The Great Irish Heist
The cities involved in Operation Cougar: Dublin and Belfast
Vital statistics
Author The wiki founder
Illustrator N.A
Published on 2018
Published by The wiki founder
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The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw Cold War II series
The Great Irish Heist is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the first feature story to be written by the wiki founder and the second story to be involved in the Multiverse timeline made by the wiki founder.

Its place in the timeline involves the rise of the Old English Alliance and leading up to the events of the Cold War II series.


In the Republic of Ireland, a Holland & Holland delivery truck containing weapons for the Irish Army is ambushed on the way to the McKee Barracks in Dublin by nine conspirators working for the so called Belfast Eight and move the guns to a deserted warehouse.

Once they do, the man that Darragh Brennan the thieve's leader has radioed in the form of the mysterious Jarlath Donegan who is presumably in exile in London, rallies The Belfast Eight and brings them to the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

At the Waterfront, he manages to convince them to take part in a new type of arms heist and one that they are certainly used to; at first the Eight's leader Brian Canavan is not convinced as to why this heist is different but Jarlath tells them two reasons:

First, the weapons have already been stolen by the Belfast Eight's conspirators so the primary traffickers will be picking them up and secondly, at the end of the heist will be a new age that Brian and his associates will be able to be free men in.

Eventually, Brian concedes and allows the participation of the Eight in this heist and in the process, Jarlath sends them back to their hideout and intends to recruit an additional accomplice to help them:

That accomplice turns out to be criminal Caintigern Enright who is imprisoned in the Limerick Prison but manages to escape but not without being tracked: Her trackers in question being seven police women led by police officer Gormflaith MacGafraidh who allies herself with fellow officer Blathmac MacCraith who is dealing with the gun thefts. Unfortunately for Gormflaith, Caintigern escapes prison and runs home where she finds that Jarlath Donegan is waiting for her.

He tries to convince her about the heist but she refuses to listen to him...until Donegan tells her that if she joins this heist then whoever will rise from this heist will be doing Ireland a great service at which point she begins to take notice. But Donegan refuses to give her details and instead sends her to Belfast Castle which is in fact the headquarters of The Belfast Eight.

At Belfast Castle are two types of people: The conspirators of The Belfast Eight and the Eight themselves and the police who are listening in on the operation which Jarlath calls "Operation Cougar" and introduces the conspirators to Caintigern who tells them that she will deliver "something else" to the conspirators but not take part in the smuggling herself.

As it turns out, that something turns out to be the police officers led by Gormflaith. The other officers meanwhile are dealt with by the Belfast Eight and their conspirators in Dublin when they begin their operation. In the process, the police officers are killed and the Belfast Eight successfully bring the guns to the Celtic Alliance who carry out their coup, as is shown at the end when the conspirators are led into a boardroom and watch the coup on-screen.