Majid Bashar is a character from the Surgeon stories. He is a companion of the Eleventh Surgeon and a friend of his first companion Ghazal Rashidi until he is killed by the Daleks in Land of the Two Foes; he also used to work with her at the Demerdash Hospital.

Of the four companions that the Surgeon has, Majid is also the only male one because his other companions are women: Ghazal Rashidi, Amanda Mycroft and his future companion being Jenna Lillywhite.


Like The Rani who was disguised as Asma Benyamina and his friend Ghazal, Majid bares some resemblance to a senior E.I.N official as he bares some resemblance to Hashem Ghorbani from the Cold War II series. He is described as being a slightly bulky man five years older than Ghazal.

Majid has tan skin, black hair, blue eyes and a black beard. In his first appearance Strategy of a Surgeon Majid wears a white medical coat, black trousers and black shoes but from Terror of the Rani to Land of the Two Foes he discards his medical coat and instead wears a white tunic like garment.


Because Majid does not share the same amount of first hand experience that Ghazal had in Strategy of a Surgeon, he is very, very inquisitive about the Surgeon and his background. He is also shown at the beginning of Terror of the Rani asking the Time Lord question after question after question such as where he comes from, how he got the SIDRAT and all sorts of questions.

However overtime, he comes to prove himself as someone who is very, very loyal as he assists the Surgeon in recovering Ghazal Rashidi when she goes missing in Iran in Terror of the Rani and even in Strategy of a Surgeon, he is shown to be very protective of Ghazal when he consoles her after he destroys a Weeping Angel. Ghazal and Majid remain loyal to each other to the end.

Like Ghazal, Majid is probably unique among male characters be they animals such as Bounder or the animal version of Robin Hood or humans such as himself or the leader of the Arab Syndicate Rahman Ali Khan are competent at their occupation but Majid is first shown particularly in Terror of the Rani as being weak and then gradually getting stronger, even displaying irritation in Land of the Two Foes when the Surgeon crashes the SIDRAT into Iraq.

But like his friend, there are at least five male characters who are more unique than Majid: Benjamin Simmons from the Cold War II series and the four boys from Joy and Punishment: Jesse Fairchild, Benjmain Greaves, Gabriel Eaton and Noah Kimberly though these have awful writing on purpose; it could even be argued that these five boys and Emma Irwin probably have the worst writing of all the characters on both this wiki and the original untermation wiki.


Strategy of a Surgeon:

Majid is first seen in the story Strategy of a Surgeon with Ghazal Rashidi at the end of one of her shifts and they walk home together. As they do, she tells him of one of her patients who is actually the newly regenerated Surgeon; when he asks about the patient, Ghazal replies that he told her that he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey but for someone who looked like an Arab he certainly didn't sound Arabic owing to his thick Mancunian accent.

As the pair walk home, Majid is promised that he can meet the Surgeon tomorrow morning. When morning comes, Ghazal keeps her word when she takes him to meet the Surgeon but when he gets to the Surgeon's ward, the latter has gone forcing the pair to find him and bring him back to hospital to recover more. But as the pair find the Surgeon, he is more lively than ever even appearing to reply with a huge sense of rage that he is looking for a sarcophagus.

Majid however reports about a statue at the bazaar prompting the Surgeon to make him and Ghazal retreat to a house where he steals a remote control from the resident and plays a recording describing the Weeping Angels in a huge amount of detail; perhaps more detail than the Surgeon could give.

When the recording ends, a Weeping Angel arrives at the house and while Majid does look at the Angel quantum locking it, the Surgeon reprimands him because he looks at it straight in the eye. In the process, the Angel comes back to life, touches Ghazal and vanishes causing the Time Lord and the medical student to argue.

The Angel re-appears back at the bazaar where he and the Surgeon are encountered by disgraced Egyptian politician Asma Benyamina who tells them to come inside and when they do, Majid also comes across more Weeping Angels and also comes across a sorcerer known as Azhar Namin.

With his cover blown after the Surgeon attacks him viciously causing him to regenerate into the Master, the Master tortures Ghazal by locking her in a hot box with three Weeping Angels all of which are smashed to smithereens by Majid despite the Surgeon's warnings.

