A collage of most of the reptiles these mutants were based on.

As well as other dragons and hydras, Firroth and other dragons are also forced to fight mutant reptiles which are also among other enemies faced by him and his allies.

These mutant reptiles are always antagonistic alongside the Hydras and with all of the characters (except the human characters) are trans wiki articles as they also appear on the original untermation wiki.


The mutant reptiles are various types of mutated reptiles such as Komodo Dragons, Gila Monsters and Bearded dragons that are fairly common enemies of Firroth and his other allies.

Like other characters from The Mammal Wars such as Jomnune, Kaulos and Anafsilea, the reptiles' origin is not known although it is assumed that the reptiles were mutated by PHANTOM to be used as biological weapons and eventually are the second enemy to turn on PHANTOM alongside Invincible.

These reptiles however are based off hostile reptiles such as crocodiles and as such do not appear as turtles like some Kaiju which the reptiles are also based off to an extent; but as well as modern reptiles such as snakes, bearded dragons and iguanas the reptiles are also based on prehistoric ones such as supercroc/Sarchosuchus.

Because the reptiles are hostile to humanity, it keeps in trope with the "carnivores are bad, herbivores are good" trope which is prominent in other literature except for these reptiles' appearance because of the fact that the animals featured in Defenders of Earth are all carnivores so they all inevitably become heroes.

Alongside the Animals depicted in The Mammal Wars, the mutant reptiles are double their original statistics except for those based on prehistoric reptiles who are inevitably giants and weigh tonnes. For instance; a normal Komodo Dragon is three meters long and is the world's deadliest lizard. Two of Firroth's enemies who are Komodo Dragons Inferlon and Eternula are six meters long and alongside Toxnar who the latter is allies with are two of Firroth's deadliest reptile enemies.


Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Crimgauros Saltwater crocodile. Alongside Nelarth, Lord of the Black and Krizoumia, Crimgauros is one of eight enemy commanders in the final Reptile Wars which consist of himself, Krizoumia, Nelarth and five tyrant dinosaurs:Gorgodontotyrannus, Dracocantotyrannus, Deinocantotyrannus,Spinotyrannus and Neodontyrannus The Ultimate Battle
Grizrah The Ultimate Battle
Feradoro The Ultimate Battle
Maslak The Ultimate Battle
Gargalon The Ultimate Battle
Pharola The Ultimate Battle
Vorhara The Ultimate Battle
Ebonranda The Ultimate Battle
Hannibalaria The Ultimate Battle
Tustax The Ultimate Battle
Garganda The Ultimate Battle
Ravarah The Ultimate Battle
Matrinula The Ultimate Battle
Tortori The Ultimate Battle
Vengar The Ultimate Battle
Inferlon Komodo Dragon. Unlike fellow Komodo Dragon Eternula, Inferlon is shown to be a lot more dragon like such as having the ability to breathe fire. Unlike the fire of Belluftkin for instance which can reduce forests to dust instantly, the fire of Inferlon would cause a forest fire. The Ultimate Battle
Pyrosos The Ultimate Battle
Anaria The Ultimate Battle
Brutadun The Ultimate Battle
Victalak The Ultimate Battle
Bladius Gharial. Appropriately named because of his snout which is drawn out, an occurrence of normal gharials. Unlike normal gharials however, Bladius can use his drawn out face as a weapon using it like a blade or a sword. The Ultimate Battle
Stormdusa Rattlesnake. She gets her name for two reasons: Her storm tail which can generate a storm when it is thrown down and is named thanks to the monster known as Medusa in Greek mythology. The Ultimate Battle
Toxnar Snake. Gets his name because of his fast acting venom and his origins as he was mutated thanks to toxic chemicals.

His poison is far more poisonous than the poison of a standard snake. Commonly seen as an ally of Eternula and the alliance of Komodo Dragon and snake is shown again in The Mammal Wars with Bastamander and Ostesooks.

The Dragon and the Snake The Ultimate Battle
Ravalas The Ultimate Battle
Malevomutul The Ultimate Battle
Emhara The Ultimate Battle
Ralaria The Ultimate Battle
Spector Giant snake like a Basilisk. Unlike the Basilisk however, Spector cannot petrify people nor can he kill people who look at him in the eyes. The Ultimate Battle
Wargami The Ultimate Battle
Eternula Komodo Dragon. Alongside the Hydras, Eternula is also one of Firroth's most difficult foes to beat because of the fact he is eternal;

Firroth finally kills him in the Defenders finale, The Ultimate Battle.

The Eternal Lizard The Ultimate Battle
Diabolorah The Ultimate Battle
Termera The Ultimate Battle
Inferlar The Ultimate Battle
Stygan The Ultimate Battle
Mansmon The Ultimate Battle
Elephasaurus Not a reptile as such because the Elephasaurus looks like an elephant with scales. It also has a far longer truck which can be used to strangle enemies as well as be used as a whip.

It is also one of Firroth's few non-reptillian foes alongside Invincible.

The Ultimate Battle
Styhara Anaconda. While he is a dangerous foe, Styhara falls victim to Sonva's mind control when she uses him to kill Crimgauros in the final Reptile Wars.

He is usually seen alongside Elaphasaurus.

The Ultimate Battle

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