"Only Stanislava could squeeze all the confidence out of one of her own Vixens."

Stanimira Zhelyaskova about Stanislava.

Stanislava Iskrenova "Stani" Blagoeva is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is the leader of the Bulgarian Vixens, the Bulgarian branch of the criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens and thanks to this, she is also one of the many leaders of the Vixens alongside:

Along with her fellow Vixens in the Eastern world, Stanislava is one of the most powerful women involved with the coalition against PHANTOM, including:


She is a twenty four year old Bulgarian woman with pale skin, dark hair and strange coloured eyes for human characters; While other human characters have brown, blue or green eyes Stanislava's eyes are a green-grey colour. Her normal attire consists of a royal blue and black mixed leather catsuit and black boots which she is forced to change in King of the East.

In King of the East, Stanislava wears her typical suit until she is forced undercover and changes it to a navy blue dress, black tights, high heels, a grey overcoat and black leather gloves which are also worn by many of the Vixens when they are forced undercover.


Shown from her first appearance, Stanislava is believed to be a very impatient woman as she is shown marching through the falls of the Falcon Sanctum after a robbery as if she is very annoyed with something or someone and her entrance is no better because she throws the door open and even when the other Vixens greet her and show the Vixen symbol of respect by placing their hands on their hearts Blagoeva is in no mood for respect.

There also appears to be an air of respect and fear around Stanislava as well and with good reason; because alongside the other Vixen leaders, Stanislava expects discipline from her allies. This air of fear is also shown when she asks to see how the other Vixens got on because no Vixens put themselves forward, except for one of the Zhelyaskova sisters Bilyana who then nominates her sister Tsvetanka.

Alongside many of the other Vixens notably Borislava Ilseva and a few others. Stanislava is described as one of the most infamous and notorious women in the whole of Bulgaria (although Borislava is not quite as notorious as her leader) and it is also her disciplined expectations that earns her this reputation.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

While the rest of the Bulgarian Vixens are stationed at the Falcon Sanctum which is their hideout and destination to go to after carrying out their robberies, Stanislava is in fact the last Vixen to arrive and when she arrives her disciplined and military like nature is shown almost immediately when she shouts out:

"Okay ladies! Your leader's here!"
In contrast to her disciplined nature, Stanislava actually handles things far, far better with her fellow vixens particularly when she asks the Vixens to show her what they stole. At first, she chooses Vixens to show her what they have stolen starting with Kalina Toncheva who shows her a collection of fine jewelry worth almost 750,000 Bulgarian levs and which ranges from gold to silver.

Blagoeva then picks Bogdana Buneva who shows her another fine collection of jewels which Buneva replies that it was as if she went to England and stole the Crown Jewels. Stanislava then prepares to choose another woman but this is ruined by Bilyana Zhelyaskova who shows her 250,000 Bulgarian levs then puts forward her sister Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova who presents Stanislava with another 250,000 Bulgarian levs amounting their theft to nearly 500,000 levs.

But Stanislava loses interest in Bilyana for the moment and instead turns on another criminal in the form of Tanya Nakova who immediately shows her several jewels and pieces of gold and Stanislava watches as the loot stolen by the Vixens piles up in the centre of the table they are all sat at. Once Tanya has shown off her loot, Stanislava turns back to the Zhelyaskovas and asks another Vixen Stanimira Zhelyaskova to show her more loot and it is Stanimira who pulls out another 250,000 Bulgarian levs...and, a ruby which impresses the other Vixens.

The next Vixen to put herself forward is actually Borislava Ilseva who shows her the Wreath that she stole; it is hinted that Stanislava actually told her to steal it and unlike the other Vixens, Stanislava calls it beautiful and if it was sold would be enough to bankrupt a business.

After Borislava shows her the wreath stolen from the museum, so does Blagoeva who boasts that her loot is enough to bankrupt a business; after Stanislava reveals her loot, more and more Vixens show their own loot. The total loot stolen by the Vixens impresses Stanislava immensely and she describes the amount stolen as enough to bankrupt thirty six businesses if not thirty six more.

