The so called Ladies in Leather is a criminal organization prominent in the 54th Century or thereabouts. While primarily based in England, it is believed to have influences in countries all over the world.

In literature, this particular group are characters from The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington where many of them end up prisoners of the enigmatic Clarissa and the Force of Amazon.

The Ladies in Leather are also one of many criminal groups to be composed only of women alongside the Eurasian Hyenas and the Jackals of Arabia from the Cold War II series, the Eastern Vixens in Defenders of Earth, the Women of the Night, the Vixen criminal organization, one of its youth factions the Romanian sisterhood and Britain's angels in The Mammal Wars.


Based in England, the Ladies in Leather are a criminal organization that engage in many robberies and heists like many other criminal organizations before them, notably the Eastern Vixens, the Eurasian Hyenas and the Jackals of Arabia.

They get their name from the leather clothing that they were, from catsuits and bodysuits to jackets, gloves and boots and appear to have been influenced by the Bulgarian Vixens who wear similar clothing and have engaged in similar activities.

After the demise of other animal motivated criminal organizations around the world, the Ladies in Leather take over those areas occupied formerly by the Vixens, but what separates them from the Vixens is that Central Asia is free from influence and the influence of the Ladies in Leather extends to North America, particularly in Canada and the United States.


Ladies in Leather distribution

The distribution of the Ladies in Leather. The Ladies take over where the Vixens left off but expand into the United States and Canada.

In the 54th century, the world has undergone war after war, after war. It is three centuries after the end of The Mammal Wars and the world has finally reached Utopia. During this time, various organizations including the Jackals of Arabia, the Vixen criminal organization, PHANTOM and especially the Eurasian Hyenas have been dissolved and the Ladies in Leather take over as the world's main criminal organization.

Those depicted in The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington are largely British and it is also in Britain where their influence extends around the globe, even when the original group ends up captured by the Force of Amazon and transported elsewhere; however, by the end of the 55th Century at least, their influence has died down and crime appears to have been gone for good.

During the height of their influence, they engage in the typical criminal activities that the Vixens before them engaged in: Organized crime and theft of varying museums and banks, even if many organizations before them and even the Vixens were bolder with one Vixen Mira Adamova killing the last sergeant of the Bulgarian Army. By the 51st Century however, many crimes have longer sentences so the Vixens and many others are forced to carry them out in excruciating secrecy lest they be imprisoned for a long time or receive the death penalty.

Identification and uniform


The organization's leader Rebecca Harrington.

For some members of the Ladies in Leather, they wear leather catsuits like a cat burglar and for others they wear leather clothing which is also the case for the Bulgarian Vixens and other criminal organizations.

Unlike another criminal organization The Belfast Eight, the Ladies in Leather are seemingly better hidden and typically engage in robberies, heists and burglaries to a degree stealing jewels, like one of their predecessors however the robberies are highly organized and efficient.

They are also fairly unique in organizations because while The Belfast Eight had an alliance with the Old English Alliance, the Ladies in Leather have no alliances instead preferring to work with each other as a team just like the Eastern Vixens.

Their leader Rebecca Harrington ensures that their riches are split equally when they do steal from places.Rebecca's attire is also worn by the jewel thief Natasha in the story All Animals are Equal as well as her doppelganger, Sophia.

Her attire and design is also used for the Bulgarian criminal Borislava Ilseva in Defenders of Earth.


Name Age
Rebecca Harrington 26
Christina Brackenridge 26
Sophie Axford 22
Jenna Burbridge 25
Jade Farnworth 30
Jane Conlee 29
Heather Carrington 23
Gemma Derbyshire 26
Natalie Alabaster 30
Hannah Carrington 26
Eva Knight 32
Cordelia Knight 34
Jenny Darwin 36

See Also

  • Bulgarian Vixens; Bulgarian criminal organization composed of women from the Defenders of Earth series which is later revealed as the Bulgarian branch of the Eastern Vixens. Like the Ladies in Leather, the Vixens carry out several heists and succeed but one last heist has unfortunate consequences.
  • Women of the Night; A British criminal organization restructured from a resistance group that is composed of women and operates in a similar structure to the Ladies in Leather. The women are criminals from The Mammal Wars who are hired by Irish criminal and scientist Forbflaith Hennessy.