Kalina Stanislavova Dobreva is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens, the Bulgarian branch of the criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens.


She is a twenty five year old Bulgarian woman with fair-tanned skin, brown hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. Many women in literature have extravagant tastes of fashion, except children perhaps, and Kalina is virtually no different; in her first appearance King of the East, Kalina was said to have wore a teal coloured dress with a zip at the back, black opaque tights and a beige overcoat with black boots.

In her actual appearance in Monsters and Girls, while being questioned by Stanislava Blagoeva, she keeps her dress and tights but replaces her overcoat with a leopard skin fur coat and her boots with high heels.


Nothing is known about Kalina's personality in her first appearance of King of the East and like many other characters, as she is included in other stories more of her personality becomes known. When Kalina actually appears in Monsters and Girls, she is said to have the same adventurous, fearless, fun loving and almost arrogant personality that the other Vixens have, particularly ones like Kalina Toncheva.

She is also hinted to be friendly with the Vixen's youngest member in the form of Kalina Zhelyaskova and it is Zhelyaskova who consoles Dobreva after she tells the story of the events to King of the East and ends up breaking down into tears.

Defenders of Earth

Monsters and Girls:

Granted, Dobreva first appears with numerous other Vixens in King of the East but she is not described and first appears physically in Monsters and Girls alongside Alexandra Zhivkova who also gets a larger role in the story. She is first seen on the center stage in a room that mimics the Roman Colosseum located beneath the Falcon Sanctum eyed by the other Vixens.

She has been chosen by Stanislava Blagoeva because she was among the numerous Vixens serving under Boyana when the group was sent to Burgas and witnessed the first fight between Firroth and another dragon which in this case is the only conflict between him and Tyrath. Blagoeva tells Kalina:

"Alright Kalina. I want the whole story, and fast!"
Despite initially being described as having a dry throat and being unable to speak, Kalina soon pulls herself together and tells Stanislava everything including:
"As you may know Stanislava, you put me in the group to go to Burgas with Boyana. We did just that and we saw Firroth and another dragon fight; Boyana called him Tyrath because he was the Eastern Tyrant. When he was defeated we fled Burgas immediately and at the airport to get here, Boyana was taken by a number of Lionesses..."
But as she gets to the end, Kalina's voice begins to tremble and she leaves the stage quickly in tears, all the while being consoled by the other Kalina who served along with her: Kalina Zhelyaskova. She is taken back up to the audience and it is here where Alexandra actually scares her even more because of talk of the return of dragons, a war between the forces of Nelarth, Lord of the Black and Venia, Lord of the Skies and the future of Bulgaria.

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