The suit worn by Stanimira.

Stanimira Petrova Zhelyaskova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens, which ultimately is the Bulgarian branch of a much larger criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens.

Stanimira is also the sister of fellow Vixens Bilyana, Tsvetanka, and Kalina.


She is a twenty three year old Bulgarian woman with fair skin, brown hair that has a barrette in it and green eyes. Stanimira is not only considered an outcast by her sisters but also the other Vixens because unlike her sisters who wear dark blue or black suits, she typically wears a crimson coloured catsuit with a utility belt.

Stanimira is also considered at outcast for her footwear because unlike other Vixens who wear boots at the Falcon Sanctum, she wears boots when she steals another 250,000 worth of Bulgarian levs with her sisters but when she carries out a heist on her own and steals a ruby thanks to it and at the Sanctum, Stanimira wears tights and high heeled shoes. Her uniform is also worn by the British secret agent Denise Benedict.


In contrast to her sisters, particularly Tsvetanka and Bilyana, Stanimira appears to be more fun loving and expecting of praise because it is assumed that from a young age, the girls were heavily praised. She also tends to act like a cat burglar and has even managed to steal a ruby presumably from a house in high heels; but aside from this, very little is known about Stanimira's personality from her first appearance.

While it is also never stated, it is hinted that Stanimira also appears to be highly knowledgeable about the theft and crime business and thanks to this, passes her knowledge onto other Vixens alongside Kalina Toncheva with a notable Vixen being Mira Adamova when she arrives to kill the Army sergeant who killed Firroth.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

Stanimira is one of the three Bulgarian women who accompanies her sister Bilyana at the Falcon Sanctum when the Vixen's leader Stanislava Blagoeva wants to count up how much loot the Vixens have stolen. She is also the last Zhelyaskova sister to bring out her loot in front of Stanislava because her sister Kalina appears alongside other Vixens in King of the East.

At first, she is reluctant to give away her loot but ultimately Stanimira pulls out 250,000 Bulgarian levs and a ruby from her belt before sitting down and watching as the other Vixens reveal their own loot. The atmosphere that was once very tense and full of shirking responsibility soon resurfaces thanks to another Vixen telling the story of a hoard of gold in the Bulgarian mountains guarded by a dragon known as Firroth which results in Stanimira being the most vocal in putting herself forward.

Eventually, the role of the thief to steal from the dragon goes to Miroslava Blagoeva and while many Vixens accept this without argument Stanimira feels a virtually microscopic sense of rejection. However, it does not stop her participating in the attempted robbery that will be carried out by the Vixens.

King of the East:

Stanimira is first shown at the Falcon Sanctum with the other Vixens who are complaining about being forced undercover however, hopes come up when Stanislava phones another Vixen leader Yevgenia Agrafena who tells Stanislava to tell the other Vixens to go into the dining room where all will be revealed.

Like the other Vixens, Zhelyaskova is shown sitting in the same chair that she sat in three months ago when the Vixens stole thousands of money, gold and jewels where she listens to Yevgenia and when she asks Stanislava to choose her own group, Bogomila is one of those Vixens chosen by Stanislava alongside Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Grozdana Ruseva, Tanya Nakova, Miroslava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Kalina Toncheva, Bilyana Zhelyaskova and Bogomila Gavrilova.

Once the briefing has finished, Stanimira is dismissed with the other Vixens to change and get ready to leave Bulgaria either directly or once they have collected the weapons left behind by the Army. After an hour, Stanimira joins the Vixens in leaving Bulgaria with her particular group set to leave Bulgaria immediately by means of Sofia International Airport.

The Zhelyaskova sisters are reunited when both groups of the Bulgarian Vixens reach Russia alongside other branches of the Vixens of the East otherwise known as the Eastern Vixens and alongside her sisters, Stanimira is shown cheering for the declaration of a war of nerves against PHANTOM.