Stela Rudeanu is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Romanian criminal and the leader of the Romanian Vixens, the Romanian branch of the Eastern Vixens.


She is a thirty year old Romanian woman with fair skin, brown eyes and very blonde almost white hair. Unlike most of the Vixens except Jeni Lungu who are changing into their uniforms ready to fight PHANTOM in a war of nerves, Stela is still undercover and wears traditional Romanian attire.

This consists of a Carpathian Shirt, a Fota or a richly-ornamented wrap-around skirt made out of a rectangular piece of woolen fabric worn at the waist and a headscarf similar to what Jeni wears in stark contrast to the catsuits and bodysuits worn by other Vixens, particularly those in Russia, Ukraine or Bulgaria. Her attire is complete with knee highs and black character shoes.


Like fellow Vixen Stanislava Blagoeva, Stela is described as being one of the most important Vixens in her organization owing to being one of the leaders of the Eastern Vixens alongside Stanislava of Bulgaria, Yevgenia Schastlivtseva Agrafena of Russia, Lidiya Gorysivna Panchenko of Ukraine, Natasza Glos of Poland, Bianka Halasz of Hungary, Dagmara Loupalova of the Czech Republic, Nazifa Delic of Bosnia, Mia Zanic of Croatia, Sava Avramov of Serbia and Tatiana Radiae of Slovenia.

The only difference between the two is the way they operate and are described with the much younger Stanislava being a lot more impatient as well as being respected and feared in her branch while Stela is also respected but is not feared unlike Stanislava. She is also seemingly held in regard by Denisa Candea, even before the Sisterhood join the Vixens.

Defenders of Earth

Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster:

Having returned to Romania after the Vixens declare a war of nerves on PHANTOM, Stela is first seen in the Romanian Vixen hideout in Wallachia which is largely underground and is described as such:

"In stark contrast to the Falcon Sanctum where the Bulgarians resided which made one feel as though they were in Wiltshire which had so far been clear of kaiju (but how long it would last, no one knew), the Romanian Vixen's hideout in Bucharest was largely underground and it made one feel as though they were in the final scene of Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger when they were about to watch the Smilodon fight the Troglodyte."
In the hideout, Stela is one of just two Vixens not in uniform with the second being Jeni Lungu while the rest of the Vixens are changing into their uniforms having returned from Russia after the events of King of the East. Here, the new leader of the Romanian sisterhood, Denisa Candea seeks to speak with Stela who listens attentively at first.

The new Sisterhood leader proposes that the Sisterhood merge into the Vixens and while Stela does not give a reply, Jeni gives her reply and brands the Sisterhood as being brave but soon goes on a huge tangent which involves rapidly switching from one topic to the other. It is here where Denisa expresses disappointment at Jeni's bizarre behavior and rambling speech including one prophecy that is the only thing that can be recovered:

"When myth becomes truth, an unfortunate accident shall mark the rise of education and the return of dragons."
Once Jeni has gone quiet, Denisa finally asks Stela to merge into the Vixens to which Stela agrees. After the Sisterhood have left the hideout however, Stela expresses relief at the Sisterhood leaving because she says:
"They'd be badgering us through the night! They'd badger us until we held up a white flag like they do in France and said "Yes, you can join the Eastern Vixens!""
However, she still admires them for having the fighter's spirit that is also possessed by other organizations composed of women that have been around for a long time. She also learns of another prediction made by Jeni:
"Those who have been outside may have seen a meteor shower, one was harmless but the second is deadly. Once the meteor crashes, it will unleash the Eight Headed Monster...The Human race will perish when the Hydra comes. As Zhakuh and Hydras pass, all that remains is a barren wasteland, a shell of a thriving community."
Stela learns even more when Jeni tells her:
"Those who shall face the monster are the King of the East, his one time opponent, and a third dragon. The dragon of sapphire. A dragon who shall awaken in Transylvania as the Hydra passes...while the King of the East shall face his second opponent. He had defeated the Eastern Tyrant; on this day, the King of the East SHALL PROVE HIMSELF WORTHY AS HUMANITY'S PROTECTOR!"

Stela's last appearance in the story, as well as the last appearance of the human characters in Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster in general, local, Vixen, PHANTOM member or Sisterhood member is in the Romanian Vixen hideout where she becomes scared and upset when Jeni collapses at the presence of Saphira in the Carpathian Mountains after destroying a boulder Kilarth threw at Firroth then destroying the boulders he could have thrown at him.

But Jeni is still alive and in fact, the Vixens gather to try to find out what Jeni is doing: She is going to try and find out more about the dragons and it is here where the Vixens learn that the dragons especially Firroth and Kilarth only hate humans because humans hate them, the former also mentions a certain Venia which leaves humanity and the Vixens with one question after another.