Krasimira Samuilova Varbanova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian terrorist who is the leader of the Bulgarian women's faction of PHANTOM and thanks to this, she is also one of the many leaders of PHANTOM's women factions including:

Just as Radomir Pramatarov is one of the most powerful men in the terrorist quadvirate that PHANTOM is part of, and her rival Stanislava Blagoeva is one of the most powerful women in the coalition against PHANTOM and their allies, Krasimira is one of the most powerful women in the terrorist quadvirate involving PHANTOM alongside:

  • Nazmiyya el-Noori, Nameera el-Amara, Waseema al-Hana, Shareefa al-Mahdavi, Hanoona al-Hoda, Shahaada el-Jamil, Ramla el-Ullah, Zaahira el-Quadri, Hanaan el-Nasrallah, Malekjahan Asef Zade and Munawara Rind of GARGOYLE,
  • Shakti Kamal, Amodita Devi, Vashta Hingora, Aishwarya Byanjanakar and Yashodha Dissanayake of SILENCE,
  • and Kinipela Souksanh, Tiêu Mai Khanh, Eka Htet and Yin Zhelan of TERROR


She is a Bulgarian woman who is the same age as her rival with hazel eyes, tanned skin and jet black hair that is very straight and typically hangs loose. Alongside some of the other Eastern Vixens and a few members of PHANTOM, Krasimira is swathed in a jet black leather catsuit with jet black knee length boots, black gloves and a black utility belt across her waist.

The attire seen by both sides in Defenders of Earth in the case of humans, is also copied by most other women in other pieces of literature such as the Women of the Night from the Defenders spin off The Mammal Wars.


Alongside Radomir Pramatarov who is her main leader, very little of Krasimira's personality is known in her first appearance King of the East. although like many other members of PHANTOM she is shown to be very loyal to her superiors and other PHANTOM members with a hatred for certain members of the Eastern Vixens, particularly its Bulgarian branch.

Like many other women in literature such as her rivals as well as Helga Blankenburg from the Cold War II series, Krasimira is also shown to be a very athletic and flexible woman who is an expert at gymnastics, even doing as good a job at it as other women in literature when she is able to take on an entire laser field with ease and never setting off an alarm.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Krasimira is first shown towards the end of the story where she is also revealed as the one who had been watching Boyana Strashilova and the remaining Bulgarian Vixens load guns from Burgas into a truck ready to be taken out of Bulgaria and to the other Eastern Vixens. Once Boyana leaves, Krasimira is revealed and heads back to the PHANTOM base in Bulgaria.

Inside Bulgaria's PHANTOM base, Krasimira tackles the many defenses of the base and reaches her boss in the form of Radomir Pramatarov. When he asks for a report, Krasimira gladly reports that she has seen the Vixens fleeing from Burgas to which Radomir is delighted because it means that their next destination is Burgas Airport which will in turn take them out of the country.

Thanks to this, Radomir orders her to get in touch with another ally of PHANTOM to which Krasimira leaves and phones the leader of the Lionesses of Turkey, Ajla Bayat and has the Lionesses mobilise ready to get to Burgas Airport first. After she hangs up, Ajla rallies the Lionesses.