The Jewish-Arab Alliance is a villainous organization in the Cold War II series and an enemy of the European Intelligence Network. It has very close ties to the Arab Syndicate.

History and origins

Much of the Jewish-Arab Alliance's history is shrouded in mystery however it is most commonly told that they grew out of the Arab-Israeli conflict which soon ended with their intervention however the agreement was signed between Israeli and Arab leaders Avram Kishon and Rahman Ali Khan. This led to public outrage against the organization which soon was quelled by soldiers trained by the J.A.A and assistance from the Arab Syndicate.

The J.A.A soon got into power which lasted little more than a year, during this time the J.A.A took an extremely harsh stance against the West in particular the United States but it was soon forced underground by the new and current Israeli government.

Members (male)

Name Age
Avram Kishon 36
Azriel Benacerraf 38
Barak Atzmon 43
Ben-Aml Cohen 47
Harel Bensoussan 43
Jairus Dayan 37
Manassen Banai 35
Mattityahu Dayah 23
Mattithyahu Khaimov 30
Moshe Chagrin 37
Levi Margdis 39
Yigal Elharar 43
Menachem Lotan 30
Yitzhak Margules 46
Shimon Kehan 23
Ehud Yadin 26
Yechial Siegel 33
Yakir Almog 46
Reuven Hitzig 37
Chaim Peleg 47
Zalman Geffen 35
Ephraim Rabin 45
Hartog Malamud 38
Almog Chait 47
Asher Vardi 26
Abraham Inbal 32
Herschel Medan 29
Shabtai Vardi 25
Gabriel Maimon 23
Noah Margules 21
Abaddon Rabban 33
Abiah Netanyahu 21
Achbor Jonke 30
Achmetha Yossef 28
Admatha Malmuth 30
Agrippa Yahalom 23
Azrael Shamir 35
Baladan Livni 29
Balak Adleman 37
Baal Abramsky 39
Belteshazzar Meir 38
Bezaleel Abramov 42
Elymas Bevenbaum 23
Hashabniah Begin 27

Members (female)

Name Age
Abigail Batushansky 24
Aila Bronstein 35
Ayala Bernstein 30
Aya Davidovsky 31
Alya Bucksbaum 27
Alona Benveniste 36
Danielle Adelman 39
Dayana Adelstein 26
Daphne Baron-Cohen 37
Deborah Bomberg 38
Eliana Drachmann 36
Esther Goldberg 26
Hephzibar Edelstein 23
Hulda Friedburg 26
Jessica Rothstein 26
Merav Bacharach 33
Golda Brevda 38
Miriam Bronstein 32
Leora Edelstein 22
Natalie Adelman 20
Rachel Adler 20
Rebecca Eidelberg 20
Shoshana Freund 25
Shulamit Greenberg 31
Hana Goldmann 23
Sonya Goldstein 21
Baara Gassman 24
Admatha Berkoff 39
Ahuzzah Guggenheim 37
Basya Hammerstein 29
Batsheva Engelmann 23
Batzra Ettinghausen 25
Bellasset Finkelstein 24
Bessora Heinemann 21
Bethsabee Kohlberg 30
Caballeria Idelson 20
Chaltsione Heilbronner 33
Chafsiya Landsteiner 24
Chalva Katznelson 24
Chasidah Kehlmann 25
Chavalah Kronenburg 30
Hadasa Keller 30
Hadara Kimmelman 39
Haniya Levinsky 34
Hassiya Mandelbaum 26
Hassya Levenson 21
Helsa Mandelbrot 20
Bakarra Manheimer 30

Symbols and vehicles

The traditional emblem of the Jewish Arab Alliance is the Star of David, however it is never used as an official symbol; instead the Star of David is used in some Israeli bases of the Alliance and it instead opts for an Elven star, a seven pointed star in place of the hexagram.

In contrast to other organizations that are operational during the Second Cold War, the J.A.A is probably the least prominent on the streets. The only indicator of their presence in Israel are often military trucks though these are rarely seen if ever seen.

While Ardulfurataini Watan was an Arabic song, the song is played in Israel to show the J.A.A's alliance to the Arab Syndicate which is also played by East Turkey.

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