Natalija Perović is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Serbian terrorist and a member of the PHANTOM organisation.


She is a thirty two year old Serbian woman with fair skin, black hair and brown eyes; her hair is typically tied in a ponytail. Like most members of PHANTOM who are women, Natalija wears a bodysuit with hers being grey and being completed with black leather gloves and black boots with a utility belt across her waist.


Unlike some members of PHANTOM such as Krasimira Varbanova seen in King of the East who hate individual Vixens but still have the decency to call them by their proper name, it is hinted that Natalija has a very strong animosity with Olga Petrov, to the point that Natalija merely calls her "Vixen" to which the criminal responds with:

"Really, Natalija? You're that disgusted at me that the best name you can call me is "Vixen"? Even after we've fought numerous times! BEFORE?!"

Defenders of Earth


Natalija is first shown alongside three other PHANTOM members in the form of Nadezhda Macinković, Svetlana Banjac and Sofija Dimitrijević who capture Serbian Vixen Olga Petrov and take her to a desolate room in Serbia's PHANTOM base where they aim to find out what she is doing on the base. In the room, Natalija has Olga tied down before she slaps her on the cheek as shown:

"SILENCE, VIXEN!" one of the women hissed; but instead of beating her with the riding crop, Olga's captor who was stood in front of her merely slapped her across the face. "You'll speak when spoken to!" she added. Only this slap made Olga know that she was in for a world of pain; like she had been between a mother bear and a bear cub if bears even existed in Serbia...which they didn't.

But the Vixen didn't care and instead simply glared at her captor while breathing heavily, a huge red mark appeared on the left side of her cheek. This was the time that the Vixen's world of pain...commenced."
The terrorist then proceeds to torture Olga and ask what she is doing here and very quietly, the Vixen gives her response: She came to Serbia to halt the progress of artillery tests that are being carried out by the Serbian Army, however when Natalija asks her to repeat it, the Vixen refuses which proves fatal for the terrorists.

After seeing her struggling to free her ankles, Nadezhda unwillingly frees Olga's ankles which results in the Vixen taking down all of her captors. She then proceeds to escape but before she does, Natalija is on the receiving end of humiliation: Olga steals Svetlana's mobile phone then uses her former bonds to tie Natalija up and uses the riding crop to spank her.

After her spanking, Natalija is left in a hogtie.

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