The Invaders is the name given to a hostile alien race, if not several hostile alien races, that invade and eventually conquer the Earth in the 76th Century. They are the main antagonists (and recurring antagonists) in the World War X series and are not only enemies of the Space Fleet but the whole of humanity.

Alongside the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime figures and members in Latin America and Europe from the Cold War II series, the symbol of The Invaders is also used in the anthro world as it is used by collaborators of the Animalian Junta.

While the Invaders are original characters, they are the fourh alien race to successfully conquer Earth alongside the Daleks (The Dalek Invasion of Earth), the Great Intelligence (attempted in The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear but finally achieved in The Yeti Factor) and the Decepticons in the Robot Saga as they take over a parallel world.


Whiel The Invaders leave an earth attack to mutated dinosaurs in the 41st Century, it is a starting point to the events of the World War X series in the story Invasion of the Reptiles in which Earth is pitted against the dinosaurs.

The humans successfully destroy the dinosaurs but the aliens come to Earth in 7441 during the last world war: World War X which lasts until 7461. And things go from bad to worse for humanity:

In 7494, Earth becomes devastated by biological, chemical and nuclear war to name a few and the aliens see their chance so with humanity unable to fight back, the aliens invade Earth and by the year 7515, subjugate the last remnants of humanity forcing the Space Fleet into exile.


The Invaders' ships coming to Earth when they conquer it in the year 7515.

While they have sent humanity into exile, The Invaders decide that simply exiling humanity is not enough and now seek to exterminate it from existence so send various allies of them and some of the army into space to destroy them or otherwise hinder their progress, possibly by turning Britain and Poland against each other.

Once they reach Earth, the Invaders pillage the last remnants of humanity by imprisoning survivors, torturing them or brainwashing them. While the Invaders are misanthropic, the only humans they like are thirty six women they brainwashed.

The Invaders' seemingly diabolical treatment of their human minions is also evident primarily in the second series in which the humans are defeated or taken into captivity by the Space Fleet but the aliens don't care and continue to destroy humanity anyway, even allying themselves with mutated dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and reptiles to do it. One of the Invaders even goes so far as to kill any humans in captivity of the fleet, but to little avail because a large number of women previously brainwashed by the aliens survive the Space Fleet's journey to Iabrorth.


The Invaders at first are believed to have been mutants that have been affected by various weapons in various wars such as being mutated from radiation, biological weapons or even chemical waste.

They are distinguished from other animals because the Invaders are fully misanthropic and possess multiple powers including massive intelligence and invulnerability among others. Some abilities also are adapted from various Godzilla villains such as King Ghidorah. Some commanders of the Space Fleet comment that the Invaders are so megalomaniacal and arrogant that they attack the Space Fleet so they can rule not only Earth but the entire universe.

In King of the Dinosaurs which is the series' feature and indeed finale, the Invaders' role is now given to a mutated chimera dinosaur known as the Smaugosaurus. It is assumed by this stage, The Invaders no longer wish to destroy humanity but no reconciliation attempt is made and few references to the aliens are made.

Forms of the aliens

The alien races that are part of The Invaders are largely shown to be animals that are predators such as crocodiles, falcons and alligators alongside their allies. However, unlike their allies, The Invaders are shown to be certain animals such as vultures, crocodiles and sharks.

The Central Committee of Earth:

Under the Invaders, Earth is run through a Central Committee which keeps Earth under alien rule. The location of the committee is not known, though it is assumed to be an aquatic environment owing to the nature of the committee.

Despite being a committee, the rulers actually take on the form of a Triumvirate and the committee is the form of the three most powerful aliens on Earth. The Committee is based at The Deep aquarium in Kingston Upon Hull. The Controller's animal which is an octopus is also used as a code name for a destroyer in the Anthro world.

Title Animal Species Origin
The Controller Octopus Ittag Lusmagua
The Director Blue ringed octopus Chalph Mainope
The Grand Marshall Jellyfish Biegnihsoe Snarth 9C3

The army:

The Invaders' army not only is land based but it is described as "an army, a navy and an air force all rolled into one". The army is largely reptilian and are recognized by their increased size and lengthened arms and legs; this is also used for the final form of Red in The King of Hell as he prepares to fight Sasha le Fleur and her allies: Whisper, Bold, Ranger and Charmer.

In addition three reptiles in the Invaders, the crocodiles, the alligators and the gharials are also used by the National Protection Process as code names for two gunboats and a fast attack craft. By the events of King of the Dinosaurs, this faction is obsolete because The Invaders have completely subjugated Earth and took it over.

