"Unity brings Strength"

The Space Fleet's motto

The Unity Star Division better known as the Space Fleet is a military style organization that serves as the main heroic organization in the World War X series.


Blank world map

The countries evacuated by the Space Fleet. British evacuated countries are highlighted in dark blue while Polish evacuated countries are marked in burgundy.

In the 75th century the world is ravaged by war each growing much more deadly and involving biological, nuclear and radio logical warfare, the Space Fleet is added to the world's armed forces as both an evacuation branch in the 75th century and a military branch much earlier.

Evacuations proceeded after an alien invasion and the Tenth World War with the West, some of Africa and Asia as well as all of Oceania evacuated by Britain and the East, the rest of Africa and Asia and all remaining countries evacuated by Poland.


Lupe and colleen by darkenergon

The uniform worn by female Space Fleet commanders. Credit to darkenergon on deviantart.

In both sides (English and Polish) there are two Space Fleet commanders, a female commander and a male commander. As such there are two fleet command ships in the fleet and whoever is the commander of the control ship is the commander of their whole fleet.

In total there are three fleets in the branch: 1 British fleet commanded by women, 1 British fleet commanded by men and a Polish fleet commanded by both women and men. Two of these female commanders Hannah Savage and Jane Butcher are also cyborgs.

The Space Fleet also differs from the Armed Forces because only two British commanders wear military attire as do other officers on board their ships Charles Hammerton (who is a cyborg) and Phillip Harmon. Other commanders wear different uniforms: Women on board their ships wear silver skin tight catsuits, silver belts across their waists and silver boots whilst men on board their ships wear dark blue bodysuits with light blue plates, light blue gloves, red belts across their waists and blue boots. On board aircraft carriers there are also three pilots to three aircraft.

Uniforms worn by male Space Fleet commanders except for the aforementioned Charles Hammerton and Phillip Harmon are also worn by the Road Rovers regardless of gender which makes it the only organization in the anthro world to wear footwear as other anthropomorphic male animals go barefoot. The bodysuit is also worn prominently among original animal characters as it is worn by the following: the Animalian revolutionary Lydia, the former Animalian soldier and current politician Mara and the Brazilian vixen Dulce.

The uniforms worn by male Space Fleet commanders are also worn by the crew and because of this, while Charles and Philip wear traditional military attire, their troops wear the bodysuits.

The ships

British (women's fleet)

Ship Type
HMCS Nottingham Command ship
HMSS Cambridge Starship and aircraft carrier
HMSS Oxford Warship
HMR Wessex Destroyer
HMR Essex Rocket
HMSS Bath Destroyer
HMR Belfast Rocket
HMSS Birmingham Warship
HMSS Bradford Destroyer
HMR Bristol Warship
HMSS Cardiff Destroyer
HMR Chichester Rocket
HMR Derby Rocket
HMSS Dundee Starship
HMR Exeter Rocket
HMSS Hereford Starship
HMSS Leeds Warship
HMR City of London Rocket
HMSS Manchester Destroyer
HMR Plymouth Rocket
HMSS Ripon Starship
HMR Sunderland Rocket
HMSS York Warship

British (men's fleet)

Name Type of ship
HMCS Aberdeen Command ship
HMSS Armagh Destroyer
HMR Bangor Rocket
HMS Canterbury Starship
HMR Carlisle Rocket
HMSS Coventry Warship
HMR Dundee Rcoket
HMSS Durham Starship
HMSS Edinburgh Warship
HMSS Glasgow Destroyer
HMR Gloucester Rocket
HMSS Hereford Destroyer
HMR Leeds Rocket
HMSS Leicester Starship
HMR Newcastle Rocket
HMSS Liverpool Destroyer
HMSS Ripon Warship
HMR Sheffield Rocket
HMSS Worcester Starship


Name Type
ORP Warsaw Command ship
ORP Krakow Rocket
ORP Lodz Warship
ORP Poznan Destroyer
ORP Wloclawek Starship


British (female)

Name Age
Charlotte Norrington 30
Hannah Savage 28
Jade Rickard 31
Natasha Beamont 36
Marcia Brimson 35
Lucy Breckenridge 32
Cristalyn Bayfield 27
Jacqueline Brightwell 25
Kelsi Armstead 25
Emily Beresford 22
Phoebe Davenport 37
Abigail Cartwright 26
Laura Bloodworth 38
Tara Bromley-Davenport 23
Megan Bedingfield 27
Jane Butcher 31
Miranda Ashley-Cooper 39
Emma Cagney 21
Keira Gathercole 28
Tamara Goodman 23
Rhiannon Eagleton 37
Leonara Croword 23
Amber Farnworth 38

British (male)

Name Age
Oscar Frobisher 37
Charles Hamerton 39
Phillip Harmon 38
Gabriel Harrelson 23
Noah Jepson 22
Lucas Hearnshaw 24
Alfred Heathfield 26
Gerard Heseltine 33
Benjamin Hanson 21
Vincent Linwood 37
Alexander Herring 22
Basil Hampson 39
Oliver Livingston 36
Peter Lister 21
Jon Ravenscroft 32
Trevor Nicholson 26
Brian Ravenshaw 39
George Hetherington 38
Stephen Northmore 35

Polish (female)

Name Age
Aleksandra Kosmalska 36
Katarzyna Grzywacz 35
Kazimiera Halama 34
Dabroniega Kotla 39
Katarzya Novak 33

Polish (male)

Name Age
Bogdan Konik 35
Stanislaw Bronowski 36
Borislaw Godlewski 34
Bronislaw Kozminski 30
Aleksandr Jablonski 30

Pilots and aircraft carriers

British (female):

Ship Pilots Ages
HMSS Cambridge Emma Attenborough
Louise Cagney
Christina Burnham
HMSS Dundee Bianca Chandler
Jasmine Galbraith
Ellie Goodman
HMSS Hereford Denise Huntsman
Wendy Ingram
Natalie Levinson

HMSS Ripon Katie Lewis
Vanessa Inglis
Poppy Light

British (male):

Ship Pilots Ages
HMSS Canterbury Alfred Hodgkinson
Myron Lawrenson
Benjamin Hudson
HMSS Durham Henry Livingston
Daniel Haslem
Oliver Newdigate
HMSS Leicester Oscar Nightingale
Peter Slowley
Samuel Morrison
HMSS Worcester James Priest
Matthew Sherman
William Sparrow

Polish (female):

Pilots Ages
Kasia Grabowska 25
Malgorzata Rumkowska 27
Zdenka Nowakowska 26

Polish (male);

Name Age
Jaroslaw Dombrowski 38
Slawomir Kalinowski 34
Przemyslaw Kowalski 34

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