Katri Peltonen is a character from the Cold War II series. She is a defector of the Scandinavian Alliance currently living in Finland where she is aided by American criminal Kaia Bartholomew.


In general, Katri is described as being a thirty four year old Finnish woman but is described as being more like a human Siberian Husky because of her physical appearance. She has very pale skin, cold blue eyes like the eyes of a wolf pup and jet black hair, almost akin to scientist Forbflaith Hennessy.

Of the women and girls made by the wiki founder, Katri is probably the most fashionable as she is depicted in three different styles; When she is shown by Johnson, there is one portrait of her when she was part of the Scandinavian Alliance where she is depicted as wearing a mauve catsuit and a black corset, almost similar to the one that would later be worn by criminal and Vixen Grozdana Ruseva as well as several current E.I.N agents, some Scandinavian recruits and future E.I.N agents.

The second portrait of Katri depicts her having left the Alliance and in this portrait, she is dressed in a lighter coloured dress, black opaque tights, black boots like the boots worn by Helga, a thin black belt across her waist and a white fur coat. While Katri keeps this attire when Helga actually meets her face to face, she replaces her boots with black character shoes and like many other women in literature, her hands are concealed with black leather gloves.


Up until Helga actually would meet Katri face to face, the Scandinavian Alliance defector's personality is described in very minimal detail, a technique which would also be used for the monsters that would later make Earth their battleground in the 51st Century. Owing to have spent an unexplained period of time in the Scandinavian Alliance, it is not surprising that Katri has a huge amount of knowledge about the Alliance's defense systems and patrols which makes her valuable to the E.I.N.

Like many other women in literature, before and after the events of the Cold War II series, she is described as having the same extravagant tastes as many of the women in other literature, including the E.I.N agents. Evidence of this is shown in her home as she and Kaia take over the Villa Mairea while many other E.I.N agents, especially Germans, French and Spanish ones to name a few also live in villas while English ones often live in country houses.

The Cold War II series

The Defector:

Alongside the E.I.N quartermaster Wallace Huntington and her own aide Kaia Bartholomew, Katri first makes her appearance in the Cold War II series universe in the Scandinavian trilogy finale, The Defector. At first, she is shown twice in a slideshow given by E.I.N head Graham Johnson as part of a briefing for agent Helga Blankenburg who the E.I.N is sending to Finland in order to recover two Alliance hostages.

These pictures show Katri during the time when she was with the Alliance and her appearance since she left it; but this is all that Helga sees of her. After Helga is dropped into Finland by the E.I.N, she comes across Katri's residence at the Villa Mairea which takes her back to her native Germany because her family also live in a villa in Dusseldorf. At first, Helga does not want to enter the Villa because she fears that the Alliance are in the forest waiting to capture her but after ten seconds at least, the agent enters the house where she finds herself held at gunpoint. Only the arrival of Katri helps the agent and it is here where Katri is finally revealed:

"As the woman came to meet Helga, the agent saw her in her great glory; this was Katri Peltonen, the Scandinavian Alliance defector who Johnson sent her to meet, the defector who had all the knowledge of the Alliance's defence systems. Helga previously encountered her on a slideshow and Peltonen barely changed:

She was the same Finnish woman/human Siberian Husky shown to Helga by Johnson in Berlin with very pale skin, cold blue eyes like the eyes of a wolf pup and jet black hair. And she still dressed the way the right portrait in the slideshow depicted her:

A light mauve coloured dress,  black opaque tights, a thin black belt across her waist and a white fur coat. Only this time, Katri did not wear boots like the slideshow depicted her wearing; instead, she wore black character shoes. Her attire was complete with black leather gloves.

This was the defector that Johnson told her about; still as extravagant and flamboyant as ever. Just as extravagant as various other women in the ages before the Second Cold War even began."
As Katri meets Helga, she tells her aide Kaia Bartholomew to leave Helga alone because she is an ally and the fact that she has been expected. She sits Helga in the lounge and under questioning reveals her own aide and her origins as a criminal in New York and tells her:
"I defected from the Scandinavian Alliance about five years ago and since then I've wanted to topple my government in Finland. No one in Finland wanted to help me fight the government and I knew I wouldn't be accepted in many other countries, so I went to the United States and that's where I found Kaia."
When Katri tells Helga about herself and Kaia, the latter tells the former to tell the pair of them why she is in Scandinavia to which Helga replies:
"I came here because I need your help, the pair of you. Here in Scandinavia, the Alliance has taken two hostages who were going to be with us. Now, while Johnson and the rest of them in Berlin sincerely doubt that they are anything like E.I.N material or anything like myself or any of the other agents we have, I've been sent here because apart from needing your help, I have been instructed to bring them out because no one knows what the Alliance will do next."
Having listened attentively, Helga's first allies agree to help her and while the agent waits, the defector and her aide prepare to change to infiltrate the Alliance base or rather the place where the hostages are kept: Oslo. Inside Oslo, the three women enter with ease owing to the surprising lack of security inside the compound which Helga takes as the fact that the Alliance actually want their hostages to be taken out.

After the hostages have been rescued, Helga takes her allies back to Finland while she heads off back to Germany.