Karen Armstrong is a character from The Mammal Wars. She is a British criminal who is the leader of the Women of the Night. While she is never named in the Surgeon stories, her organization is one of a few characters to be re-used by the wiki founder alongside Forbflaith Hennessy, Katja Naganowska and the students depicted in The Yeti Factor.

In later life, she later becomes a terrorist who is forced to serve under PHANTOM until its demise, at which point she and the other Women of the Night become Vixens.


She is a thirty four year old British woman with fair skin, black hair and brown eyes. Like many other criminals in literature by the wiki founder, Karen is dressed in leathers which consist of black leggings, a black leather jacket, black knee length boots and black leather gloves.


Many criminals in literature are regarded as being firm and harsh but fair when it comes to deciding who to send for assignments; however Karen is shown to be a lot more dictatorial and harsh on her forces. This is particularly shown when she chooses on who to send into Sheephouse Wood to help Forbflaith Hennessy.

While the Eastern Vixens for example would put themselves forward to carry out an assignment such as a robbery, Karen decides on who to send into Sheephouse Wood, asks them to convince her and eventually settles on a particular criminal; the criminal in question being Eleanor Bywater. A friendship between Karen and Forbflaith is also hinted when the latter phones after escaping from prison.

The Mammal Wars:

Seslinian the Invincible:

Like Yevgenia Agrafena from Defenders of Earth as shown in King of the East, Karen is first shown as a shadowy figure in the base of the Women of the Night in Chenie's Manor in Buckinghamshire where she receives a phone call from escaped criminal and scientist Forbflaith Hennessy who wants to return to her glory days.

On the phone, Karen assures Forbflaith she has complete co-operation from her forces before hanging up and asking her forces to meet in a room beneath the manor house. Here, she tells her forces about Forbflaith's escape from prison and presence in Buckinghamshire as well as telling them that she promised Forbflaith total co-operation from the Women of the Night.

While most criminals are known for their diplomacy in the wiki founder's literature such as the Eastern Vixens from Defenders of Earth, Karen immediately chooses three women to step forward in the form of Eleanor Bywater, Alice Beresford and Denise Axford; she then asks them to convince her as to why they should go to help Forbflaith. Finally, Karen chooses Eleanor to do the job and dismisses the other women.

The Lizard King:

Later life

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