A Krynoid depicted in The Seeds of Doom outside Harrison Chase's house.

The Krynoid is a form of carnivorous plant life in the Doctor Who episode The Seeds of Doom as a one time enemy. It also returns as a one time enemy of the Eleventh Surgeon in the story Destroy All Plants as one of the foot soldiers of Biollante also known as "The Abomination".

Description and appearance

The Krynoid is a large carnivorous plant that could be thought of as a "galactic weed". On planets where the Krynoid takes hold, animal life becomes extinct.

It can also infect an animal with its spores causing the "host" to mutate into a Krynoid which retains some of that host's knowledge, memory and intelligence. It is also able to transfer some its power to localvegetation making plant life deadly and hostile.

How Krynoid plant pods travel through space is not known but there is a theory that their own planet is volcanic in its origin and the pods are shot out in pairs by the eruptions.

Physical appearance:

A Krynoid itself was bulky, covered in tendrils and vines, some of which ended in red flower-like structures. They had an undefined anatomy with no front or back. Though they had great tolerance for cold, high temperatures could damage them.

They required animal proteins while young, but could survive on normal photosynthesis later in life, and gathered nitrogen directly from the air without a need for roots. Over time, Krynoids were also able to channel their power into other plants, at least within a mile radius; they were also able to psychically possess other humans, though this may have been due to some humans' sympathy for plants.


In The Seeds of Doom, the Krynoids hatch from large plant pods and infect human beings. However, in the Surgeon stories, the Krynoids are presented more as mutants and are the result of infection from a plant monster known as "The Abomination".

Destroy All Plants:

The first of a series of plant related Krynoid is first shown after the Abomination, a series of plant monsters and the Abomination's creator advance on Maurice's former university service; Queen's University in Belfast. Because of their undefined anatomy, they are described as probably the most confusing enemies of the Surgeon because no one knows if they are either approaching Queen's University or approaching the University.

Alongside its other minions, the Krynoids first are shown to witness the transformation of the rose into its second and most grotesque form before finally launching an attack on the University. Eventually, they subjugate it and set up the University as the starting point of their ownership of Earth; they further try to hinder the Surgeon's journey to the Ministry of Defense in Ireland but their efforts are in vain because the Surgeon reaches there first and has the Minister to give the R.A.F the command of "Destroy All Plants".

While the R.A.F are sent to destroy the plants, the Krynoids attack the R.A.F and down several aircraft all while suffering attacks themselves. In the end, a bomb is dropped onto the Queen's University which starts a fire that turns into an inferno and destroys whatever is left of the Krynoids, reducing them to charred plants.