Slogan of PHANTOM. This slogan is also used for its allies SILENCE, GARGOYLE and TERROR.

PHANTOM (Putrefying, Heinous And Nectrotizing Terrorism On Man) is a Slavic, and would be international, terrorist organization and the main villainous organization of the monster series Defenders of Earth. It is also a very minor antagonist in its spin off The Mammal Wars.

It is the second largest organization made by the wiki founder; only the Alliance of Russia and East Europe is larger than it; PHANTOM makes its first appearance in Kilarth, at least where it's named.


PHANTOM is a Slavic and would be international terrorist organisation based in Russia and the whole of Eastern Europe that serves as the main human antagonists of the series Defenders of Earth. Along with the various monsters of the 51st Century, it is one of multiple combatants in a war against the Vixen criminal organisation.

Sasha Monet

Boyana Strashilova who was captured by the Lionesses on PHANTOM orders.

Alongside the leader of the Demon Empire, Nelarth, Lord of the Black, it is the main villainous organization of the monster series Defenders of Earth. In the series, it is based only in Russia and the Slavic world with the exceptions of Belarus, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovakia along with their enemies in the form of the Eastern Vixens.

PHANTOM is also shown to have just one ally in Defenders, which is also its usual ally in the form of the Lionesses of Turkey which it uses to assist in the kidnapping of Vixen Boyana Strashilova. It also appears to have some links to SPECTRE from the James Bond films owing to its goals of world domination and using a marine animal as its logo.

It aims to gain world domination in the following means: To turn opinion against well meaning dragons such as Firroth and also hoping to exploit the Reptile Wars to create a huge war in which the East and West will be destroyed so PHANTOM can take over the East and then the West.

The Mammal Wars:

Thumb a06b2fe4-25df-4677-b60e-4800d45127ee

The fate of Forbflaith Hennessy under PHANTOM captivity.

In The Mammal Wars, PHANTOM plays a more minor role owing to the series eventual focus on the Animals as the series goes by. By this point, the Vixens have expanded into the West and are now based in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, the Netherlands and Scandinavia and despite not wanting to join the Vixen-PHANTOM conflict, the Western Vixens are described as being forced to because of the events of Return to Buckinghamshire.

An additional reason for this is because of Jomnune as the Vixens feel that he was sent to England by PHANTOM to kill Seslinian so England would be open to attack. It is also thanks to the Hyena that the Vixens are forced undercover because of the government deploying 2,550 armed police officers on the streets. In Defenders, PHANTOM was based in the East but now seeks to grow its influence into the West as well.

It is also speculated in Outback Vixen and The Siege of Sheephouse Wood that Jomnune and Flamiglaux were sent to dispose of Seslinian and the organization will also send more animals for Seslinian to fight. It is also shown in Seslinian vs Zebiccoon that PHANTOM has three more allies: GARGOYLE based in the Middle East and Afghanistan, SILENCE based in South Asia apart from Bhutan and the Maldives and TERROR based in Laos, Burma, Vietnam and China.

These organizations all share the same goal as PHANTOM in the form of world domination and the organization itself is shown to be more bolder than in Defenders as it takes more prisoners in the form of Forbflaith Hennessy and imprisoning her in front of their allies in a state where she is unlikely to be released for a long time and after her imprisonment, the Women of the Night.

Identification and uniform


Hail Hydra

A visual representation of the uniform worn by PHANTOM soldiers along with its salute depicted in Warlords.

Males that serve under PHANTOM are not well recognised because many of their men operate in the shadows unlike its women which are the ones that are most likely to be seen. No one has been able to identify the attire worn by male PHANTOM members because no one outside of PHANTOM has seen any members.

At least, this is the case for leaders such as Radomir Pramatarov who are shielded from public view unlike its named women who are commonly used as spies or assassins. Soldiers in PHANTOM meanwhile are recognised in the same way that HYDRA soldiers are; by means of black military uniforms with masks that resemble ominous gas masks.


Woman in a black latex catsuit with thigh high boots

Women in PHANTOM are recognized by bodysuits typically made of leather, often with utility belts, gloves and low heeled boots. And much like the Vixens, PHANTOM's women accessorize with many also adopting corsets in addition to utility belts though there is another style common among PHANTOM women: They wear a corset, then utility belts across them in order to gain a snug fit around their waist.