Stanislava has further praise for her accomplices and comments that the loot is also enough to make them the richest women in Bulgaria and could even make their others the richest criminal organization in the whole of Eastern Europe. The Vixen's chances of getting even richer are increased by word of mouth of a hoard of gold in the Bulgarian mountains that is guarded by a fire breathing dragon.

And it is said that anyone manages to steal from it, they could be even richer. Stanislava immediately decides she would love to steal the gold and asks who should carry out the robbery but ultimately gives the job to Miroslava Blagoeva. When the thief is decided, the Vixens head up to the mountains to try and steal from the dragon.

Hours later, Stanislava sees Miroslava running out of the cave but the latter screams at her to get away from the cave because any minute now, Firroth will emerge and once the Vixens retreat the dragon emerges, takes to the skies and flies towards Bulgaria. A shell-shocked Stanislava can only watch the dragon terrorize the country or rather the city of Sofia alongside her fellow Vixens.

At the end of the story, Stanislava takes the burning Firroth as a warning because it means that Bulgaria is totally destroyed and any blame will fall at the feet of the Vixens because of their greed. She declares that the Vixens now have to go undercover and also decides to cover her tracks further by having the weapons from the Army stolen for use by the Vixens before anyone else gets them.

King of the East:

At the Falcon Sanctum, three months after Stranger of the Past Stanislava becomes the subject of questioning by possibly the most composed Vixen in the form of Bogdana Buneva however, the Vixen leader assures her and the other Vixens that the Bulgarian Vixens are not about to give up and so phones another Vixen leader in the form of Yevgenia Schastlivtseva Agrafena of Russia.

Once she hangs up, Stanislava has all the Vixens return to the dining room to receive direction from the voice of Yevgenia. In the room, Yevgenia's voice asks Stanislava to choose her own group and appoint a second in command; this results in Stanislava choosing Boyana Strashilova as her second in command then selecting Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Grozdana Ruseva, Tanya Nakova, Miroslava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Kalina Toncheva, Bilyana Zhelyaskova, Bogomila Gavrilova and Stanimira Zhelyaskova for her group.

The rest of the Vixens are left to Boyana and before long, the Vixens learn their instructions: Half of the Vixens will drive north to Sofia International Airport to board Flight A42 while the other half will drive west to Burgas, collect the weapons left behind by the last remnants of the Bulgarian Army and drive north to Burgas airport where they will board Flight 946A.

After the briefing, Stanislava sends her Vixens away to change and pack their bags because they cannot leave Bulgaria in their original forms. They are to get ready within an hour because the instructions are to have their bags packed for 8:20 and ready to leave for 8:30 and once the Vixens are dismissed Stanislava and Boyana go to change themselves.

An hour later at 8:30, Stanislava and Boyana tell their groups to load themselves onto their trucks before handing each other mobile phones to communicate to each other before setting off for their destinations; in the case of Stanislava's group, this is the Sofia International Airport while for Boyana's, it is intended to be Burgas on the Bulgarian coast. Having set off, Stanislava does not appear again alongside the other Vixens in her group.

That is, until her right hand woman phones her and tells her everything about the fight between Firroth and Tyrath at which point Stanislava turns a deathly pale and has the Vixens in her group board their destined flight. Their flight destination? Russia where Stanislava joins the side of other Vixen leaders who cheer as they declare war on PHANTOM as revenge for the kidnapping of her right hand woman Boyana Strashilova.

Monsters and Girls:

Back in Bulgaria, Stanislava appears reunited with the rest of the Bulgarian Vixens apart from Boyana not inside the Falcon Sanctum but below it. Here she appears like a Roman empress sentencing a prisoner to death and by her side is her new second in command Alexandra Zhivkova and seated like they're in the Colosseum are the rest of the Vixens.

On the stage meanwhile is one of the Vixens that served under Boyana when they were told to go to Burgas to recover weaponry and come to Russia as quickly as possible: Kalina Stanislavova Dobreva. Stanislava demands Kalina give her the whole story about the events of King of the East and while Kalina initially struggles, she eventually tells Stanislava the story but not before leaving the stage in tears.

