Mira Yoanova Adamova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens, a Bulgarian criminal organization which is later revealed as the Bulgarian branch of the Eastern Vixens.

She is also notable as the Vixen to kill an enemy as she murders the Army Sergeant who "killed" Firroth in Stranger of the Past and thanks to killing him, Mira essentially destroys the Armed Forces owing to Firroth destroying the rest of it in Stranger of the Past.


She is a twenty seven year old Bulgarian woman with brown hair tied in a bun (courtesy of Bogdana Buneva), tanned skin and green eyes. While her regular form is never revealed, Mira's undercover clothing consists of black tights, black slip on shoes, a crimson dress, a beige overcoat and black leather gloves.


Like some other Vixens, Mira has one of the best composure by recognizing that she should sit back and wait until she is selected to kill the Sergeant by Boyana and once she does it takes a huge amount of pleasure in doing it, indicating that the Vixens hired a former thief and murderer.

This also implies a sadistic streak which is proved even more when Mira kills the Sergeant in the most brutal fashion; strangling him to death before smashing a glass over his head and throwing him into more glass. However, she is also one of the more sociable Vixens, preferring instead to sit at the back of the truck going to Burgas and talk with the other Vixens instead of sightseeing.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Alongside twenty other Vixens including her own leader Boyana Strashilova, Mira first comes into prominence in the story King of the East. In the story, she has been forced undercover with the other Bulgarian Vixens and has been sent back to the Falcon Sanctum where she refuses to get involved in the Vixens complaining about having been forced undercover thanks to Firroth.

Mira's time undercover however is about to come to an end when the Vixen leader Stanislava Blagoeva phones another Vixen leader in the form of Yevgenia Agrafena who is actually unseen and like others, sits in the same seat that she sat in, three months earlier. The instructions are as follows: The Vixens are to split into two groups with one half going to Sofia International Airport immediately and the other half going to Burgas to collect the weapons left behind by the Armed Forces when Firroth destroyed them.

Alongside another large group of Vixens, Mira is chosen to be in the group going to Burgas and after the briefing is sent away to change her clothes, pack her bags and be ready to leave at 8:30. When the time comes, Mira joins the other Vixens who are heading to Burgas but along the way, Boyana takes a diversion to the Sergeant that killed Firroth.

Mira joins the other Vixens who were originally going to Burgas outside the Sergeant's house and while the other Vixens put themselves forward to kill him, Mira sits back which actually pays off because Boyana sends her in to kill the sergeant. Inside the house, Mira adapts the methods of Stanimira Zhelyaskova: Sneaking around and looking to see if the coast is clear before stealing a glass from the kitchen and heading up the stairs to kill the sergeant.

Eventually, Mira drags out a China cabinet and throws it down the stairs to wake the Sergeant before jumping into a wardrobe waiting for the sergeant and when he enters the next door room, Mira strikes by kicking the Sergeant in the stomach, pinning him on his back before strangling him with his own tie and smashing the glass she stole over his head and finally finishing him off by throwing him into the smashed glass cabinet.

After the death of the sergeant, Mira makes a swift exit and joins the Vixens heading to Burgas and stays at the back of the truck with other Vixens. Half an hour later, Mira is hurried out of the truck and onto the Burgas coast where she joins the other Vixens in loading guns for the Vixens ready to leave Bulgaria; while the Vixens manage to collect a substantial amount of guns, they are ultimately distracted by the figures of Firroth who has been kicked out of the sky by another dragon and Tyrath who comes to face Firroth ready to fight him.

Mira watches the dragons fight each other, but when Firroth attempts to set Tyrath on fire she cannot bare to look anymore and under Boyana's instructions, rushes to load the remaining guns onto the Vixen's truck without complaints. Ten minutes pass and the truck sets off with all of the Vixens on board.

The truck reaches the Burgas airport, but the Lionesses of Turkey get there first, take Boyana Strashilova prisoner and force the Vixens to leave Bulgaria without her; the plane that they forcibly board takes the Vixens to Russia where they meet other Vixen branches and are re-united with their own Vixens. Alongside numerous others, Mira becomes part of a cheering crowd when the Vixen leaders declare war on PHANTOM.