Captured victims of PHANTOM that have been brainwashed are often stripped and redressed into catsuits with the most notable example being Forbflaith Hennessy who is brainwashed then redressed into the catsuit she wears during her time with PHANTOM. The only exceptions to this are the Women of the Night who are permitted to keep their clothing as they already wear leathers suggesting that PHANTOM only change the clothes of those they kidnap.




Name Age
Vojislav Timofeyevich Strekalov 47
Edgar Svyatoslavovich Starikov 40
Gerasim Timofeyevich Vakhrushev 47
Vojislav Pavlovich Yershov 29
Stanimir Ruslanovich Privalov 25
Agafon Innokentievich Sechenov 48
Ruslan Kryukov Ivanovich 43
Pavlov Maximovich Ostroverkhov 33
Leontiy Valentinovich Durchenko 49
Adrian Ivanovich Nevzorov 33
Bogdan Dmitrievich Kirilov 41
Leontiy Grigorievich Yesikov 34
Igor Ruslanovich Demian 44
Vitaliy Antonovich Duranichev 47
Victor Konstantinovich Salnikov 44
Varushkin Konstantinovich Konovalov 44
Grigoriy Sergeyevich Loktev 26
Arseniy Yermolayevich Belomestnov 27
Nikodim Vasilievich Staroverov 37
Afanas Yemelyanovich Rodchenko 43
Bratislav Denisovich Vinogradov 30
Nikita Dmitrievich Shchegolikhin 32
Yefim Afanasievich Konyakov 39
Miloslav Alesnarovich Burtsov 39
Boleslaw Alesnarovich Kosaryov 31
Yakov Valerianovich Perekhvatkin 36
Stanislav Yermolayevich Vergunov 39
Dobromir Andreevich Khamidullin 35
Stanimir Pavlovich Pyatosin 47
Vladimir Valerianovich Fammus 37
Aleksei Petrovich Datsishin 48
Mirogod Danilovich Sultanov 21
Bratislav Stepanovich Dultsev 42
Nikolay Dmitrievich Serpionov 35


Name Age
Yuliya Chugunova Larionovna 27
Ruslana Valerievna Babicheva 37
Eleonora Danilovna Plaksina 24
Kapitolina Ivanovna Pribylova 34
Elisaveta Kolesnikova Yegorovna 22
Lana Artemievna Tyomkina 26
Anastasia Ivanovna Smolyaninova 20
Roksana Danilovna Blatova 23
Milyena Borisovna Zavrazhnova 20
Maria Simakina Yermolayevna 23
Serafima Valentinovna Khvostovskaya 26
Milyena Borisovna Zavrazhnova 25
Lidia Rasskazova Semyonovna 25
Larissa Yevstigneyeva Maximovna 23
Miroslava Vasilievna Shchegelskaya 28
Mira Romanovna Pugachyova 27
Klavdia Sergeyevna Zhelezkina 21
Maya Valerianovna Golovkina 27
Anna/Anya Konstantinovna Shirinova 20
Snezhana Valerianovna Khalski 34
Tamara Yegorovna Bolotnikova 32
Alisa Innokentievna Startseva 37
Klara Ivanovna Koryavina 27
Stefania Fyodorovna Madulina 29
Slavena Zakharovna Vakhrova 20
Emiliya Rostislavovna Nenasheva 35
Radmila Victorovna Chaly 32
Gertruda Ruslanovna Kirilishena 37
Aleksandra Borisovna Voloshina 37
Evelina Ruslanovna Gibazova 30
Galina Innokentievna Bershova 28
Maria Valentinovna Prokhorova 31
Stella Savelievna Shagidzyanova 24
Stefania Vsevolodovna Elefterova 31



Name Age
Nazar Pavlovych Dmytruk 42
Oleksandr Ihorovych Sokolov 28
Ivan Panasovych Davydenko 20
Myroslav Tarasovych Husak 30
Borys Tymofijovych Bondarchuk 34
Dmytro Ivanovych Nesterenko 36
Oleksandr Kazymyrovych Chornyj 23
Vladyslav Yevhenovych Dyachuk 41
Vitalij Petrovych Voloshyn 47
Ruslan Vyacheslavovych Yakymenko 22
Vasyl Kostyantynovych Kuzmenko 29
Josyp Mykytovych Kosenko 42
Stanislav Myronovych Dorosh 25
Ivan Mykhajlovych Yatsenko 33
Henadij Romanovych Bondarenko 29
Borys Romanovych Slobodyanyuk 34
Stepan Hryhorijovych Blyznyuk 36
Viktor Bohdanovych Shcherbak 25
Stefan Ostapovych Yakovenko 41
Kazymyr Adamovych Nikolenko 47
Viktor Yurijovych Osypenko 22
Stanislav Yaroslavovych Prykhodko 29
Viktor Havrylovych Okhrimenko 42
Stanislav Fedirovych Lysyuk 36
Ivan Lyubomyrovych Yeremenko 37
Oleksandr Josypovych Symonenko 43
Leonid Yakovych Yatsenko 49
Valerij Myroslavovych Tymchuk 48


Name Age
Natalya Volodymyrivna Humenyuk 29
Khrystyna Olehivna Tverdokhlib 26
Oksana Yuriyivna Bondarenko 21
Nelya Mykolayivna Kolomiyets 25
Nelya Adamivna Rudenko 22
Yaroslava Stepanivna Oleksiyenko 24
Bronislava Vasylivna Stelmakh 22
Stefaniya Ostapivna Omelchuk 31
Ulyana Tymofiyivna Romanov 26
Myroslava Mykytivna Kalinichenko 34
Yuliya Kostyantynivna Rybak 25
Nelya Yuriyivna Mazur 35
Oleksandra Artemivna Kovalchuk 33
Halyna Yaroslavivna Komar 34
Oleksandra Yevhenivna Babenko 33
Nelya Panasivna Lytvyna 32
Tetyana Oleksandrivna Zakharchuk 20
Natalya Henadiyivna Prokopenko 24
Vladyslava Borysivna Morhun 35
Bronislava Oleksiyivna Tytarenko 26
Nina Ruslanivna Hryshko 28
Viktoriya Heorhiyivna Sayenko 23
Yelizaveta Ivanivna Chornyj 20
Oleksandra Adamivna Bojko 20
Yana Mykytivna Palij 33
Yelizaveta Pylypivna Holub 31



Name Age
Radomir Dragomirov Pramatarov 41
Zdravko Sashov Dachev 42
Bogdan Stoyanov Tinchev 31
Ventsislav Lyudmilov Zhivkov 48
Boris Evgeniev Pramatarov 37
Ventseslav Bogomilov Kochanov 27
Desislav Boikov Kochanov 47
Bogomil Borislavov Penchev 49
Radoslav Antonov Zaikov 30
Zhivko Bogomilov Blagoev 32
Vladimir Ivailov Pingov 33
Veselin Sashov Rusev 31
Vasil Vladimirov Zhivkov 43
Gregor Apostolov Todorov 32
Radoslav Aleksandrov Ilev 40
Stanislav Anghelov Glavchev 46
Georgi Bogdanov Tanev 44
Marko Vladimirov Kostov 39
Kaloyan Evgeniev Georgiev 43
Kamen Nikolov Bliznakov 40
Aleksander Apostolov Tsankov 39
Grigori Aleksandrov Vanko 43
Dragomir Boikov Avramov 46
Zlatan Ludmilov Glavchev 42
Ventseslav Emilov Karavelov 29
Nikolai Zlaten Petkov 41
Stanko Krasimirov Balkanski 45
Vladimir Krasimirov Dimitrov 41
Todor Lyudmilov Bakalov 38
Damyan Pavelov Zhivkov 37


Name Age
Krasimira Samuilova Varbanova 24
Biljana Hristova Petkova 27
Bozhidara Todorova Maneva 27
Iskra Antonova Valerieva 33
Vladimira Bogomilova Zhivkova 34
Elena Ventsislavova Ivanova 27
Ana Zdravkova Strashilova 31
Teodora Lyobenova Karapetrova 22
Stanimira Yordanova Boicheva 27
Aneliya Markova Cristova 26
Marina Kirilova Ruseva 25
Vladimira Lubomirova Radulova 35
Lilyana Radomirova Sotirova 34
Krasimira Samuilova Adamova 30
Grozdana Stanislavova Vitanova 27
Anelia Miroslavova Antonova 34
Bonislava Yordanova Kostova 23
Radka Zhivkova Filipova 25
Ljudmila Emilova Mladenova 21
Stoyanka Sashova Blagoeva 36
Tanya Zlatenova Rysinova 22
Desislava Lubomirova Zhelyaskova 31
Gabriela Todorova Yankova 35
Iskra Mladenova Radulova 24



Name Age
Herbert Geremek 40
Oswald Sroka 49
Dobiesław Kossak 31
Bazyli Mieczkowski 33
Rajmund Kucharski 30
Wacław Greger 26
Napoleon Kurzawa 39
Sylwester Cieslinski 28
Wiktor Nejman 26
Bernard Salata 33
Maurycjusz Twardowski 30
Bogumir Skalski 34
Tomisław Kachorovsky 25
Witołd Zajaczkowski 30
Mikołaj Drost 41
Iwan Minkowski 33
Kamil Pytlak 30
Walerian Zawada 37
Wojsław Slawinski 34
Bolesław Kupiec 47
Lubomir Micek 46
Zachariasz Kohanski 30
Teodor Sierakowski 42
Julian Szymczak 24
Żelisław Biskup 45
Gustaw Tomasik 49
Wojciech Bartkowicz 40
Lubosław Jakubek 28
Lubomir Rutan 40
Nikodem Zarzycki 32
Lubomił Pasternak 23
Radomir Niewiarowski 32
Jaromir Gach 29
Więcesław Krajewski 32
Iwan Komar 48
Malachiasz Silarz 38
Aleksander Michalski 44
Oleg Skora 48
Bartłomiej Grygiel 36
Arnold Tom 34
Władysław Knop 36


Name Age
Mirosława Pawloska 23
Kaja Cieslik 33
Joanna Mika 23
Walentyna Guzek 28
Sandra Rybarczyk 33
Teresa Olszewska 21
Rozalia Sieminska 22
Natasza Piekarz 32
Kornelia Zylinska 25
Żaklina Smolek 23
Dagmara Ulanowska 39
Zofia Swoboda 20
Halina Kalita 31
Ilona Kalkowska 21
Wisława Zywicki 37
Aleksandra Kapral 26
Małgorzata Zgodzinska 30
Nikola Bialecki 20
Justyna Hoszek 35
Bogusława Woloszyk 26
Grażyna Bosak 22
Olga Katschorowska 20



Name Age
András Molnár 38
György Török 40
Rudolf Szilágyi 32
Gergely Sándor 25
Rudolf Szekeres 44
Benedek Kelemen 25
Olivér Balázs 44
Tibor Barna 48
Miklós Török 30
Mátyás Székely 39
Attila Kocsis 41
Milán Horváth 44
Gyula Németh 47
János Borbély 41
Viktor Fábián 46
Ferenc Molnár 31
Kálmán Orbán 46
Arnold Bálint 49
Tibor Surány 47
Olivér Zobor 43
János Fazekas 38
Attila Hegedüs 47


Name Age
Laura Jakab 28
Zsófia Szabó 24
Eszter Kis 23
Alexandra Molnár 23
Bianka Major 31
Dominika Hajdú 33
Hajnalka Vass 30
Anita Lakatos 32
Katalin Szekeres 21
Erika Soós 24
Rebeka Hajdú 22
Mónika Bognár 21
Bettina Pásztor 24
Tamara Vászoly 28
Gréta Bakos 31
Georgina Nagy 26
Hanna Rácz 21



Name Age
Serghei Enescu 32
Dragos Costache 33
Dragomir Florea 38
Traian Ciobanu 44
Manuel Tanase 40
Marius Pîrvulescu 46
Serban Lupul 36
Velkan Groza 30
Vlad Ilionescu 27
Marin Nastase 43
Velkan Ojacarcu 35
Darius Epureanu 27
Dumitru Stefanescu 26
Valentin Calinescu 38
Craciun Vasilescu 39
Dragos Avramescu 45
Andrei Constantin 49
Constantin Mocanu 37
Razvan Macedonski 39
Corneliu Rudeanu 21
Dumitru Alexandrescu 33
Sebastian Randa 46
Vladimir Matei 38
Filip Gusa 44
Velkan Florescu 47
Sergiu Giurgiu 40
Traian Parasca 39
Ivan Croditier 47
Serghei Predoiu 37
Octavian Grul 47
Dragoslav Bucur 41
George Theodorescu 39
Shaithis Lixandroiu 41
Stelian Diaconescu 30
Dragomir Ionescu 20
Stefan Gherea 42
Gheorghe Cretu 39
Sollomovici Vasilescu 49


Name Age
Marica Dragomir 27
Silvia Neagoe 24
Gabriella Comeaga 28
Cornelia Vãduva 35
Denisa Noica 37
Georgiana Szilágyi 28
Cristina Lazarescu 25
Lucia Banica 36
Tatiana Ilica 31
Bogdana Craciun 27
Denisa Rosetti 31
Ileana Savu 20
Iona Minea 24
Angelica Cornea 29
Sorana Lupescu 22
Draguta Hila 21
Ioana Ungureanu 20
Mariana Vladu 23
Teodora Hutopila 36
Elisabeta Donceanu 23
Camelia Rebreanu 33
Yessenia Muresanu 22
Sabina Alexandrescu 38
Claudia Mihalache 22
Valentina Morariu 24
Gabriela Izbasa 32
Mara Stefoniou 24
Melania Grul 36
Denisa Galca 27
Octavia Selymes 31
Stefania Cristea 29
Felicia Kreanga 36
Aurora Bengescu 21
Catalina Marinescu 34



Name Age
Kryštof Povýšil 39
Otakar Fišer 28
Julius Dvořáček 32
Bartoloměj Holeček 39
Vladimír Urbánek 35
Vendelín Krejčí 41
Albert Zacpal 42
Břetislav Vítek 20
Dobroslav Janoušek 40
Tibor Zapletal 21
Bernard Havlík 39
Milan Kraus 39
Vavřinec Pavlík 34
Maxmilián Rmoutil 30
Augustýn Prusík 22
Miloš Kohout 24
Bronislav Klapil 28
Radovan Král 44
Marián Troufal 48
Dušan Horáček 40
Mojmír Pospíšil 43
Vojtěch Krejčí 37
Ladislav Charvát 26
Boris Kořínek 36
Bořivoj Štěpánek 31
Svatopluk Navrátil 23
Radoslav Hanák 22


Name Age
Klaudie Matějková 25
Ema Klímková 37
Vlasta Mrázková 21
Marie Slámová 30
Pavlíná Beranová 34
Šárka Formánková 21
Anna Zahradníková 20
Erika Zatloukalová 28
Světlana Jeřábková 31
Naděžda Stejskalová 35
Dorota Matoušková 22
Jaroslava Červinková 29
Zina Minaříková 34
Ivana Marečková 22
Klára Linhartová 23
Svatava Kučerová 33
Bohumila Šimonová 23
Drahoslava Kuchařová 28
Nikola Franková 22
Nataša Sýkorová 35
Laura Vyvozilová 35
Soňa Bezoušková 39
Miloslava Hlaváčová 36
Hermína Bendová 22
Dagmar Krausová 22
Valérie Kubíčková 35
Viktorie Dudová 29
Lucie Čermáková 27
Eva Adamcová 35
Liliana Daňková 30
Diana Žáčková 23



Name Age
Emir Alihodzic 41
Nedim Delic 48
Čamil Hajdarevic 27
Zahir Mijatović 37
Zafer Kolašinac 26
Kasim Abadžić 37
Abdulah Božić 47
Miralem Ferhatović 40
Fadil Kusturica 23
Halil Stanić 31
Bahir Sabanovic 37
Zikret Damjanović 49
Nermin Hadžić 35
Zijad Hajdarevic 31
Mustafa Kurtćehajić 44
Nijaz Subasic 36
Čerim Bećirović 20
Husein Terzić 36
Nermin Demirovic 28
Vildan Bajramović 45
Bahrija Alečković 34
Aldin Stjepanovic 45
Bahrudin Jovanović 26
Hazim Memisevic 44
Halid Gudelj 40
Samed Begovic 32
Mahir Bajramović 47
Fahret Bajramovic 33
Samed Topalović 48
Ismet Kovač 29
Kerim Stojanović 23
Selim Catic 42
Samir Milićević 31
Halil Salihović 30
Ismail Bolić 24
Izet Alomerović 21
Zejnil Radovanović 22
Dženan Zahirović 37
Besim Kadic 41
Mensur Pasic 35
Sabahudin Tadić 45
Munir Nuhanovic 32
Bakir Radovanović 35
Senad Martinović 41
Selim Avdic 31
Kadrija Ivanović 46
Zafer Grbić 48
Mensur Subotić 43
Halid Popović 30
Čamil Dervisevic 42
Kasim Besic 25
Mevludin Petković 47
Besim Kopanja 31
Senad Kurtćehajić 25
Vedad Mujanovic 29
Mirsad Izetbegović 23
Ruždija Kopanja 24
Muhamed Koroman 34
Šefik Mišić 43
Husein Majstorović 35
Muamer Begovic 47
Kadir Muminovic 28
Sadik Mehic 34
Sakib Topčagić 30
Nihad Sušić 25
Ahmed Nuhanovic 33
Jašar Hadžihalilović 21
Mirsad Tahirović 33
Resul Saric 26
Ibrahim Kopanja 24
Muhamed Stevanović 45
Bakir Vuković 39


