish.

There is a large number of agents depicted in the Cold War II series but in The Recruits there is just one that features prominently (if ever) that also appears in the series; this agent is Karin Fransen. She is also the series' narrator while the original series had no narrator. The Scandinavian Alliance also appears to be far more tyrannical and dictatorial, just like Prince John in The Curse of Maid Marian.

Stories in the series

Part 1:

Title Synopsis
Girls and Assassins Having settled down in Berlin, the first assignment of the three Scandinavian girls is to uncover an assassination plot to kill numerous world leaders and their motives.