A physical representation of Katja as depicted in Seslinian the Invincible.

Katja Naganowska is a character from the Surgeon stories and the spin off to Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars. She is a Polish scientist who is the primary accomplice to the Irish scientist Forbflaith Hennessy.


Born and raised in Krakow in Poland, Katja Naganowska moved to England in 1981 when martial law was declared under the rule of General Wojciech Jaruzelski. Unlike Jenna Lillywhite and Forbflaith Hennessy, Katja is a lot more secretive about her personal life and details about her are sketchy.


She is a thirty eight year old Polish woman with deep brown eyes, short brown hair but far longer than a bob cut and more "natural" looking skin than her primary accomplice. Katja is also shown to be slightly more extravagant than her accomplice or rather any other Eastern woman made by the wiki founder:

Katja also wears black nail varnish, a highly extravagant necklace, two bracelets (one on each wrist), a traditional ring on her right ring finger and a larger ring on her left middle finger and her attire consists of black leather trousers, a black pull over top, knee highs, black flats which are replaced with high heels in Seslinian the Invincible and a white lab coat. In Seslinian the Invincible however, she replaces her lab coat with a black blazer.


Like Maurice Callaghan, Katja is shown as a foil to her accomplice Forbflaith Hennessy because while Forbflaith is typically callous, psychopathic and uncaring, she is shown to be a lot more remorseful over her actions especially in The Mammal Wars. She is also unusual among Eastern characters who are often shown as villains except for the Eastern Vixens perhaps because Katja also is forced to help the Surgeon defeat Bounder and save Wiltshire.

What is known about Katja however is that she has an unwavering loyalty for Forbflaith which is strange for Eastern characters because Western and Eastern characters do not tend to mix with each other, except for the European Intelligence Network from the Cold War II series and like Forbflaith, certainly has a big whiff of arrogance about herself.


The Surgeon stories

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Much like her accomplice in the form of Forbflaith, Katja appears much later then their criminal accomplice in the form of Jenna Lillywhite. She first appears with Forbflaith when the Eleventh Surgeon and his companion Amanda Mycroft arrive at a laboratory where they pursued Jenna who had captured a certain blue fox for Forbflaith although this is never revealed just yet.

After the Surgeon asks "What do you mean "our lab"?" Katja appears out of the darkness from Amanda's direction and holds the pair at gunpoint and replies "I own this lab as well.". Her name is later revealed by Forbflaith and it is also revealed that she came to England from Krakow in 1981 when General Wojciech Jaruzelski declared martial law in an attempt to crush Solidarity.

Katja later reveals that the foxes that the Surgeon and Amanda witnessed in Widbrook Wood, at least the ones that glowed, do not belong to Forbflaith because if they did then they would be a lot more vicious and on top of that, their accomplice Jenna Lillywhite reveals that if they did belong to Forbflaith, then she would be in prison.

The scientists are asked what they want Bounder for exactly but Forbflaith merely tells Katja to bring the Surgeon and Amanda to an operating theater, all the while being irritated when Amanda holds her hands in the air so as to avoid being shot, even when Katja holds her at gunpoint. At first, Katja forces the Surgeon and Amanda to watch an experiment that Forbflaith will commit on the fox that Jenna captured before Forbflaith has her and Jenna swap places.

It is also at this point where despite Forbflaith revealing everything about the fact that she is a wanted criminal in Northern Ireland, Katja does not reveal anything about her criminal activities before the Surgeon watches the experiment being conducted on the fox which makes it grow to the size of a coyote.

Granted, Katja is generally seen as a foil to her accomplice, this aspect is only true in her future appearance after Battle of the Foxes because in Bounder and the Time Lord Katja's misanthropic nature comes in when Bounder and the Blue Foxes escape from their lab when she tells the Surgeon that he can watch humanity die...unfortunately, this proves to be Katja's last words before Jenna Lillywhite turns on Forbflaith allowing Amanda to grab her gun and hold both women prisoner.

But while the Surgeon and Amanda manage to escape, so do Forbflaith and Katja though the Surgeon does not care and instead sets the police on Jenna.

Battle of the Foxes:

Alongside her accomplice, Katja is first shown in Widbrook Wood watching the Surgeon and Amanda but also with them is the criminal that was once in the employment of herself and Forbflaith: Jenna Lillywhite who has been blackmailed into helping the Surgeon, lest she go to prison. She is later revealed when the Surgeon chooses a fox for Jenna to catch.

It is also at this point where the Polish scientist begins to turn on Forbflaith which is also something that she would come to do in Seslinian the Invincible; she comes to turn on Forbflaith because Katja does not turn on the Irish Vixen like Jenna did in Bounder and the Time Lord, but she is co-operative towards the Surgeon and instead takes the Surgeon to the laboratory that Bounder came from after Jenna has captured another fox to use as a weapon against him.

In the laboratory, Katja can only watch as the Surgeon and Amanda take over their laboratory with Amanda forcing Forbflaith to show the Surgeon how to use the equipment that was used to alter Bounder and the Surgeon using it on Ranger. The former scientist who had just a resilient and sinister personality as Forbflaith can now only watch in horror as the blue fox changes and the room flashes in a blue light as the fox begins to change.

After the experiment, it gets worse: The Surgeon sends the fox outside to find Bounder and kill him; the real kicker? Katja is forced to watch and during the fight, the Surgeon gets the police to Widbrook Wood presumably to arrest her or her accomplices or even all three. Once the fight is over, Katja is taken by the Surgeon's companion to the police who have been called by the Surgeon and it is here where she and Forbflaith are arrested and driven away in a police car.

It is also this sight that is the last one that Jenna sees before joining the Surgeon as his fourth companion.

The Mammal Wars

Seslinian the Invincible:

Katja's role in The Mammal Wars is a lot more minor than it was in Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes. Granted, she remains the same: The accomplice of a scientist/bio-terrorist as her former accomplice evolves to become but she is a lot more remorseful for her crimes.

Alongside Forbflaith, Katja first appears in court on trial for helping Forbflaith with illegal animal experimentation and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Bradford on Avon; thankfully for her trial, Katja has the softer William Houghton in charge of her trial and heading her trial. With the help of Charles Williamson, Houghton sentences Katja to life imprisonment at the Blackvault Institute.

However, the scientist is told that if she displays good behavior then the courts will either release her or move her to another prison. A tearful Katja is then led away for Forbflaith to hear her sentence.