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Bounder, the Surgeon's final enemy of his first series.
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The Surgeon stories are a series of science fiction stories made by the wiki's founder. It is the third science fiction series on the site alongside the World War X series and Defenders of Earth.

While there are characters from the Surgeon stories that also appear in The Mammal Wars which is the spin off to Defenders of Earth, the series is of no relation to The Mammal Wars.

The characters that appear in the Surgeon stories and The Mammal Wars are the scientists Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska and the Women of the Night which is first depicted as being a resistance group fighting the Great Intelligence. The series also brings back the students that fight against the Great Intelligence and Claribel Bloodworth who helps the Surgeon in The Super Soldiers.

History and description


The Evil of the Daleks Dalek

The Surgeon's first ever enemies, the Daleks

The series was originally started a long time ago with the story Dreadnought in Danger which was written during an extra English class as a piece of homework, the story featured the Daleks in 1960s England during the launch of HMS Dreadnought and the founder was proud of it enough to launch the series.

Unfortunately, while some early stories were good, their execution was bad. This was largely because a large number of them were hand written and almost never featured chapters so they could be over far too quickly; they also appeared to be very rushed.

Like the Godzilla films in the 1970s with films such as Godzilla vs. Gigan, there was also a time when the Surgeon stories abandoned the aspect of pitting the Surgeon up against traditional foes such as the Daleks and instead pitted him against certain comic book villains in particular Batman villains such as the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler.

It was during its early time when the Surgeon was referred to in first person so his name was never revealed. The stories were also never published on a wiki so the re-collection of other stories is sketchy as are the plots and few were typed up on the computer. After "The Final Showdown" the series went on hiatus for a long time until it was revived with Strategy of a Surgeon and the series has referred to the Surgeon in third person since.

Referring to the Surgeon in third person was performed for a form of consistency and was also done after the success of the Journey of the Vixen series which refer to the characters such as the protagonist Lady Blue in third person.


The stories follow the basic principle of Doctor Who in that it follows the adventures of a second rogue Time Lord from Gallifrey who simply goes by the name of the Surgeon (though he was un-named in early stories such as Dreadnought in Danger). Unlike the Doctor who travels in the TARDIS, the Surgeon travels in a time machine that was stolen from the War Lords at the end of the events of The War Games; this machine is known as the SIDRAT.

Unlike the Doctor's TARDIS, the SIDRAT has a fully functioning chameleon circuit which allows it to blend in with its surroundings. For example: If the Doctor landed in Ancient Egypt, the TARDIS would be stuck as a police box whereas if the Surgeon did the same thing, the SIDRAT would change to a sarcophagus or otherwise ancient Egyptian artifact.

Just like the Doctor, the Surgeon seldom travels alone and often allows one or more companions to share his adventures which are almost always humans (The Doctor does have human companions but in the Doctor's early days, one of his companions was a shape changing robot called Kamelion.) as he has lived on Earth for a long, long time (he says that he has only arrived on Earth because there was nowhere else to flee to from the Time War. Mars would never have welcomed him for a start owing to its Ice Warrior population.)

As a Time Lord, the Surgeon possesses the ability to regenerate when his body is mortally wounded taking on a new personality and appearance. Because the series is considered a spin off of Doctor Who, the Surgeon has encountered several enemies of the Doctor on his travels such as the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Great Intelligence; but because of the series' crossover nature, the Surgeon originally encountered enemies not from Doctor Who such as the Riddler and the Joker and he continues to do so today especially in the future when he will come across Bounder.

But in its early days, it was also a crossover story involving enemies such as the Daleks and other villains such as the Joker and the Riddler and in its modern days continues to be a crossover series to an extent as it features four animated characters: Bounder, Scarface, Lady Blue and Ranger who are from The Animals of Farthing Wood and because of this they are the only characters who are trans wiki articles (although the other two foxes' roles are considerably more reduced).

As a consequence, only two of the Surgeon stories are also trans wiki articles: Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes which are their stories. The series is also one of two series, alongside the Cold War II series, to begin with a trilogy as its new series begins with the "Rani trilogy" which features The Rani as the main antagonist.

