"I'm warning you. One...more...step..."

Scarface, also known as the "Scar faced fox" in Battle of the Foxes, is a character from The Animals of Farthing Wood books and TV series. He is the main antagonist of the third book in the series Fox's Feud and the second season of the TV series.

He is also the husband of Lady Blue and the father of Bounder and Ranger but in literature is only related to his original wife, at least in human literature because he is of no relation to her in animal literature after Journey of the Vixen. Alongside Lady Blue and the other blue foxes, Scarface is also a trans wiki article as he appears on this wiki and the original wiki.

Not only is Scarface unrelated to Lady Blue in animal literature after Journey of the Vixen but he is also of no relation to either Bounder or Ranger in any literature or any blue fox for that matter.


Scarface red variant by foxfan1992-d2xi85a

A representation of Scarface's eye in Bounder and the Time Lord.

In the original novels, Scarface is a normal red fox but in the TV series he is a blue fox like the rest of his family and the other White Deer Park foxes otherwise known as Blue Foxes or in this case Lab Foxes.

He has light blue fur with a darker shade and a light grey underbelly, as well as a black nose, a black stripe over the back of his head and black eyebrows which is also a feature used for the other foxes and vixens in the series.

He also has a nick in his right ear and a long, jagged scar on the right side of his face. His right eye seems to be blind but in literature, he can see out of the eye and instead his scar is split in two like that of Scar in The Lion King.

While Scarface remains a blue fox alongside Bounder, Ranger and Lady Blue in Bounder and the Time Lord, he gives off a light green glow almost similar to the Great Intelligence in The Yeti Factor but he and Lady Blue are the only foxes who have this ability; while Bounder gives off a small glow, he is not shown glowing anywhere else.


In literature, Scarface appears alongside his wife as a character in the story Bounder and the Time Lord where this time he and his wife are un-named characters and seemingly pose no threat to the Eleventh Surgeon unlike Bounder. Or at least, Scarface and his wife do not pose much of a threat to the Surgeon as Bounder.

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Scarface may be the main antagonist of Fox's Feud and the second series of The Animals of Farthing Wood, but in his only human literature appearance he has a far more minor role and is also an un-named character. In the story, alongside the other White Deer Park animals as well as the Farthing Wood animals he has been moved to Widbrook Wood in Wiltshire instead of White Deer Park.

In the story, he is shown as one of three blue foxes alongside his wife and Bounder (who Scarface is of no relation to in this story) where he is shown protecting the latter. When him and his wife come across the Surgeon, Amanda Mycroft and a shadowy figure in the form of Jenna Lillywhite, he instantly turns invisible and sets off to find the intruders while also persuading Bounder to flee.

Peter Pan Crocodile Song

The "rhythm" described in Bounder and the Time Lord that Scarface marches in time to.

While his wife goes after Jenna, Scarface is shown to go after the Surgeon and Amanda where he acts with more aggression than usual and when he eventually catches up with the Surgeon and Amanda, he sees no reason to harm them and instead leaves them alone with a huge sense of contempt on his face. Scarface does not appear again after this scene.