Lady Blue

Lady Blue confronts Vixen for the first time.

Lady Blue is a character from The Animals of Farthing Wood books and TV series, though she is un-named in the books. She is the secondary antagonist of the second season of the TV series.

She is the wife of Scarface and the mother of Ranger and Bounder but in literature, Lady Blue is only related to Scarface in human literature because in animal literature since her heroic time with the Journey of the Vixen series and its sequel Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame, she is not related to any blue fox.

In literature, she serves as an un-named character alongside Scarface in the story Bounder and the Time Lord which is the penultimate story of the Eleventh Surgeon's first series which is a shell of her time in animal literature where she has a far more prominent role since her heroic time.


Like her family, Lady Blue is a red fox in the books but in the TV series is changed to a blue fox to avoid confusion with the other red foxes in the series.

In the TV series and her other appearances, she has very light blue fur with white markings, cheek patches and a white underbelly which comes to a sharp V point on her chest and extends to the underside of her tail. Like all other vixens in the series, Lady Blue possesses the typical vixen ruff, but hers is extended into a dark blue marking that covers her ears and forms a triangle between them.

Her ruff, unlike other vixens in the series, is dark blue whilst with other vixens it keeps in line with their color scheme. For example: Vixen is dark red and her ruff is dark red with it. While Lady Blue is semi anthropomorphic in the Journey of the Vixen series primarily from Day of the Tiger to the climax of Duel of the Vixens, she is a normal vixen in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and her only appearance in human literature Bounder and the Time Lord. In her only human literature appearance, Lady Blue remains the same but she now glows with a strange green tinge like her husband.


In human literature, Lady Blue appears as an un-named character like she did in Fox's Feud in the story Bounder and the Time Lord which is the only story where she is related to Scarface. Unlike the TV series where she is a lot more threatening and egotistical to the Farthing Wood animals, Lady Blue does not appear to pose that big of a threat to the Eleventh Surgeon and neither does Scarface

Because Lady Blue appears in Bounder and the Time Lord and animal literature, she is consequently a trans wiki character as she also appears on the original untermation wiki. one of four animated characters to do so alongside Scarface, Ranger and Bounder.

Bounder and the Time Lord

In her only human literature appearance, Lady Blue is back to being shown in a more minor light and Bounder and the Time Lord is the only time where not only is she shown in a minor light, but it is also the only time when she is related to Scarface but of no relation to Bounder. She is also moved again from Bernwood Forest (Journey of the Vixen) and Whippendell Wood Wood (Duel of the Vixens and Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame) to Widbrook Wood in Wiltshire.

Peter Pan Crocodile Song

The "rhythm" described in Bounder and the Time Lord that Scarface marches in time to.

Lady Blue first appears alongside her husband Scarface seemingly trying to protect Bounder from a human being who they think is either trying to kill him or trying to take him out of his natural habitat to be used for sinister intentions; the arrival of the Surgeon and his new companion Amanda Mycroft is enough to trigger a warning message from her and Bounder is forced to flee.

The foxes that were protecting him meanwhile, begin to investigate and while Scarface goes after the Surgeon and Amanda, Lady Blue goes after the figure who wanted to attack Bounder and forces her to retreat before giving her a piercing look of contempt and leaving her alone.