After a distraught Kalina leaves the stage, Alexandra reiterates the prediction made by Jeni Lungu in Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster:

"When myth becomes truth, an unfortunate accident shall mark the rise of education and the return of dragons."
When asked what it means, Alexandra gives a whole definition of what this means and that there are more dragons in the world; only the next battle that occurs will not be fought with Firroth. It will be fought between a dragon belonging to the forces of Venia, Lord of the Skies in the form of Rivelnesh and one belonging to the forces of Nelarth, Lord of the Black in the form of Sovmulnaar.

After the dragon has decimated Azerbaijan particularly Baku, Qusar and Lankaran, or rather by the time that this has occured, Stanislava and Alexandra are the only Vixens left in the structure beneath the Falcon Sanctum because the other Vixens have gone to change back into their normal clothing; it is at this point where as Sovmulnaar retreats having heard the roar of another dragon, Alexandra also collapses with Stanislava scared that she is going to die.

In fact, Alexandra is still alive but is acting like Jeni Lungu when she tried to communicate with the dragons in Romania. Once Alexandra pulls round, she asks Stanislava to listen but when the Vixen leader tells her there's nothing to listen to, the Vixen is dragged outside.

Outside, Alexandra tells Stanislava to listen again where she hears the roars of first Sovmulnaar and the story's heroic dragon and the second dragon stated to serve under Venia, Lord of the Skies: Rivelnesh who has awakened in rural Azerbaijan to confront him. Under the Sanctum, Stanislava returns having previously fled thanks to Alexandra going insane with the thought of Nelarth.

She is also seen, along with the rest of the Vixens, in her own clothing and by her feet are the weapons that Boyana stole from Bulgaria. Stanislava then tells the Vixens to basically help themselves which they do and she also tells them of two wars: The PHANTOM war and the dragon wars.

Nightmare's Hell:

In the Defenders of Earth season 1 finale, Nightmare's Hell, Stanislava goes from appearing in a physical form like she had done in her last three appearances to being a voice in her most recent appearance. In this case, while she initially received evacuation orders from Yevgenia Agrafena in King of the East, it is now Stanislava's turn.

It is also Stanislava who reports the position of Boyana Strashilova to Hungarian Vixen leader Bianka Halasz and tells her about the story so far: After the rise of Sarmeyzmal, Boyana took advantage of the distractions caused by the dragon's rise and ran away, as far as she could get which is ultimately revealed to be near the Syrian-Turkish border, specifically the westernmost border crossing with Syria and some 3km west of the town of Yayladagi or in co-ordinate forms 35.905°N and 36.010°E.

Bianka is implied to be Stanislava's last chance of rescuing Boyana because she dare not send any of her own Vixens to Turkey lest they share the same fate as Boyana and it is also implied she tried to ask other Vixen leaders to send women in, but they refused. During the time that Stanislava speaks to Bianka on the phone, it is also revealed that among some other Vixen leaders, she is often nicknamed "Stani" though the name is restricted to only her friends in her native country and a select few of other Vixen leaders.


Following from Nightmare's Hell, Stanislava returns to Russia where she is shown as one of the most powerful women in the alliance against PHANTOM where she is sat on a stage in front of hundreds if not thousands of recruits for the Vixen organisation and their allies, with the recruits in question consisting of hundreds if not thousands of young girls and women from universities across the United Kingdom.

And much of the recruits such as Darshani Jayasena or Maisy Ryan are shown as former contestants of the 51st Century's last series of University Challenge though there are several who haven't been contestants. Stanislava opens the meeting with the recruits which is considerably toned down in contrast to the Nazi like PHANTOM speech seen at the beginning of the story.

PHANTOM does not show any parallels to the Third Reich like the Black Sun from the Cold War II series does however, but it does eventually try to take over the Western world which fails in The PHANTOM Invasion; carrying on with the story, Stanislava opens the speech by revealing that the middle of the stage is empty and there is someone who the recruits are bound to meet.