Whilst The Master and Asma escape the Surgeon and his companions give chase and eventually stop Asma's broadcast to Egypt and give chase again. In the process, the fight returns to Demerdash hospital where a vicious fight takes place which results in Asma getting kicked unconscious after the start of the fight between The Master and the Surgeon and the Master's death after the Surgeon throws him out of the Demerdash hospital window.

Ghazal and Majid later meet the Surgeon again after Ghazal's superior fires her and bars Majid from the hospital. Here they find the Surgeon changing into his current wardrobe before finally inviting the two Arabs to travel with him to which they accept.

Terror of the Rani:

At the beginning of Terror of the Rani, Majid begins by asking countless questions about the Surgeon alongside Ghazal. When the SIDRAT lands, he takes an equal amount of amazement to the revelation they have in fact traveled in time; to Iran in the 1970s.

This is discovered by the countless amount of people in the streets shouting "DEATH TO THE SHAH! DEATH TO THE SHAH!" as well as shouts of "Allahu Akbar!" which Ghazal herself can't resist chanting owing to her Muslim background.

She also joins in a rally against the Shah against the Surgeon's warnings when she feels insulted by a Western movie poster; when the Surgeon tries to stop her, Ghazal replies:

“He is a traitor to my people! If he is dead then Muslims will be avenged!”
The revolutionaries eventually come under attack from the Cybermen scattering them and Ghazal. In the rabble, she tries to find her way to her friends but is trampled in the crowd and knocked unconscious. Her body is inspected by a policeman who is deleted and Ghazal's body is taken away on a truck that is unknowingly being pursued by the Surgeon and Majid.

By the time the Surgeon and Majid arrive at a prison that Ghazal was taken to, she has escaped and from a prisoner the Surgeon chases her to the palace where she prepares to kill the Shah herself; but the Surgeon realizing this will change history wrestles the gun out of her hands even though she has shot some guards. The Cybermen however capture the three and bring them to Asma Benyamina; who has unknown to the Surgeon regenerated into The Rani.

Asma reveals her plan to the Surgeon and his companions: She intends to change history by keeping the Shah on the throne for a longer period of time than when he was supposed to be deposed and will in addition assist the Cybermen in upgrading humanity when the revolutionaries have been killed. With the revolutionaries dead, the Rani will kill the Shah and rule Iran herself enabling history to be changed.

Along with Ghazal, Majid comes under attack from a Cyberman who is instructed to kill the pair but the Surgeon fights them off and prepares to chase the Rani to the Royal palace with Iran stunned as the Rani transmits an activation signal through the country. As the Cybermen begin to kill off demonstrators by the dozens, they shortly focus their attention to her and Majid.

But the Surgeon sees hope in the form of the Iranian Army and so tries to get them onside but the army general refuses to co-operate. Eventually, as Ghazal and Majid flee the army see they have no choice but to attack the Cybermen but unknown to them, they have been used as cover by the Surgeon and his companions.

At the Royal Palace, Majid attacks The Rani with a machine gun he stole from a palace guard while Ghazal takes down the Cybermen with their own weapons. He later follows the Surgeon's orders to take down the Rani and with the plan succeeding comes the fall of the Cybermen and the Rani's plans.

He later keeps her on the floor as the Surgeon argues with the Shah and eventually he is warned to let her go but Majid refuses. The Surgeon and Ghazal un-knowingly give The Rani the slip after Majid fires on her but they force him to fire away; alongside Ghazal, Majid assists the Surgeon in chasing the Rani through the streets of Iran until she disappears. He is then dragged into the SIDRAT and it disappears from Iran.

Land of the Two Foes:

Following the events of Terror of the Rani, Majid is seen with Ghazal and the Surgeon in the SIDRAT and alongside Ghazal is fearful of his erratic piloting in contrast to probably his first journey with the Surgeon at the end of Strategy of a Surgeon.

He is particularly fearful when the SIDRAT hurtles through the Time Vortex because it feels like it is going to tear the machine apart but when it lands, Majid begins to feel a brief sense of irritation at the Surgeon because the latter describes his flying as really well. But his irritation turns to fear when the Surgeon reveals the SIDRAT has landed in the worst country in the Middle East:Iraq.

