Noah Young is a character from the Cold War II series and its spin off The Recruits. He is the deputy of E.I.N leader Graham Johnson and alongside Wallace Huntington is one of three people involved in the running of the organisation; in 2139, Young is replaced by Miranda Chalmers.


He is a forty three year old British man with greying hair, brown eyes and fair skin. His attire consists of a white shirt, grey trousers, a grey jacket and an orange tie.


As the right hand man of Graham Johnson, Noah is distinguished as having to be very reliable and show that he can be trusted by Johnson; however, he is not above showing contempt for agents who are not worthy of joining the E.I.N as Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons eventually come to show when they no longer appear after The Defector and further shows this in his first appearance.

When it comes to adult agents however, Young shares the same amount of care and concern for their lives as his boss as shown with this quote:

"I know Helga, and there's worse yet to come: Danish Intelligence reports that the Alliance have now moved in ground to air missiles. The defenses were already impenetrable and combined with these, it's going to be one of the most dangerous assignments you've ever undertaken Helga."

The Cold War II series

The Scandinavian trilogy:

Agent to Prisoner:

Alongside his boss Graham Johnson and the E.I.N's finest agent in the form of Helga Blankenburg, Noah only appears at the very end of this story where he watches footage captured by the Scandinavian Alliance that features the humiliations of Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons, two applicants for the E.I.N in the organisation's headquarters in Berlin in Germany.

On Johnson's request, Noah stops the video that he showed to his boss and while Young shows contempt for wanting the pair to join the E.I.N, Johnson is still confident that they could potentially join not to mention he is concerned for what the alliance could do next to the prisoners.

Operation Viking:

In contrast to his boss, Noah has a greater role in Operation Viking alongside Helga Blankenburg, and with good reason: Because it is in this story where this is Helga's very first assignment in the series. At first, Noah shows Helga a voice recording from an E.I.N agent that reports:

"This is U.E.A. 1200 hours, 0410. Confirm complex, is complete; will pass detailed description later. Operation Viking commences in ten days. Map reference: I.F.S, 105 827. Out."
When Helga asks about the voice, Noah reveals everything: U.E.A was the code name for one of the E.I.N's agents operating in Scandinavia who was killed at the border between Sweden and Finland while Johnson adds fuel to the fire: Contrary to a disarmament agreement that was signed at an unexplained time, the Scandinavian Alliance have built a secret missile installation with the intentions of launching the missiles at major cities around Europe unless they are paid a quarter of a billion euros in ten days time.

Unless the threat is carried out, this will effectively mean the end of the E.I.N because of their bases around European capitals such as Rome, London and Paris to name a few. After Helga is sent away, Noah is next seen with General Phillip Marsh who shows him the only type of aircraft capable of carrying out such an assignment: The Devilpulse Aircraft.

Marsh describes the Devilpulse as being the most efficient aircraft the R.A.F has to offer and while he gives the E.I.N. full co-operation, Noah tells him that they have no need to supply the pilot because he has one in mind; however, the next day, a stressed Noah is put under pressure from Helga and the Army because the Army are co-operating but their modifications that Noah gave Marsh will not be completed until twenty four hours until the missiles are due to be set off.

And there's even worse to come: The Alliance have rolled in ground to air missiles to add to the already formidable defenses added to the base which means that it will be the most dangerous assignment that Helga has ever done. Noah's last appearance in the story is when Helga goes to her briefing although he does communicate with her over radio.

The Defector:

Noah's role is somewhat minor in the Scandinavian trilogy finale The Defector and it would also become a minor role in the stories in the series to come. In the story, he is first seen standing alongside his boss Johnson as he explains to Helga her mission which is to get into Scandinavia and bring out the hostages that the Alliance held captive in Agent to Prisoner.

At the end of the story, Young appears with Johnson and watches him furiously (but calmly) dismiss Emma and Benjamin from the E.I.N, even going so far as to tear up their application forms.

Part 1

Enemy in Silence:

In a twist from Young normally being at Johnson's side, Noah is first seen alongside the E.I.N quartermaster Wallace Huntington at HMNB Portsmouth by the steps leading onto HMS Victory. As Helga arrives at HMNB Portsmouth, having been attacked by The Medusa, Noah is waiting for her and takes her on board the ship.

Specifically into the captain's quarter where he remains by Huntington's side as he continues to brief Helga on the final aspects of her mission: To destroy The Medusa.

Enemy of Nightmares:

While not explicitly seen as much as his boss, Noah returns in Enemy of Nightmares after a double story absence (he does not feature in Pattern of Vengeance because of Helga's independent investigation into the Black Sun murders and the fact it happens over the weekend. He also does not appear in Hostage of the Desert) as one of the men who is seen with his boss at a base used by the Bundeswehr.

As Wallace Huntington operates electronics, Noah is largely offscreen instead telling his boss that he is merely on the thousands of E.I.N agents. He later appears by Johnson's side in a state of bemusement and even tries to help defend his boss when Helga goes on a tirade about using the M.E.T to help the Armed Forces and even tries to calm her down but to no avail. It eventually ends with her storming out of the office telling the two men:

"Fine! If you won't listen to me, I'll find someone else who will."