Alien races Leader Original home planet
Crocodiles (Gystag) Asteng Ofranerth
Lizards (Dokisae) Pardoma Adraitera
Komodo Dragons (Knaqulf) Adwilalith Ruthomia
Alligators (Vraecalsa) Kaigossa Thapupra
Anacondas (Boelud) Qirahan Trilia JL
Boa Constrictors (Bedarc) Erisean Prolla 6TRB
Iguanas (Juprisk) Drelagan Yaithea
Gharials (Stewylmea) Afiradan Aproagawa
Dragons (Kreehn) Rathsuhon Sparth 8K
Muggers (Nuymihn) Gelimma Claapra
Saltwater Crocodiles (Wobrult) Astitha Goslarvis
Caimans (Eovoelma) Nardorwen Cobroruta
Chameleons (Hythisheo) Lothendahar Fasmillon
Geckos (Jobbox) Kederacia Cletothea
Monitor Lizards (Wykmint) Romakoth Slapus YZ7O
Snakes (Kleoks) Loarith Gufryke
Vipers (Fahsoksy) Ethirav Rawhorth

The replaced government:

When the aliens take over the world, they replace the government which is also aquatic in nature as they largely are composed of amphibians. Unlike the Committee, the government building is largely kept in an environment suitable for them and like the army, the government are recognized by the fact that their arms and legs are far longer.

By the events of King of the Dinosaurs, only the Central Committee is the government of Earth while these races rule Earth in another way with the other aliens.

Alien races Leader Original home planet
Frogs (Hibheb) Bredrim Drides 54
Toads (Dilmyb) Groresa Wefroaria
Salamanders (Phubolpheo) Astiliwen Thiuq N2
Newts (Pyvrork) Jerilavia Briea TG

Secret police:

The secret police that is used by the Invaders largely is composed of birds of prey. They are far more advanced because they can now fly much higher, about as high as a plane and also have the power of stealth allowing their secret nature to be much more prominent. By the events of King of the Dinosaurs, the birds no longer become the secret police but they do retain their alien powers.

A large number of the birds are also shown in the Anthro world where they act as a form of security force in a parallel world ruled by a certain lion. They are commanded both by Lord Shen and the Grand Duke of Owls; the birds also have appeared in an abandoned story called The Puppy and the Peacock.

However, the birds that are birds of prey except for the Penguins, Parrots, Magpies Crows and Macaws are part of the Invaders while the birds depicted only in Search for the Sword such as pelicans, emus, ostriches and cassowaries, are depicted as friendly to humanity and hostile to the Invaders.

Alien races Leader Original home planet
Hawks (Huach) Legoikor Sobrayhines
Eagles (Iclahi) Sirennor Wefroaria
Falcons (Waglolph) Manna Ebrides
Crows (Pedhi) Jerelith Xosnerth
Vultures (Strygirs) Astedrill Dreguphus
Ospreys (Knaclegoe) Sevigode Gugloustea
Buzzards (Bezzigh) Heiwen Lestoth
Penguins (Hopyha) Jeroania Sleron B71
Harriers (Vekkym) Maywien Zoglonov
Kestrals (Frarfaht) Kaoibeth Cloethea
Kites (Rummelzua) Lothoma Codrillon
Owls (Srautreonn) Fromwen Whomia YM
Condors (Huaflesh) Agrardor Smarvis 57S9
Sparrowhawks (Malmehm) Hendanna Iubrorix
Shikras (Viensad) Unirallen Labriri
Magpies (Voudihx) Chedrijar Flatenov
Parrots (Zauolk) Zydia Flupuyama
Macaws (Kloebhillua) Perran Stuna GB


The media of invaded Earth is now split in two: The aquatic side which manipulates certain events and the physical side which operates in the outside world. When the aliens take over the world, they subject it to a surveillance state almost akin to the world depicted in Nineteen Eighty Four but by the events of King of the Dinosaurs, both sides no longer exist.

Alien media, particularly on the aquatic side, is based at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. Sharks in the aliens are also used as code names for various submarines used by the National Protection Process whilst the code name Swordfish is also used for a destroyer in the same organization.

Alien races Leader Original home planet
Sharks (Zuabh) Brayveth Sogreyter
Barracudas (Kloevvn) Astardor Woswinda
Eels (Gnout'olna) Agrayswen Dreyoruta
Electric eels (Bruork) Lariragord Bosloutania
Swordfishes (Rerat) Kauthien Qeyrilia
Sawfishes (Cruylolny) Abalia Spasamia
Lanternfish (Strewred) Cadelildan Zabrioclite
Deep sea fish (Ploeflamua) Eruvia Thajegawa
Orcas (Bleddeba) Wicardocan Dreanov
Alien races Leader Original home planet
Spiders (Guabhat) Kalia Reygantu
Millipedes (Zyrax) Croasean Hogriea
Praying Mantises (Stesasae) Gwelissa Muploinus
Cockroaches (Qlaemsiskea) Eligowin Skarelia

Tarantulas (Srikun)

Umalath Stosie 1QC
Grasshoppers (Bryqots) Velalla Bawhuater
Termites (Kruobrahx) Ethilla Hoscerth
Ants (Knilfin) Rilla Yefroth
Wasps (Struopisk) Naykon Voslualiv
Centipedes (Gruttugh) Verania Flujenia