Phillip Marsh is a character from the Cold War II series. He is a British general serving in the British Armed Forces and is one of many Army officials to be allies with the European Intelligence Network; Marsh makes his first appearance in Operation Viking.


He is a forty seven year old British man living in Hampshire and is presumed to be the commander of the Southampton Airfield in his home county. While he serves in the Army usually, Marsh is described as looking someone in the Air Force because he wears navy blue trousers, a white shirt, a black tie and a navy blue military tunic, not too similar to an Air Force tunic which had been worn by several commanders of the R.A.F for a long time.


Because of other Armed Forces collaborating with the E.I.N around the world, Marsh is no different to other Army officials in the West of Europe as he grants Graham Johnson's deputy Noah Young the full co-operation of the Armed Forces.

But years serving in the Armed Forces can make him seem almost arrogant as shown when he expresses surprise at the E.I.N commissioning the pilot for their mission. Marsh also fits the archetype of a Southerner as he is also very proud of his home country.

While Marsh is proud of England, he seems to be even more proud of the Devilpulse aircraft describing it as such:

"Well, Mr. Young there you are. The Devilpulse aircraft. One of the most efficient fighter planes that Britain has to offer and tremendous firepower to match it.

The Cold War II series

Operation Viking:

Marsh makes his first appearance in this story where he is shown as the Southampton Airfield with E.I.N official Noah Young watching a British aircraft known as the Devipulse come into land after presumably a flight test. Both men are impressed with Marsh even more so as shown here:

"Well, Mr. Young there you are. The Devilpulse aircraft. One of the most efficient fighter planes that Britain has to offer and tremendous firepower to match it."
While he is also impressed, Noah hands him a list of all the modifications that have to be carried out on the aircraft and while Marsh guarantees full co-operation from the Armed Forces he is surprised to learn that the E.I.N will be commissioning the pilot instead of the Air Force.

Despite telling Noah that the Devilpulse takes a pilot a month to a year to master flying it, he is reminded that the E.I.N's agents are trained by Europe's armed forces so agents should be just as capable of flying the plane as R.A.F pilots.

On the day of the final briefing, Marsh gives out every detail to Helga even telling her about the modifications on the Devilpulse aircraft such as extra fuel tanks, greater firepower and a special adapted seat and controls which have all been carried out to the last detail. Having given Helga the last details of her brief, Marsh wishes her look but also gives her a warning:

"A heavy responsibility rests on your shoulders, Miss Blankenburg. The future of the West could very well be in your hands."

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