Kaia Bartholomew is a character from the Cold War II series. She is an American criminal and the aide of Scandinavian Alliance defector Katri Peltonen and because of this is one of the many Allies in the Cold War II series.


In her first appearance, while Katri is later revealed as wearing a dress instead of the catsuit she wore when she served under the Scandinavian Alliance, Kaia is almost similar in physical appearance to the way Stanimira Zhelyaskova would also be described:

She is a thirty one year old American woman with brown hair, fairly tanned skin and brown eyes. Like Stanimira and also Denise Benedict who would become an agent of the E.I.N in the future in The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow, Kaia wears a crimson leather catsuit zipped all the way up, a black utility belt with red pouches on the sides, standard coloured tights and high heels.


As revealed in her first appearance, Kaia is an American criminal and as a result shares the same amount of fun and adventure loving personality it seems as many other criminals made by the wiki founder, including those who are part of the Vixen criminal organization. However, because of her criminal background, she is certainly not hesitant to use a gun when she catches Helga Blankenburg in the villa occupied by herself and Katri Peltonen.

Granted, Katri has hated the Scandinavian Alliance since defecting from it, Kaia hates it even more and despite the negative reputation of Hyenas, uses the metaphor of seeing the three women as Hyenas because they attack at night when the Alliance is less likely to attack and since Helga destroyed their missile base, they will be preying on the defenseless.

Kaia is also shown to be brave enough to remind Helga of an agent that the E.I.N could have had if it had a branch in the United States, which it does not.

The Cold War II series

The Defector:

Kaia's first appearance in the Cold War II series is the story, The Defector alongside her boss Katri Peltonen. She first appears after German E.I.N agent Helga Blankenburg has arrived in Finland and journeyed through a forest to the municipality of Noormarkku while coming across bears and wolves along the way, including being attacked by a bear and being threatened by a wolf pack.

Inside the house, the criminal is dubious about Helga's presence and orders the agent to get her hands in the air; until the presence of Katri Peltonen warns Kaia to back off leaving Kaia's aims ambiguous. At the house, Helga is told to go to the lounge where she eventually meets the two women and asks about Kaia's origins.

Katri reveals to Helga that she has served in the Scandinavian Alliance and when she defected, needed another associate to help her but cold not find one in Finland because of the Alliance's strict, almost Orwellian, control over Scandinavia and owing to her Finn background would never have been allowed in Europe so went elsewhere to the Americas to try her luck here.

It was also in New York where Katri met Kaia having completed what she dubs the "Masked Sting" where she stole a highly valuable ruby, worth almost a billion dollars among several other valuable jewels contributing to what she stole at about $100,000,000,000,000,000 or thereabouts. Katri met her in exchange for keeping her away from the police who would know doubt be on her tail.

After Katri and Kaia talk about themselves, the latter turns to Helga and tells her to tell them about herself which is as follows:

"I came here because I need your help, the pair of you. Here in Scandinavia, the Alliance has taken two hostages who were going to be with us. Now, while Johnson and the rest of them in Berlin sincerely doubt that they are anything like E.I.N material or anything like myself or any of the other agents we have, I've been sent here because apart from needing your help, I have been instructed to bring them out because no one knows what the Alliance will do next." Helga replied

"Well, you've come to the right place, Miss Blankenburg." Katri replied; she then went on a huge tangent about the Alliance and their defense systems. After she finished, Kaia told Helga:

"If we are to get inside the Alliance, we have to attack like Hyenas; Prey on the defenseless and show no compassion towards our victims. The Alliance that is."

Having seen the courage given by Katri and Kaia, Helga went from being petrified when she arrived in Finland thanks to coming across bears and wolves to the regular assertive, self confident and bold secret agent both her family and her fellow agents knew her as. But first, the three of them needed rest for they would also attack like Hyenas again; Attack at night so they couldn't be seen.

Within Helga's mind, she also didn't care about being sent to Finland before being sent to Oslo anymore because even if Emma and Benjamin were returned to Europe, chances would be that they wouldn't be in Berlin very long. While Katri and Kaia prepared to get ready to attack, Helga remained where she was while the other two went to get ready to attack the Alliance."
Inside Oslo, the three women enter with ease owing to the surprising lack of security inside the compound which Helga takes as the fact that the Alliance actually want their hostages to be taken out.

After the hostages have been rescued, Helga takes her allies back to Finland while she heads off back to Germany.