The Belfast Eight is the name given to the eight Irish conspirators and arms traffickers that are involved in starting up the Old English Alliance in Ireland. They are the protagonists of The Great Irish Heist and are among the many different criminal organizations made by the wiki founder.

Others include the Jackals of Arabia and the Eurasian Hyenas from the Cold War II series which would later return in the 51st Century with Defenders of Earth and The Mammal Wars (though the latter does not feature the Hyenas because of Jomnune's rise and even with Clulphion's rise.), the Eastern Vixens and the Vixen organization in general and the Ladies in Leather.


The Belfast Eight are eight Irish arms traffickers that are involved in a conspiracy to smuggle guns intended for the army from Dublin into Belfast. They are further aided by career criminal Caintigern Enright and various others and are responsible for the titular Great Irish Heist in 2077 depicted in the story of the same name.

The heist results in the deaths of eight policemen, the capture of seven policewomen, all of whom are involved in the Organized Crime Bureau, and the transferal of thousands of guns from Dublin into Belfast which causes the rise of the O.E.A in Ireland.

But it also sparks other revolutions in Wales and Scotland which followthe same basic formula: A group of eight conspirators would hi-jack a truck carrying guns, they would deliver the guns to their respective home's faction and a coup would break out.

After coups in Edinburgh and Cardiff topple the respective governments the O.E.A is fully in control of Ireland, Scotland and Wales but remained part of the United Kingdom and in fact carried on relations with it.

As the Alliance takes over Ireland, the Belfast Eight merges into it as do its seven prisoners who become the first of its women's faction. With the Belfast Eight's merging into the Alliance, they also get their own back on the police when they arrest all the policewomen in Ireland forcing them into the Alliance and when Wales and Scotland come under the Alliance's power, it is not uncommon to see conspirators arresting policewomen and forcing them into the Alliance.

The main conspirators

Name Age
Brian Canavan (the leader) 32
Declan Connellan 37
Goffraid Connelly 31
Keenan Clarke 22
Killian Corrigan 32
Kevin Donegan 24
Seaumus Halligan 30
Crimthan Flanagan 35


Name Age
Jarlath Donegan (director of the heist) Unknown
Caintigern Enright (not involved in the heist, per se, but delivers prisoners to the Alliance) 23
Darragh Brennan (assists in the gun smuggling) 32
Heber Bunster 27
Ossian Crowley 30
Blathmac Doolan 34
Comgall Finneran 26
Conchobar Hennessey 32
Flannan Gallagher 29
Conchobar Hennigan 39

Feidlimid Kerwin


The seven policewomen captured by the Belfast Eight and later conscripted into the Old English Alliance.

Name Age
Gormflaith MacGafraidh 30
Bryna Costello 32
Carman McCaffrey 29
Ciara Martyn 27
Damnat Nestor 30
Dunlaith McScannlain 24
Roisin Bunster 23

Policemen killed by the Belfast Eight

Name Age
Blathmac MacCraith 31
Comgall Milligan 29
Dubhan Caomhanach 27
Eachann MacTorcaill 37
Genann O Breaslain 32
Odran Griffith 28
Somhairle MacGafraidh 33