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Poppy Wright is a school bully and a character in the Cold War II series. She is also a former friend of E.I.N applicant Emma Irwin and a bully to her boyfriend Benjamin Simmons.

Later on in life, she becomes a member of the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime figures and members in Latin America and Europe alongside twelve of her friends: Briana Carrington, Kadia Bonniwell, Annabel Gillingham, Cordelia Heseltine, Isla Sherwood, Jennfier Sedgwick, Kierra Norrington, Imogen Randel, Kathleen Reckford, Victoria Summerfield, Tiffany Whittaker and Grace Workman.

Poppy and her friends are the only characters from the universe that links all the stories made by the wiki founder to be re-used (other characters such as Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska are also re-used but they are from a different universe that is separate from the Multiverse timeline).


She is an 18 year old girl of average height with brown hair and brown eyes. Also in her first appearance compared to Emma and Benjamin who wear more conventional clothing Poppy wears slightly more formal clothing that often indicates that she is like many English E.I.N agents and from a very formal family. In her first appearance she wears a pink T-Shirt, a yellow sweatshirt, blue jeggings and brown slip on shoes.


Poppy may be a very minor character in her first appearance but alongside Joonas Koskelo and the series' protagonist Helga Blankenburg is probably one of the most developed characters in the Cold War II series, largely due to later stories. She is known to be rather influential and charismatic maintaining her friendship with her cronies both in the Cold War II series and Joy and Punishment.

Because of the fact she is from a very wealthy family she looks down on those who are from a lower social background and wealth background than herself. Poppy also describes herself as a Southerner and proud of it as her friends are also in the same financial situation as she is.

Also, owing to the fact she is an only child Poppy can seem very arrogant and confrontational. Though she is a bright student Poppy's background means that she seems more relaxed than other students on her future but she says "Just because I am from a rich family it does not mean that I can be totally relaxed." and though she is from a rich family Poppy and her family prefer a more relaxed approach, thus many people who come across Poppy as being a rich girl mostly believe her lifestyle to be smoke and mirrors unless they meet her at her home and listen to how she really addresses other people. Her fellow bullies say also there is no denying that Poppy and her family are people who pride themselves of their wealth.

As well as being from a very formal family Wright is also described the same way as Veronica Ravenshaw is described: Completely single minded and has no regard for anyone in a lower status than her and a great, great misandrist, what's strange though is that whilst Poppy bullies Benjamin Simmons in her original appearance and Jesse Fairchild, Benjamin Greaves, Gabriel Eaton and Noah Kimberly in Joy and Punishment she is perfectly fine with men older than her and never questions the authority of her leaders in the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime figures and members in Latin America and Europe.

But Wright is not without positive traits as she was shown to be a lot more compassionate than her right hand girl Briana Carrington particularly when she was in secondary school because although her gang were the ones responsible for giving hair removal treatment to Benjamin Simmons when they were still in secondary school she rubbed numbing cream on his body, performed the operation herself and then performed cryosurgery afterwards whilst Carrington would have performed the operation and left Benjamin alone as would any girl in her gang.

Some people may also be surprised when they meet Poppy face to face at her home as she is not normally rude or as arrogant as some rich people are. On the contrary she is very polite and sophisticated at times when she wants to be but she is someone who has a quick temper and can be quick to anger. She is just as polite as well as her enemies.

Family and personal life

In the Cold War II series Poppy and her family are one of the richest people in England, she is the only child of Cantabrigian businesswoman Myra Wright and it is the arrest of her mother that leads Poppy to join the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime figures and members in Latin America and Europe. When she was younger, Poppy resided at Milton Hall with her family and returns there after her mother's arrest.

Also, in her Cold War II series incarnation, Poppy is one of many people to live in a country house, these also include various senior officials of the European Intelligence Network and even some of her friends, one of them being Briana Carrington, her right hand girl.

In Joy and Punishment though still wealthy Poppy is not as wealthy as her Cold War II series incarnation and whilst she studied in Cambridge in her original appearance her feature incarnation studies at Manchester.

The Cold War II series

Poppy first appears as a very minor role and is shown as being everything Emma isn't, whilst Emma is very close to Benjamin and very protective of him Poppy is very cruel to him and delights in bullying him and frequently joins in gangs who bully him and it is indicated that she is a leader of a girl gang that bullies Benjamin herself, later on in life she and her friends join the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime Figures and Members in Latin America and Europe whilst Emma and Benjamin join the European Intelligence Network. Despite playing a very minor role at first she begins to appear more frequently later on in the series.

Agent to Prisoner:

In the very first story Agent to Prisoner she appears after Emma and Benjamin have had an interview for joining the E.I.N and scolds Emma for being absent when they should have met. When Emma brings up what she would have done with Benjamin Poppy tells her that he should have been abandoned and proceeds to bully him until Emma tells her to back off which Poppy does but not before telling him that one way or another he'll wish that he'd never been born and his life would be made a living hell.

Ultimately her words come true many times the first occasion being that he and Emma are captured by the Scandinavian Alliance and the other being that Benjamin learns that the girls who used to bully him Poppy included have later joined the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime Figures and Members in Latin America and Europe. Despite this though Poppy is not seen again for the rest of the first story.

The Gunrunners:

Rise of the Syndicate: