The Old English Alliance also called the Celtic Alliance is an organization based in the United Kingdom, so called because it's members are from three parts of England that originally were not part of the Union: Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The organization features in the Cold War II series and returns alongside it's closest ally Cloak and Dagger in The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow. Although it does not make a direct appearance it is mentioned at times in The Great Irish Heist where it is shown in it's early days.

Alongside the Thunderspirit organization and Cloak and Dagger, the Celtic Alliance is one of three organzation allies of the European Intelligence Network and is a record holder for the most appearances in literature with three appearances (Thunderspirit and Cloak and Dagger have two appearances each).


The O.E.A's history can be traced back to 2077 where it was an organized crime ring based in Wales, Scotland and Ireland yet still gained a large amount of support from eventual E.I.N senior members, with the rise of great organized crime groups the O.E.A slowly became more and more organized until it became a much more efficient organization and eventually rose to the height of it's power firstly in Ireland.

In 2077 the O.E.A's Irish faction was behind the Great Irish Heist of 2077 which resulted in the deaths of eight policemen, the capture of seven policewomen and the smuggling of over a thousand firearms to Belfast from Dublin, the O.E.A in truth had already polarized public opinion before it rose to power:

To Pan-Celtists, Irish republicans and Celtic nationalists it was a very heroic organization but to governments it was a terrorist group.

After the heist it's Irish faction carried out a coup in Belfast toppling the government and seizing control of the country which subsequently sparked off similar revolutions in Scotland and Wales in the same fashion:

A gang of eight conspirators would hi-jack a truck carrying guns, they would deliver the guns to their respective home's faction and a coup would break out. After coups in Edinburgh and Cardiff toppled the respective governments the O.E.A was fully in control of Ireland, Scotland and Wales but remained part of the United Kingdom and in fact carried on relations with it.

Before the Celtic Alliance's Irish faction carried out their coup and The Belfast Eight successfully carried out their heist, they brought before the Alliance thousands of guns and several captured Irish policewomen led by Gormflaith MacGafraidh, by the time the coup was over all the policewomen who worked either for the Northern Irish Police Service and An Garda Siochana were arrested and integrated into the Alliance and this also occurred in Scotland and Wales.


The Great Irish Heist:

In The Great Irish Heist, the Celtic Alliance is in its very early days and has a much more fearful reputation owing to being frequent exponents of killing anyone who either fails them, tries to expose them or has outlived their usefulness to the organization. In 2077, Jarlath Donegan hires The Belfast Eight to carry out the story's titular heist on behalf of the Celtic Alliance to smuggle guns so it can carry out a coup.

For the heist, the Alliance also recruits career criminal Caintigern Enright; at first, the Alliance's conspirators are sceptical of the heist but pull through when the Alliance promises them they will have full reign once the coup is carried out; and for the first few years of Alliance rule in Ireland, the Belfast Eight indeed are free men.

The Cold War II series:

The Old English Alliance is a very common ally of the European Intelligence Network and many English agents are sent to Scotland, Ireland and Wales for training and are also given sanctuary and arms there. It is a rare ally though and makes few appearances.

The O.E.A is also one of the organizations that provides sanctuary, arms and training for British E.I.N agents alongside Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States with the E.I.N's additional allies Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. As well as this one of it's notable acts was the shelter of two escaped convicts from prison Ghazaala el-Faris and her accomplice Naseefa el-Mattar.

The O.E.A is also one of the most unique organizations in the Cold War II series because it is the only organization to be involved in religious matters as many religious people such as bishops, priests and vicars as well as other religious people are associates of the O.E.A. This secret cult is completely based in England with Breathnach, Coleman, Caomhanach, MacAlastair, MacDiarmata, O' Scannail, and MacRaghnaill being notable exceptions with these men often being involved in the O.E.A's army which is mostly compromised of monks one notable monk being O' Deargain. Scottish O.E.A members involved in the cult also include Elphinstone, Swanston, Guthrie and Stewart.



