The Scandinavian Alliance is a military organization based mostly in Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is the very first antagonist in the Cold War II series and an occasional antagonist in its spin off The Recruits with the antagonists of the latter being numerous paramilitary organizations.

History and origins

In the 22nd century the war on terror has ended as have many other wars in the world but in fact the world is far from peaceful. Humiliations have caused mass uprisings and revolutions in Asia and East Europe replacing their leaders with more autocratic or democratic leaders and rising more secret organizations from the shadows one of them being the Scandinavian Alliance.

The Alliance has it's origins to the Finnish coup of 2082 when a group of army defectors led by general Hannu Elomaa overthrew the government and inspired other uprisings in Sweden and Norway where the monarchies were replaced by republics. Once in power the Alliance began to quickly suppress dissent and announced that Norway, Sweden and Finland were now united.

The Cold War II series

Since it's inception in 2082 the Scandinavian Alliance has joined forces with various other Anti-Western organizations such as the Arab Syndicate in an attempt to ultimately crush and destroy the European Intelligence Network by kidnappings or missiles.

The Scandinavian trilogy:

The Scandinavian trilogy is the name given to the three stories that begin the Cold War II series in which they are the primary antagonists. After the events of The Defector, the Alliance are never seen or heard of again although individuals do appear in the series.

With the Alliance no longer present after The Defector, the series' protagonist Helga Blankenburg is pitted against foes such as the Union of Terrorist, Organized Crime and Insurgent Protection.

In the first story of the series Agent to Prisoner, the Alliance is the main antagonist. The story begins with a demonstration of a new escape pod being shown to Sverre Aarrestad by Gustav Hallstrom, the latter of whom expresses impatience and irritation at having to wait for the demonstration to take place.

He is however impressed when he sees an escape pod fly into the air with its occupants being picked up by submarine. After the demonstration, the Alliance decide to use it for a kidnapping, that kidnapping being of Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons.

In Scandinavia, the couple are held captive while a video of them is broadcast practically around the world and is also seen by the European Intelligence Network which prompts them to send in Helga Blankenburg. In Operation Viking, the Alliance are shown to be far more hidden while in Agent to Prisoner, there are members who are shown to be more prominent such as Koskelo, Hallstrom and to an extent Aarrestad.

In this story, the Alliance are actually hiding in the mountains of what appears to be the South of Sweden although the location is actually named as "Scandinavia." In the story, thinking they are safe the Alliance unveil a complex full of rockets which is unknowingly to them being watched by a secret agent presumably from the E.I.N. then for added protection bring out cannons like anti aircraft guns with the guns in triple turrets and with search lights attached.

The guns begin to search the area but the complex is forced into hiding by the discovery of binoculars which have been found by an un-named Alliance official. With the discovery of the binoculars, the Alliance immediately seal up the cliff face and send out soldiers to find the intruder.

While the intruder manages to make a decent way while coming under fire from Swedish soldiers, he trips over and falls into a bog which leaves him submerged from the waist down. The soldiers decide that the intruder has gone and so retreat giving him the perfect opportunity to radio about the complex and will pass a detailed description later.

At the border between Denmark and Sweden, the Alliance is still there and a hidden soldier shoots the intruder in the back of the neck killing him. But one of the Army officials (presumed to be Danish) searches the body and discovers his microphone.

On the night that one of their worst enemies Helga Blankenburg takes off from England, the Alliance carry out their threat and unveil all of their defenses and missiles, even missiles that appear to have been given to the Alliance by Russia or possibly Bulgaria.

Even though the defenses are impenetrable, impenetrable is not enough because despite how ferociously Helga is shot at, she still manages to turn the tables on the Alliance and destroy the complex, reducing it to a burning wreck. Following her attack on the missile base, their enemy enters Scandinavia and takes out the hostages which in turn are dismissed from the E.I.N. Following the trilogy, the Alliance go dormant.

The Recruits:

Members (male)


Name Age
Sverre Aarrestad 47
Olav Andreson 54
Harald Amundsen 36
Haakon Backer 41
Magnus Olafson 46
Magnar Hassel 45
Asmund Haugli 51
Mauritz Haugland 35
Hjalmar Hedstrom 48
Thurmann Cappelen 33
Sven Davidsen 40
Ulrik Dokken 37
Viljar Eliassen 40
Thorvild Christiansen 39
Rasmus Carlsen 32
Erland Jorgensen 39
Oyvind Mikkelsen 43
Marius Lyngstand 46
Rognvald Angebretsen 37


Name Age
Anders Hammarberg 35
Carl Hallberg 41
Evald Gunnarsson 51
Gustav Hallstrom 39
Holger Stromberg 50
Marcus Westling 30
Olle Sundberg 41
Osvald Stenbeck 27
Svante Naslund 32


Name Age
Hannu Elomaa 43
Ilmari Korhonen 47
Jarmo Kivinen 39
Joonas Koskelo 33
Mattias Lanti 44
Paavo Laine 25
Santeri Numminen 32
Severi Nuutinen 27
Taavi Makila 23
Veikko Niemi 43

Members (female)


Name Age
Aslaug Castberg 27
Aagot Bruland 26
Mette Haagensen 31
Bodil Hambro 25
Astrid Grieg 21
Bergitta Haagensen 31
Borghild Grimstad 34
Gudrun Haraldsen 38
Grete Hassel 20
Froydis Gunderson 21
Karin Helgeland 38
Toril Henriksen 34
Danica Baardson 26
Gjertrud Amundsen 33
Henriette Gundersen 31
Ingeborg Bakken 30
Jenny Hodne 23
Kristianna Hellend 39
Nikolina Haagensen 34


Name Age
Brigitta Hagerstrom 39
Carin Sommerlath 37
Erika Sandberg 24
Elina Lundin 36
Frida Malmsten 31
Gunnel Mattisson 27
Henrika Skoglund 21
Justina Rosenblad 20
Kajsa Goransson 28
Karin Gylling 24
Mallin Haglund 37
Ronja Hermansson 34
Ulrica Hammerberg 34


Name Age
Aila Kekkonen 29
Elina Keinonen 30
Hannele Keskisuari 28
Jenni Hetola 35
Hannele Aaltonen 24
Helmi Linna 39
Kaarina Haapalainen 35
Kirsti Hautamaki 32
Marjatta Lentonen 26
Heini Koskinen 20

Symbols and vehicles


The main symbol of the Alliance; except than Denmark is now excluded from the union.

The Alliance's symbols often vary but the most common is the Swedish flag over Finland and Norway owing to the Alliance's hostility towards Denmark.There is a second variety symbol which involves a Lorraine cross with a yellow cross and half white on the bottom and half red on top, this is often regarded as being similar to the Norsefire symbol.

Saab 900

A Saab 900 seen on the streets of Scandinavia. This type of car is also used by the Thunderspirit organization.

In terms of vehicles, the main vehicles that the Scandinavian Alliance and their allies and enemies alike use (enemies against the European Intelligence Network) include various armored surveillance vans. These vans are mostly painted black and spout satellite dishes, directional microphones, surveillance devices, infrared and visual CCTV and at times machine guns but they also use any type of army vehicle as well as tanks.

Apart from the surveillance vans the Alliance are also noted for the Volvo cars mostly S80, S60, 164, 200 series, 700 series and 900 series seen prowling the streets alongside several Saab models most notably Saab 9000, 900 and 9-5 cars prowling the streets with them and like two enemy organizations of theirs' Cloak and Dagger and the Old English Alliance and to a certain extent, the Thunderspirit organization among them are convertibles.