Name Age
Sabira Dizdarevic 25
Zehra Jahic 32

Vildana Besic

Lamija Bolić 27
Fahira Stojanović 30
Rasima Dervisevic 23
Samra Mihajlović 23
Fazila Mehic 27
Lamija Ristić 33
Šeherzada Mehmedovic 31
Mejrema Izetbegović 35
Vahida Tahirovic 27
Naida Berović 37
Hatidža Sakic 38
Belma Mulic 30
Sabiha Hasic 35
Sabaheta Jovanović 27
Azra Mujanovic 22
Zaida Bajramovic 35
Hasna Babić 30
Vildana Kurtćehajić 38
Sahiba Milanović 39
Naza Mujic 22
Vehbija Nikić 27
Hasija Nišić 39
Mersija Gajić 35
Sabira Bajraktarević 28
Begzada Demirovic 29
Berina Lucic 36
Sahiba Ajanovic 29
Sakiba Čolić 36
Fahira Petrović 29
Elmedina Tahirović 21
Safija Omerovic 31
Emina Ferhatović 24
Vildana Muminovic 37
Latifa Petković 37
Maida Arnautović 38
Jasmina Selimovic 21
Nazifa Jasarevic 32
Habiba Gavric    22
Hajrija Nadarević 36
Selma Hasanbegovic 38
Salima Čaušević 20
Jasmina Kolašinac 20



Name Age
Željko Đurđević

Mirko Juras

Franjo Stipetić
Vedran Komušar
Antonio Sošić
Dejan Marinković
Silvije Lazar
Mario Preložnjak
Zdenko Stanić
Jakov Tomljanović
Ljudevit Kolonić
Vedran Fotez
Igor Hrgović
Zdravko Žugec
Darko Lukić
Žarko Pribanić
Mislav Dragić
Dalibor Sošić
Branko Valentić
Budimir Kovačević
Mladen Kelava
Goran Krajnović
Bruno Gasparić
Jakov Tomašković
Neven Maksimović
Ljubomir Bojanić
Velimir Frijang
Aleksandar Lukac
Kristijan Rudman
Marijan Ljubičić
Zoran Družeta
Zvonko Krizmanić
Dalibor Šutalo
Filip Komušar
Branimir Leskovar
Darko Čabraja
Mislav Kuzmanić
Zvonimir Vukojević
Krešimir Bubalo
Oliver Crčić
Franjo Hačko
Zdravko Dujmić
Tihomir Radulović
Božidar Zebić
Emil Fabijanić
Branko Slavujević


Name Age
Gordana Parlov

Viktorija Krivić

Maja Rožić
Nevenka Kutleša
Mirjam Radaković
Jasna Klanac
Anja Grdenić
Veronika Ramljak
Ksenija Vojvodić
Julija Nenadić
Gabrijela Lončarveić
Elizabeta Kuhar
Marija Borojević
Kornelija Galić
Lidija Kovač
Tamara Marinović
Silvija Baričević
Viktorija Andrijević
Katarina Smiljanić
Gordana Sršen
Lidija Bračun
Marija Vinković
Hana Martić
Eva Bionder
Anita Marić
Kristina Cvetković
Katarina Mijatović
Natalija Kokot
Dubravka Cvitanović
Klara Radojčić
Stela Juras
Veronika Mikešić
Gabrijela Kukec
Ljiljana Stipetić
Silvija Lacković
Dubravka Gotal
Kornelija Stjepanović
Mirjana Friščić
Stela Gaspar
Lana Borilović
Maja Leš
Ružena Ivanušić
Kornelija Jović
Vesna Dasović
Kristina Radošević
Monika Železnjak
Gorana Kapetanović
Hana Anušić
Kristina Radošević
Blaženka Vukušić
Silvija Bajić
Vanesa Bakić
Danijela Vulić
Gabrijela Bralić
Blaženka Radaković
Vanesa Lukić
Branka Perišić
Tatjana Puškarić
Tihana Hodžić
Lana Mišković
Vesna Sabalj
Katarina Dujić
Ivana Paulić  
Gabrijela Poropat
Anja Rogošić
Dubravka Tonković