Name Age Previous occupation
Hamish McAlistair 48 Unknown
Alistair Henderson 50 Gangster
Donald Anderson 39 Crime Boss
Duncan Ramsay 28 Police officer
Douglas McKinley 44 Police sergeant
Gilleasbaig Wardlaw 30 Army general
Gordon Fraser 35 Doctor
Hector Elphinstone 44 Priest
Keith Donaldson 39 Doctor
Lachlan Tweedy 36 Political figure
Malcolm White 49 Teacher
Neil Swanston 51 Vicar
Norman Stewart 42 Bishop
Seumus Guthrie 32 Priest
Murchadh Naughton 41 Army Marshall


Name Age Previous occupation
Jarlath Breathnach 32 Unknown
Brian Costello 36 Actor
Darragh MacTorcaill 40 Vicar
Declan Breathnach 32 Priest
Goffraid Coleman 54 Prior
Keenan Halligan 36 Army general
Killian Costello 45 Policeman
Seamus Caomhanach 73 Priest
Blathmac MacAlastair 55 Priest
Feidlimir MacDiarmata 75 Vicar
Eachmarcach O' Scannail 78 Priest
Muirchertach O' Deargain 35 Monk
Traolach MacRaghnaill 76 Prior


Name Age Previous occupation
Trevor Hughes 26 Unknown
Bleddyn Lawless 45 Gangster
Cadell Boynton 43 Organized crime figure
Cadwaladr Vaughn 37 Organized Crime figure
Caradog Morgan 36 Hunter
Derfel Rossiter 42 Mobster
Geraint Cadogan 37 Shop manager
Gwilym Hughes 24 Mobster
Iorwerth Blevins 47 Army general
Tristan Crowther 34 Geraint's assistant


The O.E.A also has a mixed security system with both men and women involved, female guards are often called Amazonian guards yet even though it's main nationalities are Scottish, Irish and Welsh there is one member who is not either one of these nationalities: the organization's head of security Isabella Henderson

Amazonian guards:


Name Age
Aileen Sellar 37
Bonnie Anderson 36
Brenda Robertson 24
Brodie Carmichael 27
Catriona Swanston 31
Crystal Duncan 21
Davina Erskine 37
Elspeth Thomson 23
Fenella Galbraith 32
Kirsty Elphinstone 35
Lorna Meldrum 24
Maisie Tweedy 37
Morven Swinton 35
Shona Young 27


Name Age
Aisling Brennan 26
Athracht Bermingham 37
Barrdhubh Lynch 38
Bridget Canavan 32
Caitlin Bunster 39
Caintigern Breathnach 31
Cethlenn Finnegan 25
Conainne Dempsey 30
Danand Marley 37
Erin Halligan 21
Fidelma Hennigan 23
Gormflaith Keldon 28
Grace Donlevy 20
Rosaleen Doolen 20
Tara Gleeson 21


Name Age
Anwen Leyshon 35
Blodwen Evans 24
Carys Bowen 36
Gwyneth Morgan 24
Nerys Rossiter 35
Olwen Crowther 24

Symbols and recognition

Like Cloak and Dagger, the Celtic Alliance is commonly recognized through black cars often seen prowling the streets and this was far more common in its early days. Once it took power, the Alliance was also recognized by army vehicles prowling the streets and sometimes technicals.

Today, the Celtic Alliance is often distinguished by black cars or army trucks prowling the streets but these are not as prominent as they once were. When the Celtic Alliance takes power, its factions continue to use their old flags; for example, Ireland continues using the Irish flag and Scotland continues using the Scottish flag.

On vehicles on the streets however are all sorts of Pan-Celtic symbols and these symbols are also prominent in capital cities and headquarters. Alongside Cloak and Dagger , the O.E.A's vehicles are shown to be a lot more diverse than the vehicles used by E.I.N agents and also like Cloak and Dagger, the vehicles are shown to be older. It could even be argued that the cars are also a lot more diverse to a degree than the European Intelligence Network with vehicles such as Bentley's, Jaguars and Rolls-Royce's prowling the streets.