It is also the only crossover story on this wiki because while the World War X series is also a crossover series, it crosses over with Invasion of the Reptiles and both are included in the Timeline of World History while in contrast to the World War X series, the Surgeon stories are probably far more braver in crossovers owing to previous enemies of the Surgeon being comic book villains such as the Penguin and a future enemy of the Surgeon being Bounder.

While the series does not cross over with such series as the World War X series, there are some dates in the Timeline of World History and events covered in it that may also be used for the Eleventh Surgeon's second series such as the Danish-Swedish War of the 2070s which is referenced heavily in The Recruits.

Similarities with other stories:

Because the Surgeon stories are set in different time zones, it is the only piece of literature that is not covered in the Timeline of World History because other stories are set in a fixed point in time such as Invasion of the Reptiles which is set in the 41st Century.

The series is also unique for another reason: Other series on this wiki such as the World War X series and the Cold War II series are fairly recent and modern but the Surgeon stories have been going for a long period of time and because of this are split into three categories:

The Classic series which starts with Dreadnought in Danger with the First Surgeon and ends with Survival with the Seventh Surgeon, the New Series which starts with an unknown story with the Ninth Surgeon and ends with The Final Showdown with the Tenth Surgeon and the Revived Series which is the most recent series and starts with Strategy of a Surgeon and the Eleventh Surgeon.

Stories in the revived series

Part 1:

In part 1 of the revived Surgeon stories, the Surgeon would be pitted against typical Doctor Who opponents such as the Daleks, WOTAN and Cybermen up and till The Yeti Factor. Destroy All Plants would later see the stories return to their crossover past and eventually ended on a crossover with Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes which gave the Surgeon two new (and better, according to the wiki founder) companions: Politician Amanda Mycroft and criminal Jenna Lillywhite.

Title Synopsis
Strategy of a Surgeon Following his latest regeneration, the Surgeon crash lands in the Sahara Desert. As he recovers, he uncovers a plan to take over the world involving a huge amount of statues.

But the statues are Weeping Angels and if the Surgeon is to save the world and indeed Egypt then he must defeat the plotters: Politician Asma Benyamina and sorcerer Azhar Namin.

Terror of the Rani The Surgeon takes his new companions on their first SIDRAT journey to 1970s Iran. But also in Iran, is The Rani who plans to use the Cybermen to change history:

First she will use the Cybermen to kill all the demonstrators in the streets then when the Shah has exhausted his use, the Rani will kill him and rule herself.

Land of the Two Foes The Rani escapes to 1980s Iraq where she allies herself with the Daleks in their search for the components of Project Babylon, a supergun commissioned by Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein which the Daleks intend to use to hold the world to ransom.

After the Surgeon is left with just one companion and the Rani threatens to turn his companions against him, things begin to look bleak for the future of the world.

The Yeti Factor In the year 2257, a century after the Daleks conquered Earth, it is conquered again this time by the Great Intelligence which uses its Robot Yeti and other machines to pillage the last remnants of humanity.                

The Surgeon and his now sole companion meet a group of resistance fighters and a group of students who are using "The Human Factor" to make Yeti revolt against the Intelligence making them question orders whilst The Intelligence has also hypnotized many people and impregnating many with "The Yeti Factor" making them obey the Intelligence.                

But the Intelligence has been waiting for the Surgeon and intends to use him to spread the Yeti Factor through history.

Destroy All Plants An Irish scientist who seeks to improve relations between humanity and plants conducts an experiment which goes horribly wrong and creates an abomination of nature.

This monster then soon begins to turn other plants into hideous monsters and it is these monstrosities that begin to turn both plants and humans into Krynoids. Overtime, the monsters take control of the original scientist and he helps the plants.

But the monsters also infect the Surgeon's companion turning her into a Krynoid. After a failed negotiation, the Surgeon is forced to destroy the Krynoids and essentially kill his first and only remaining companion.

The Super Soldiers After the events of Destroy All Plants, the Surgeon travels to the 22nd Century where the Army unveils the concept of the "Super Soldiers" but the Surgeon knows all too well for what they really are: Cybermen.

