Miroslava Bozhidarova Blagoeva is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens, which is ultimately revealed as the Bulgarian branch of a large criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens.

She is also notable as the one who volunteers to steal from the dragon Firroth. Despite her name, Miroslava is not related to the Bulgarian Vixen's leader Stanislava.


She is a twenty four year old Bulgarian woman and like Felicity Barbrige from The Yeti Factor which is the fourth installment of the Surgeon stories and The Mammal Wars, Miroslava has a more heavier figure in contrast to other women in literature.

Miroslava has dirty blonde hair, dark eyes and fair skin unlike Felicity who actually has green eyes. Like her fellow conspirator Grozdana Lyudmilova Ruseva, she often wears a purple latex catsuit with jet black boots. The only difference between the two criminals is that Miroslava's suit is a brighter colour.


Many of the Bulgarian Vixens have good composure's as do many other women in literature, but Miroslava has probably one of the best of the Vixens: While the other Vixens are bickering as to who should go to the Bulgarian mountains to steal from a dragon known as Firroth, Miroslava hangs back only to later put herself forward immediately with a lot more passion and enthusiasm which results in her leader Stanislava Blagoeva giving her the role.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

In the story Stranger of the Past, Miroslava is one of a second bunch of Vixens who reveals their loot to the leader of the Vixens and is first shown as one of the co-conspirators of fellow vixen Alexandra Zhivkova alongside Borislava Ilseva, Bogomila Gavrilova and Grozdana Ruseva who stole a huge amount of gold and money with the wreath being enough to bankrupt a business.

Once all the loot has been added up, Stanislava praises the Vixens until she switches attention to one of Miroslava's conspirators Grozdana who tells the Vixens of a huge amount of gold being guarded in the Bulgarian mountains by a dragon known as Firroth. This in turn allows Miroslava to sit back and watch the other Vixens bicker over one another wanting to steal from the dragon which ultimately works to Miroslava's advantage because it means that Stanislava appoints her to steal from the dragon.

Mirosava's passion is further shown when she gives a reason to steal from Firroth because combined with Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Bogomila Gavrilova and Grozdana Ruseva, she has stolen enough money to put eighteen businesses into despair. With Miroslava chosen to steal from the dragon, the Vixens make their way to the Bulgarian mountains.

Once they get to the mountains, Miroslava enters the mountains to discover that the legend told by Grozdana is true and so is the dragon guarding it. She tries to steal all of it at once but remembers the principle of "Take what you need." and also the plan that Stanislava made: Miroslava will enter the lair of the dragon, take out a large amount of gold, bring it to the Vixens and invite them inside so they can steal the rest of the gold without waking the dragon.

Unfortunately, this does not go to plan; While granted she manages to keep the dragon asleep, Miroslava climbs to the top of the pile in an attempt to start at the top and work her way down but on the way up she loses her foot and causes an avalanche of gold to bury her in gold which also wakes the dragon. As the dragon wakes up, Miroslava does not turn to fight the dragon like she would fight any of her enemies but instead turns to run and hide as the dragon is revealed.

Miroslava remains hiding as Firroth emerges and tries to keep on hiding even as Firroth tries to coax her out by taunting her psychologically; finally, he coerces Miroslava out of hiding by the fact that she is in an impossible situation: Either she reveals herself to Firroth and dies if he eats her or she leaves the cave and ends up in police custody alongside the rest of the Vixens if the Bulgarian authorities ever catch them.

Once the Vixen is forced out of hiding, she manages to successfully convince Firroth not to eat her by lying to him in saying that she did not come to steal from him (which she did) and instead merely came to see him in his great glory. She further claims that she did not believe the legends of him which in turn results in her telling another lie because Miroslava has heard several legends and stories of the dragon before; the dragon later retreats and allows Miroslava to see him in his great glory and asks her:

"And, do you NOW?!"
The Vixen tries to get on the right side of Firroth but he accuses her of flattery and asks her if it will keep her alive which Miroslava replies that she does not think that flattery will keep her alive. The dragon replies that she seems familiar with his name but he has not recalled seeing her before so asks her name and origins which results in Miroslava making up all sorts of riddles and ridiculous titles including the title "The Shadow Vixen".

It is this title which makes Firroth react violently and chase Miroslava out of his home. As she flees out of the cave pursued by Firroth, she is greeted by Stanislava but the Vixen screams to get away from the cave entrance and ultimately Stanislava orders the Vixens to retreat. With her fellow Vixens, Miroslava can only watch in horror as the dragon terrorizes the city of Sofia.

King of the East:

After having her attempts of stealing from a dragon taken away from her, Miroslava is shown at the Falcon Sanctum with the other Vixens but while the others sit quietly, Miroslava is among them while still being raw about being forced undercover by Firroth. However, once Stanislava phones another Vixen leader and is told to go into the dining room Miroslava obeys and listens intently to the instructions.

She is also one of nine Vixens to be selected to leave Bulgaria instantly and when the briefing is over, Stanislava sends Miroslava and the other Vixens on their way to change, pack their bags and belongings ready to leave Bulgaria one way or another; An hour later, Miroslava has changed her clothes, packed her bags and joins her own group of Vixens who are heading to leave Bulgaria immediately (by Sofia International Airport).

Miroslava's destination as well as the destination of other Eastern women: Russia and it is here where she is reunited with the other Bulgarians who stayed in Burgas, except for Boyana Strashilova who was captured by the Lionesses of Turkey. Among others, Miroslava is also shown listening intently and cheering to a declaration of war given by the leaders of the Eastern Vixens.