While Iraq is the worst country to live in today's world, Majid comments that the country is strangely content for one that has had ten years of war (The Iran-Iraq war) and has invaded and annexed a country (Iraq's invasion of Kuwait) though this is largely down to the trio landing in Iraq in 1990 and the Gulf War will not occur until the following year. But there are signs that Iraq is not a pleasant country: While there are no terrorists in the streets blowing things up left, right and center there is a personality cult around Saddam Hussein, the country's president.

There is also the sound of Ardulfurataini Watan echoing in the air which Ghazal is heard singing softly. While he notes that the country is strangely content, the arrival of the Daleks proves him wrong. As they attack Iraq, Majid is made to chase the flying saucer with the Surgeon and Ghazal but the plan fails when the Surgeon sees The Rani in the streets and has his companions chase her.

But this plan fails to because of the Mukhabarat forcing them away allowing the Rani to flee. At a safehouse that the Mukhabarat take him, Ghazal and the Surgeon Majid and Ghazal both viciously attack the Mukhabarat and both are impressed by the defense that an apoplectic Surgeon unleashes on them which results in Majid being taken with the Surgeon and Ghazal to meet the Mukhabarat's leader: Saddam Hussein.

When Majid meets Saddam, he and Ghazal are described as seeing a man who was a hero in the Arab world for his opposition towards Israel owing to their Arab background (Majid is Egyptian while Ghazal is also Egyptian but she was born in Iran.)

Majid's beliefs of there not being a war in Iraq for another year prove that he speaks too soon during a conversation with Saddam Hussein who in fact makes the revelation that since Iraq invaded Kuwait, the country has been at war with all sorts of countries from the United States of America and France to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the revelation is also watched secretly by The Rani.

Alongside Ghazal, Majid is told by the Surgeon to keep watch after the latter was impressed by the courage he displayed in front of the Rani when they last met; unfortunately, it proves to be his undoing because when the Daleks arrive at first, they hold him and Ghazal captive before eventually taking them into captivity alongside the Surgeon after a failed negotiation with Saddam.

While it is not stated, it is believed that as Majid is taken to the Dalek spacecraft by the Daleks he is threatened with being exterminated as much as Ghazal which is a further sign that he is getting stronger alongside Ghazal and evidence of them ever working in the medical industry are long gone and this is actually stated in Part 8 (which in Strategy of a Surgeon and Terror of the Rani would have been the end.):

"When the Surgeon first met Ghazal in Egypt after his regeneration, she was far more compassionate like the typical nurse and some could even say she was a dreamer to a degree; at least, as far as her boss was concerned. But after an encounter with the Weeping Angels, the Cybermen and now the Daleks she was now growing far stronger.
Likewise, since he held the Rani at gunpoint about to kill her in Iraq, Majid was also getting stronger. Like Ghazal, he too once worked in the medical industry but now, you wouldn't think he would. Not after he also had come across the Cybermen and now the Daleks.
Despite this quote however, the Rani manages to turn the Surgeon against him by questioning whether he has ever shown any potential to travel with the Surgeon. While granted Majid has shown a lot more potential than other companions of the Doctor in particular Adam Mitchell and Mickey Smith, particularly from Rose to the episode World War Three (though the latter is incorrectly called "Mr. Clarke" and was also an eventual companion of the Tenth Doctor), the Surgeon decides that Majid has shown no potential whatsoever.

This in turn turns the three of them against each other because the Surgeon still does not believe that Majid has shown any potential to be his companion, Ghazal thinks a Dalek will also exterminate her and Majid feels like the Surgeon has stabbed him in the back by allowing him to come on board and then lying about his potential.

After the Surgeon believes that he would be better off without Majid, the Rani declares "Your wish is my command." and Majid is exterminated by the Daleks. But even in death, Majid is alone because not only does The Rani turn the Surgeon against him but she also turns his friend against him when she brands him miserable.

Destroy All Plants:

Before The Yeti Factor was even written, Majid was originally intended to appear in Destroy All Plants alongside Ghazal Rashidi which would have been his final appearance; however, this did not ultimately come to pass thanks to his death by Dalek in Land of the Two Foes, two stories early than his intentional death.

At the end of the story, Majid would have been turned into a Krynoid and would have been destroyed by the Surgeon and it would be the deaths of his companions that would be a contributing factor to the Surgeon leaving Ireland supposedly for good.