Nikolaus Clements is a character from The Mammal Wars. He is a British judge who is the main judge in the trials of scientists and criminals Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska in the very first story Seslinian the Invincible and alongside fellow judges William Houghton and James Harrison, this is his only appearance.

He is of no relation to the University of Huddersfield student James Clements who represents the University in University Challenge of 5016-5017 along with Mason Bailey, Alvin Petersen and his sister Morgan.


When Seslinian the Invincible and indeed The Mammal Wars were in production, Clements continued to be based on a real life person like his fellow judges as he would have been based on British actor John Hurt. However, when the story was actually written, John Hurt had died so the wiki founder changed his character basis out of the feeling that it would be disrespectful to base a character on someone who had already died.

The newly re-designed Clements is now based on another British actor in the form of Jeremy Irons who is as well known for his baritone voice as John Hurt was. As such, he now appears as a sixty eight year old British man with grey hair, fair skin and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt, black trousers, a black waistcoat, and a red tie with a black blazer to match.


Compared to the much more abrasive Grayson Randall and Harrison, Clements is well renounced in the world of law for his calm and collected approach, always managing to remain stoic for a job that he has been doing for a long, long time. In fact, of the five judges, he probably is the most secretive and best desired to stick to his job as a judge unlike Haughton who is the host of "The Hunt" (the new version of The Chase) and Randall who has hosted University Challenge since its revival in about 5010.

Unfortunately, because of the series focus on first the Vixen-PHANTOM conflict and eventually the animals beginning to fight among themselves in a series of feuds like the Red-Blue fox feud depicted in The Animals of Farthing Wood as well as other literature made by the wiki founder, notably the Journey of the Vixen series and Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame, this is all that is known about Clements.

The Mammal Wars

Seslinian the Invincible:

In his only appearance, Clements is first seen alongside William Houghton and James Harrison entering the Salisbury Law Courts for the trial of scientists Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska. He reads out the opening statement of the court being in session and begins the trial starting with Katja which he hands over to Houghton which ends up being a very emotional trial and results in Katja being given a glass of water because of the distress she ends up receiving.

Eventually, Katja pleads guilty to all the charges that Houghton read out and is taken away to prison in tears. Next is Forbflaith's trial which Clements decides to take on himself. This time, Forbflaith does not take the trial quite as well as Katja did and instead makes numerous references to her body language such as rolling her eyes and branding the courts liars and branding the charges:

"A barefaced lie spread by miserable activists! A lie in my face! My conscience is clear!"
It is this defiant and disrespectful attitude that causes Harrison to lose patience and silence Forbflaith and give Clements the opportunity to finish the charges. But Forbflaith's abhorrent attitude continues when she rolls her eyes at Clements and tells him that she pleads not guilty; even when the verdict is delivered in addition, she continues to deny everything...until she calms down after Harrison shouts at her to get out of the courtroom and she is escorted out of the court.

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