Having seen a demonstration, the Surgeon tries desperately to convince the Army that the soldiers are Cybermen but to no avail. In the end, the Surgeon manages to convince fourteen people to help him destroy the Cybermen: A politician, a sergeant and the sergeant's section.

Thunderbolt British and Russian outlawed missiles, including the outlawed Thunderbolt missile, are sent to Romania to be destroyed or to be deposited into the Black Sea.

But the Surgeon uncovers a plot to recover the missiles which comes back to the megalomaniacal supercomputer WOTAN which plans to take over the world once again by converting the missiles into satellites and launching them into space.

When the Surgeon falls under the computer's influence, it is up to his new companion Amanda Mycroft to defeat the computer all the while keeping 20 teenage Romanian girls safe from harm.

Bounder and the Time Lord The Surgeon and his new companion Amanda Mycroft journey to a whole new location: Wiltshire in 1994 where he hopes that he can settle down after centuries, at least, of traveling the universe.

But once the Surgeon comes across an Irish scientist, her accomplice, a criminal and a genetically altered blue fox, all hell breaks loose when it escapes and terrorizes the town of Bradford on Avon with several others.

Battle of the Foxes After the events of Bounder and the Time Lord, the Surgeon and Amanda enlist the help of the Wiltshirean criminal, Jenna Lillywhite and the reluctant assistance of her original employers to defeat the blue fox with the help of another genetically engineered blue fox.

Once the battle is over, the Surgeon gains his fourth companion in the form of Jenna as she sees him as a way to evade a second arrest that she would inevitably gain.

Her employers meanwhile are placed under arrest.

Part 2 (The Robot Saga):

With two new companions on his side, the Surgeon continues his journey across the stars fighting old and new foes. Part 2 is titled "The Robot Saga" because of the Surgeon's recurring enemies being more robotic. In the saga, the stories return to their comic book days as they pit the Surgeon against new comic book foes: the Latverian monarch Doctor Doom and the destroyer of worlds of the DC universe Brainiac.

But as well as these villains, the Surgeon and his companions eventually come across another threat. A threat much like the threats that the saga covers.

Title Synopsis
The Sins of Doom

The Surgeon follows a distress call and lands the SIDRAT in the country of Latveria where the Surgeon reunites with an old time enemy and in doing so, finds a new enemy when the source of the distress signal ultimately breaks free and makes its way to the one who imprisoned it.

But the prisoner's eventual destruction at the eventual hands of the Latverian leader leads to the rise of a new threat for the Surgeon shown only at the end of the story.

This story is of no relation to the Doctor Who story The Seeds of Doom.

Droid of the Outlands The SIDRAT takes the Surgeon out of one parallel universe and into another, when he lands on a battle-cruiser with a depleting crew, which the Surgeon decides to investigate.

His attempts to do it, however, are foiled by the ship's cowardly captain who refuses to take the ship to the enemy which results in a mutiny, the Surgeon taking over command and the captain ejected into outer space, allowing the Surgeon to investigate further with his companions and the ship's lieutenant.

The source of the depleting crew is eventually revealed as a mass kidnapping by Brainiac who has been kidnapping crew members to download his mind into, so he can leave his planet.

Revelation Still recovering from his fight with Brainiac, the Surgeon takes his companions, to what he believes, to be the real Earth. Once they get there however, its revealed as another parallel world.

To make things worse, the SIDRAT is destroyed, leaving the Surgeon and his companions at the expense of Earth's rulers.

Old Enemies, New Allies With the SIDRAT destroyed, the Surgeon and his companions are stranded on the Decepticon ruled parallel Earth; following from Revelation, the Surgeon and his companions are taken into Decepticon captivity where Starscream explains virtually everything and why the world is why the way it is.

Once he tells the Surgeon and his companions everything, he now intends to kill them; but his prisoners flee the base...only to find themselves in captivity yet again from something else: Slitheen.

And for the Surgeon and his companions, things go from bad to worse: The Slitheen have two old enemies of the Surgeon with them: Brainiac who the Surgeon supposedly destroyed in Droid of the Outlands and Doctor Doom.