Name Age
Grigorije Cucurević
Teodor Milasinović
Dragoljub Rogić
Slavko Vukovac
Čedomir Ristikić
Dragutin Leginović
Matko Bakalović
Miodrag Relja
Staniša Gavrisić
Zvonimir Lezaić
Ljubiša Saponjić
Lazar Crnilović
Dragoljub Begojević
Sergej Pantelejić
Mitar Surla
Todor Badnjarević
Miladin Pusac


Name Age
Bojana Kljestanović
Danka Brk
Dragana Macura
Stojanka Mazinjanin
Radmila Travica
Slobodanka Ugrincić
Dobrila Ceprnja
Dajana Dikosavić
Natalija Perović 32
Darina Koturović
Katarina Banjak
Dragana Topolovacki
Jasna Nikasinović
Nadezhda Macinković 26
Bojana Zivlaković
Nataša Matijas
Ivana Bjelajac
Bogdana Arnautović
Branka Simpraga
Blagica Perucica
Zora Milanov
Jovana Surla
Svetlana Banjac 24
Bosiljka Novicić
Slavka Gajtanić
Stefana Palalić
Mirjana Bosnjaković
Radmila Kosutić
Katarina Borincević
Marija Mirkov
Ivana Tosanović
Radojka Parlić
Sofija Dimitrijević 27



Name Age
Desimir Petriè
Ilir Belec
Dubravko Urankar
Ibrahim Jaušovec
Mehmedalija Ipavec
Vojislav Podlesnik
Halid Ploj
Milomir Soviè
Maksimilijan Èrešnar
Januš Klemenèiè
Ranko Vidic
Sulejman Praprotnik
Miladin Koštomaj
Ljubomir Gornik
Marijan Brumen
Draženko Škulj
Ferenc Hrovat
Adolf Kurnik
Vahid Drevenšek
Admir Habjan
Tristan Vuk
Stanko Kuzma
Vitomir Štumberger
Ivan Janežiè
Veselin Furlan
Todor Štern
Mersudin Simiæ
Remzija Pestotnik
Hamza Volf
Jadranko Cvelbar
Dalibor Železnik
Mehmet Jelovèan
Ismet Strnad
Kazimir Filipiè
Silvester Marinšek
Vladimir Poljanec
Hidajet Pogorevc
Štefan Lipovšek
Vasilij Žnidariè
Haxhi Podpeèan
Franjo Bergant
Sulejman Perèiè
Hakija Smolej
Vojislav Arh
Davor Koèevar
Bogomil Vogrinèiè
Valentin Babiè
Darinko Gorišek
Julijan Lovšin
Kazimir Belec
Mehmed Bauman
Zahid Abram


Name Age
Marjanca Golob

Ana Maria Kožuh

Kaja Markoviæ
Vanda Razboršek
Izabela Kamenšek
Meliha Satler
Terezija Cvetka Novakoviæ
Taja Salkiæ
Indira Uršiè
Nevena Rebolj
Eli Mavsar
Vladislava Hrovat
Slava Komac
Franca Mehle
Elvisa Tušar
Zlata Rupar
Mirka Soviè
Aurora Debelak
Miroslava Benko
Nadja Dobnikar
Dejana Mohoriè
Marija Majda Železnik
Marisa Marjanoviæ
Vladka Èepin
Nikolina Rejc
Nedeljka Jagodiè
Milijana Hari
Marijana Kneževiæ
Miljana Èrešnar
Senka Bogataj
Hanifa Praprotnik
Vekoslava Fišer
Asmira Žibert
Miroslava Marušiè
Viktorija Berisha
Bogomira Mušiè
Damjana Vidoviè
Vidosava Dremelj
Mira Jakše