The students depicted in The Yeti Factor and The Mammal Wars are a group of largely female British students that join forces with the resistance in The Yeti Factor to take Earth back for the human race and assist the Eleventh Surgeon and his sole companion Ghazal Rashidi in taking back the planet.

They are the first student group to appear in the Surgeon stories alongside the Romanian sisterhood and are one of many groups to consist solely of women in general in both human literature and the anthro world.


The Surgeon stories:

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The Kirk of the Canongate, the resistance stronghold and the home of the studnets.

These students are composed of twelve female British students presumably from university that join the human resistance already fighting the Great Intelligence and its Robot Yeti. These students are known as the "Sisterhood of Resistance" to other resistance groups.

While they are university students, it is not clear which university they attend although it is definitely not a university in Scotland where the story is set as the girls are shown speaking with English accents and not Scottish ones. Also shown is that they have other allies including the Women of the Night, the Emerald Tigers, the Sisterhood of Apex Champions, the Shadow Boots, the Mutineers, the Flock of Divine Girls and Doom Women of Britain.

In an early draft, these students would have been composed of men and women but the number was reduced in order to reduce the same problem that happened with the story's predecessor Land of the Two Foes in which Majid Bashar was exterminated by the Daleks or rather because of the fact the former was considered a hindrance to the Surgeon stories rather than a helper.

The Mammal Wars:


Buckinghamshire New University, the home of the students in The Mammal Wars.

Alongside the Women of the Night, these students also return in The Mammal Wars where they are depicted as being more of a gang than a resistance movement.

The students are also shown to be a lot more arrogant by calling themselves "Britain's Angels" even though their actions in Return to Buckinghamshire and to a lesser extent The Siege of Sheephouse Wood beg to differ.

They also appear to have been more independent in their setup and appear to be influenced by the Eastern Vixens while the girls depicted in The Yeti Factor are part of a resistance movement.

The girls are also larger because in The Yeti Factor there are twelve students but in The Mammal Wars, there are twenty four thanks to them kidnapping twelve more British girls that are much younger than them; from the ages of 16 to 19 in fact and it is these girls which are the only characters who were made for The Mammal Wars; Forbflaith Hennessy, Katja Naganowska and the original students are originally from the Surgeon stories while the Animals were originally going to be enemies of Firroth.

In The Mammal Wars, the girls are not so much a resistance group as they are a gang and in this series many of the girls who had less vocal parts such as Felicity, Christabel and Clementine become more vocal and while some girls such as Abigail and Amelia keep their clothing there are some members whose style changes such as Eleanor and Clementine for instance to become more uniform.

Also, while the girls were shown to be based at the Kirk of the Canongate in Edinburgh in Scotland in the Surgeon stories they are now based at the Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire which makes a huge change to their original location which was first intended to be the University of Hertfordshire but was moved to Edinburgh for The Yeti Factor.

The students also make the Buckinghamshire New University their home just as they once made the Kirk of the Canongate their home in The Yeti Factor. This is largely down to the fact that the university has been abandoned since the final restoration of peace in 4030.

The students

Name Age
Abigail Huntsman 22
Amelia Bedingfield 19
Clarissa Wainwright 26
Christabel Davenport 27
Clementine Galbraith 21
Eleanor Davidson 18
Felicity Barbrige 23
Hester Cartridge 24
Kierra Hastings 21
Lara Derbyshire 19
Victoria Entwhisle 20
Erika Armstrong 18

The girls forced into the students in The Mammal Wars:

Name Age
Laura Hamilton 18
Heather Butler 18
Gabriela Herring 17
Jodie Russell 18
Natasha Hunt 19
Amelia Davis 19
Charlotte Burton 17
Madeleine Taylor 16
Nicole Hodges 16
Annabell Blackwell 16
Hannah Noel 18
Amanda Skinner 18