Terror of the Rani
Cyberman 2013
The Cybermen in the story
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date 2016
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by N/A
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Strategy of a Surgeon Land of the Two Foes

Terror of the Rani is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the second story in "The Rani trilogy" and the second story in the revived series of the Surgeon stories.

The story also marks the first appearance of the Cybermen who later return in The Super Soldiers.


The Surgeon takes his new companions on their first SIDRAT journey to 1970s Iran. But also in Iran, is The Rani who plans to use the Cybermen to change history:

First she will use the Cybermen to kill all the demonstrators in the streets then when the Shah has exhausted his use, the Rani will kill him and rule herself.


After the events of Strategy of a Surgeon, a severely wounded Asma Benyamina drags herself to her TARDIS where she activates the controls before collapsing. As the TARDIS de-materializes, Asma collapses seemingly dead but regenerates into The Rani.

Meanwhile, the Surgeon is first seen in the SIDRAT with his new companions Ghazal and Majid, both of whom ask him even more questions than ever. His answer effectively tells them of the events of The War Games, particularly how he got the SIDRAT as he stole it from Gallifrey, the same way the Doctor stole the TARDIS.

He shortly lands the SIDRAT on a "brave new world": Iran in the 1970s as he discovers largely through Ghazal when she tells him of demonstrators chanting:

But they also chant "Allahu Akbar!" with Ghazal herself joining in. He is eventually powerless to stop her from joining a demonstration and further tries to find her as tear gas floods the area and Cybermen invade killing many of the protestors. The Surgeon tries to find Ghazal and Ghazal tries to find him but she is trampled in the crowd and knocked unconscious and captured forcing him to chase after her.

The chase takes The Surgeon and Majid to a prison but by the time they get there, she has escaped as discovered through a prisoner. She has escaped to the Royal Palace where she tries to kill the Shah herself in spite of The Surgeon trying to stop her; both him and Majid eventually succeed and discover the Rani who has the Cybermen attack his friends.

As spirited as the defense is however, the Surgeon and his friends are eventually captured and brought to the Rani who reveals that she intends to change Iran by using the Cybermen to keep the Shah on the throne for a longer period of time (he was originally meant to be deposed in 1979) and once the Shah's use has expired, the Cybermen will kill him so she can take over.

The Surgeon destroys the base but the Rani transmits a signal through Iran paralyzing the country and flees to the Royal Palace intending to finish off her plans. The Surgeon and his friends eventually chase the Rani to the palace. At the palace, the Surgeon and his companions attack The Rani and it takes their combined might to take her down: Once he destroys her weapon that she was going to use to kill the Shah, The Rani unveils a device that she intends to use to activate Cybermen all over Iran.

He orders Majid to keep the Rani on the floor, Ghazal kicks her in the back which causes her to drop the device and when it falls out of her hands, the Surgeon takes the opportunity to destroy the device which destroys the Cybermen. After he defeats the Cybermen, the Surgeon comes under fire from the Shah who demands an explanation and while the Time Lord calls himself Ali he refuses to answer where he is from even under intense scrutiny from the Shah. But in the end, his response is too strong for the Shah who simply gives up.

In Strategy of a Surgeon, the Surgeon stops Ghazal from killing the Rani when she was in the disguise of Asma Benyamina and in this story, he now stops Majid from killing the Rani with the combined efforts of Ghazal; in doing so however, a chase ensures to the streets of Tehran where he loses the Rani except for a note that says "Catch me if you can!" As the story ends, the Surgeon drags his companions into the SIDRAT and it de-materializes.


Terror of the Rani is often considered by the wiki founder to be one of the most cumbersome stories in the Surgeon stories alongside Land of the Two Foes, the only difference is that Land of the Two Foes has had a far better progress check than this story because that story has now finished and progress is being made in The Yeti Factor. It is also claimed that the story progressed even further and eventually finished because of the death of Majid Bashar who is exterminated in Part 9 by the Daleks.

While granted it got off to a smooth start up and to Part 5, it went on a long hiatus in the form of the Journey of the Vixen series which ended with Duel of the Vixens and carried on with three more stories: The Curse of Maid Marian, Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and The King of Hell.

After The King of Hell, Terror of the Rani and indeed the Surgeon stories were put back into progress almost immediately with large breaks in between owing to college hours. This story also saw the end of "short" stories involved in the Surgeon stories because this story and its predecessor are only eight parts long; all stories from Land of the Two Foes on wards are shown to be far longer and probably far longer than hand written stories.