Kalina Nikolaieva Zhelyaskova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is ultimately revealed as the Bulgarian branch of the Eastern Vixens. At the age of twenty, Kalina is also the youngest of the Vixens of Bulgaria and is also the youngest of the Zhelyaskova sisters Tsvetanka, Bilyana and Stanimira.


She appears as a twenty year old Bulgarian woman with tanned skin like her sister Bilyana, brown hair like her sister Stanimira and grey eyes. Unlike her sisters and the other Vixens shown in King of the East, Kalina's default form is not known but when she goes undercover in her first appearance, she is dressed in a green dress, black tights, a grey overcoat with a belt across her waist, black leather gloves and black boots.


Unlike her sisters, Kalina appears to suffer from nyctophobia which is especially not helped by the resurgence of Firroth and the appearance of Tyrath. While granted, she is the youngest of the Vixens and therefore not entirely looked down upon, Kalina has a tense relationship with fellow Vixen Victoria Nankova who accuses her of being rude thanks to being scared of Firroth.

To call her a coward however is an insult because it is said that if Kalina was a coward, she would never be serving in the Bulgarian Vixens let alone the Eastern Vixens and it is believed that she also took part in a robbery that her sisters also participated in. She also has the same love of adventure that all women in literature do except perhaps Emma Irwin who disappears after The Defector.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

In the story King of the East, Kalina is one of several Vixens to come into greater prominence alongside the following:

Alongside the rest of the Vixens from Stranger of the Past, Kalina is first seen being sent back to the Falcon Sanctum where she keeps quiet about being forced undercover alongside the other Vixens except perhaps Tanya Nakova and Bogdana Buneva who are shown to complain about being forced undercover. However, hope arrives when the Vixens' leader Stanislava Blagoeva phones another Vixen leader in the form of Yevgenia Agrafena of Russia and sends the Vixens in the dining room. In the dining room, Kalina sits with her sisters until the voice of Yevgenia has the sisters split up with Tsvetanka, Bilyana and Stanimira going with Stanislava and Kalina being part of a group of Vixens led by Boyana Strashilova before the Vixens receive their instructions: They are to change their clothes, pack their bags and leave their home at 8:30 where they will be going two ways:

Stanislava's group (Stanislava, Alexandra, Borislava, Grozdana, Bogdana, Tanya, Kalina, Miroslava, Tsvetanka, Stanimira, Bilyana and Bogomila) will drive north to Sofia International Airport to board Flight A42 while the other half (Boyana's half listed above) will drive west to Burgas, collect the weapons left behind by the last remnants of the Bulgarian Army and drive north to Burgas airport where they will board Flight 946A.

After the instructions, Kalina is sent off with the other Vixens to change her clothes and pack her bags ready to leave at 8:30 and when the time comes, she joins the other twenty eight Vixens boarding their respective trucks ready to leave Bulgaria. On the way to Burgas, Kalina's group takes a diversion to the home of the Sergeant who killed Firroth.

Boyana then has the other Vixens leave the truck and asks the Vixens who wants to kill the Sergeant and while Kalina eagerly puts herself forward, the role eventually goes to Mira Adamova. Mira is sent into the house and Kalina is put on the truck and waits for Mira to kill the sergeant. At night, Kalina gets nervous especially when she sees the figure of what comes to be Tyrath flying in the sky.

As such, Kalina gets nervous and finds herself trying to be re-assured by Ivana Manoleva but the latter also doubts herself. Finally, once Mira kills the sergeant Kalina is one of the Vixens who helps her on board and even when the Vixens head to the Burgas coast, the Vixen is still scared of the night thanks to the figure of Firroth this time at which point, the Vixen finds herself reprimanded by Victoria Nankova.

Half an hour later, the Vixens reach Burgas where Boyana orders the Vixens out and has the Vixens collect the guns but her fear is getting the better of her which irritates Victoria and another Vixen Vladimira Petrovaa who tell her that her worrisome behavior is not helping and if she tells them to go quicker, then they will just work slower.

This is the least of the Vixens' worries however when they see Firroth being kicked out of the sky by the dragon that Kalina saw: Tyrath. At first, Victoria thinks the flying dragon is Firroth but Boyana replies this is not the case and tells the Vixens that their fight signifies a power struggle; the Vixens can only watch as the dragons fight each other.

During the fight however, there comes a time when Boyana cannot stand to watch anymore so she has the Vixens load the guns onto the truck, this time with no complaints and within ten to twenty minutes all the guns are loaded and before long the Vixens speed away into the distance, watched by Firroth who by this point has killed Tyrath.

The Vixens later arrive at Burgas Airport and are a woman down because the Lionesses of Turkey get there first, capture Boyana and force the Vixens to go without her which they do when the plane takes them to Russia. In Russia, Kalina reunites with her sisters and joins the countless amount of Vixens cheering when their leaders declare war on PHANTOM.

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