Radomir Dragomirov Pramatarov is a character from Defenders of Earth. He is a Bulgarian terrorist and the leader of the Bulgarian branch of PHANTOM and is one of many leaders of PHANTOM alongside:


In his first appearance, Radomir appears as a shadowy figure akin to Ernst Stavro Blofeld especially in the films From Russia With Love, Thunderball and his early appearances of You Only Live Twice; he is first seen as a shadowy figure dressed in Bulgarian Orthodox priest like robes. Like Blofeld, Radomir is also shown in his first appearance with a Bengal cat which does not appear again much after his first appearance.

This trope is also used for two Lionesses in Turkey: Ajla Bayat and Akgul Bayramoglu, only the latter only has her back shown. While his cat does not appear much, it is in fact a genetically altered cat and one of many domesticated animals to be genetically altered by PHANTOM


Much like other members of PHANTOM, Radomir shares the same hegemonic personality and desire for world domination which PHANTOM intends to achieve by turning opinion against well meaning dragons which will first enable them to take over the East. He also has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor as shown when he mocks the Bulgarian Vixens after Krasimira reports to him about the Vixens fleeing after Firroth kills Tyrath.

Like other villains, Radomir is not only single minded in the sense that he is only interested in who or what benefits him but also what benefits PHANTOM or his allies, even if it means illegal activities such as kidnapping. More of Radomir's personality if a little bit is shown also in Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster where most of PHANTOM's plans for world domination are revealed:

PHANTOM intends to take over the world using hostile dragons to instigate a war in the West who will attack the East and once both are destroyed, the organization will take over. However, he has a resentment for certain dragons in particular Firroth because he predicts (correctly) that he is not hostile enough yet despite heroes and villains having nothing in common with each other, he has the same tendency to rant as Romanian Vixen Jeni Lungu when telling Romanian PHANTOM leader Serghei Enescu to stay where he is as shown below:

"Do not worry! PHANTOM will get its dragons in due time with any luck, the Lionesses have already captured a Vixen and she can witness the rise of an even more dangerous dragon! One that IS EVEN MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE ONE KRASIMIRA REPORTED TO ME!"
His belief of Firroth not being hostile enough also shows Radomir's hypocrisy as he rages about Firroth not being hostile enough yet also warns all PHANTOM Romanian members to stay where they are because of Zhakuh whose race is even more hostile than the dragons and will destroy humanity but will also destroy PHANTOM.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Like the Lionesses of Turkey, Radomir and another member of PHANTOM in the form of Krasimira Varbanova only appears towards the end of King of the East when Krasimira is revealed as the one who had witnessed the whole fight between Firroth and Tyrath and was also the one who saw Boyana Strashilova and her group of Vixens arrive on the Burgas coast and so leaves to report her findings to Radomir.

In the base, Radomir asks for a report and is delighted when he hears about Krasimira's story. When she asks why it is a good thing that they are fleeing; Radomir replies with:

"The Vixen's discoveries, could be of great use to our...organization. I'm sure Stanislava will be more accommodating...when her lieutenant is taken prisoner!"
However, Radomir does not care about Boyana being a PHANTOM prisoner so much as he is about her being taken prisoner by another ally of PHANTOM and so sends Krasimira to carry out his orders. After Krasimira disappears, Radomir cackles:
"World domination is in our grasp!"

Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster:

Radomir appears again in the shadows after a story's absence after the merging of the Romanian sisterhood into the Eastern Vixens after a meteor lands in Romania, in the Brasov county in fact and in the city of Codlea. His organization's branch in Romania wants to bring it to their base, but Pramatarov warns them to stay where they are:

"The only monsters that PHANTOM wants are dragons! We do not want Firroth or Kilarth or whoever this dragon is that is presumed to rise from Transylvania. So, for the time being; Stay where you are! If you don't, then who knows what the meteor will do?" the shadow man in Bulgaria warned another shadow man in Romania.

"Do not worry! PHANTOM will get its dragons in due time with any luck, the Lionesses have already captured a Vixen and she can witness the rise of an even more dangerous dragon! One that IS EVEN MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE ONE KRASIMIRA REPORTED TO ME!"


Along with numerous other PHANTOM officials such as Vojislav Strekalov and his right hand robot Edgar Starikov, Radomir is among the PHANTOM leaders that are seen in Russia at an opera house and is seen seated on stage behind Vojislav Strekalov when he makes his speech. As Vojislav comes to the end of his speech, Radomir can be seen raising from his seat along with the rest of the officials in the room.

Finally, Vojislav declares:

"Let our Armed Forces attempt to defeat us. PHANTOM will continue to live...Hail PHANTOM."
And with that, Radomir joins the PHANTOM officials in giving the organisation salute and declaring "HAIL PHANTOM!"