Jenna Lillywhite is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a British criminal who eventually comes to serve as the fourth companion of the Eleventh Surgeon alongside politician Amanda Mycroft and is the only woman in Bounder and the Time Lord to not feature in The Mammal Wars.


Alongside her primary boss Forbflaith Hennessy, Jenna Lillywhite is one of the most notorious women in the United Kingdom. She is a British criminal who has a criminal record about the size of Lincolnshire if not the size of Sweden having been accused of every crime imaginable with the exceptions being assault, criminal negligence, buggery, sodomy, rape, bigamy, public indecency and other sexual related crimes.

Like most other criminals made by the wiki founder, the ones that Jenna is accused the most of are either theft, burglary or robbery and like Tanya Nakova from Defenders of Earth, she has even managed to commit a crime and get away with it by framing another criminal. What makes Jenna notorious and even admired in England is the fact that despite her criminal record being the size of Lincolnshire, she has never been caught once.


She is a twenty nine year old British woman with fair skin, black hair and brown eyes with her hair being just slightly less darker than Forbflaith Hennessy, her boss. In general, Jenna's attire consists of a white T-Shirt, blue jeggings, black knee length boots, a black leather jacket and black leather gloves, but her attire like most other women made by the wiki founder such as Helga Blankenburg is largely composed of tight fitting clothing and leathers typically.


Much like her fellow companion and former enemy Amanda Mycroft, Jenna is often believed by the wiki founder to be probably one of the more superior companions of the Surgeon especially in the revived series (The Surgeon did have previous good companions but recollections of them are sketchy). This probably stems from the fact that thanks to herself and the other three women from Bounder and the Time Lord (Amanda Mycroft, Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska) were planned for the future.

Unlike most other characters in literature such as agents of the European Intelligence Network, Jenna tends to come across as a lone wolf and has no desire in working with other criminals and like Forbflaith is also very single minded with almost no regard for any other criminals unless they can help her. But like Amanda, she eventually settles down but it is still her devil may care attitude that she develops after Battle of the Foxes that can sometimes get her in trouble.

The Surgeon stories

Part 1

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Like her bosses in the form of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, Jenna appears as a shady figure in Widbrook Wood although unlike her bosses, she appears far earlier when the Surgeon takes Amanda through Widbrook Wood to explore it. It is also Jenna's appearance that makes the Surgeon lose hope quickly of a calming session where he would be away from fighting evil.

In the forest, Jenna takes aim in a way that makes it look like she is aiming her pistol at the head of the Surgeon and Amanda but in fact she is trying to aim her pistol at a certain blue fox that is under the protection of another blue fox and its mate. Under its instinct, the fox under protection flees while the Surgeon, Amanda and Jenna are forced to retreat by the vixen and the fox.

Jenna however recovers quickly and changes her plan to go after the fox that was under protection and manages to catch it in a fox trap. She then flees to a secluded part of the wood where she lures the Surgeon and Amanda and flees when she sees them coming; when the pair get there, they see Jenna's figure heading for a laboratory but when they get there, Jenna has vanished and so has the fox.

She re-appears without the fox trap when the Surgeon and Amanda come across Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, her two bosses where she further explains that if the two foxes that were encountered in Widbrook Wood did belong to Forbflaith, then she would be arrested unlike herself despite having probably the worst criminal record in Britain.

When asked how big it is, Jenna proudly replies that the record is about the size of Sweden and for all her offenses, the criminal has never been caught once. After Amanda asks Forbflaith what the fox will be used for, the scientist merely tells Jenna to bring the fox trap and tells the Surgeon and Amanda that they will see in due time. In the operating theater, Jenna reveals the fox that she captured and watches as it takes its place on the table as if it knows what's coming.

Under Forbflaith's direction, Jenna swaps places with one of her former bosses to watch with the Surgeon and Amanda who watch Forbflaith alter the fox's genes and watch it grow to the size of a coyote. Jenna remains loyal to Forbflaith until the Surgeon berates the scientist for her experiment and the scientist alongside her accomplice delivers the killer blow to Jenna's trust in her Irish boss as shown blow:

""Like! I! CARE!" Forbflaith yelled "You seem to forget, Surgeon that those foxes I had altered were made to PROTECT me from harm!" she added.

"Now you can watch humanity, die!" Katja hissed, all the Surgeon and his companion could do now was watch the foxes leave the laboratory each with their own superpowers such as telescopic vision, invisibility, increased agility and numerous others.
All the while, Forbflaith held the Surgeon and Amanda at gunpoint but Jenna had turned against the scientist and attacked her allowing Amanda to grab the Vixen's gun and instead hold Forbflaith at gunpoint."
However, Jenna has no intentions of helping the Surgeon or Amanda and instead flees to Bradford on Avon...little does she know however that the Surgeon has orchestrated a manhunt for Jenna in order to give the criminal some respite because it will mean that if Forbflaith or Katja got back to her then she would suffer a fate worse than death and it will also benefit the police because they will catch a criminal who they have wanted to catch for a long time.

Jenna is finally arrested when the Surgeon and Amanda confront her at a deserted house that she has been hiding at, however as she is being taken away in handcuffs, the Surgeon tells one of the police officers to keep her in holding and not to put her on trial to which the officer assures him that she will be put in a holding cell much to the delight of the Surgeon because he will see her again, later where he will force her and her bosses to help him defeat the fox that Forbflaith unleashed on Wiltshire.

Battle of the Foxes:

Like the Surgeon and quite frankly, any character previously seen in Bounder and the Time Lord for that matter Jenna does not appear at the very beginning of Battle of the Foxes but there are mentions of her arrest being shown in a monologue at the very beginning of the story. After this monologue, Jenna phones the Surgeon and Amanda and asks them to meet her in her prison cell; despite this however, her trust is called into question.

After a journey to Trowbridge Police Station, the Surgeon and Amanda confront Jenna in her prison cell where the latter calls her trust into question even more than the former. However, gradually Jenna gets the Surgeon and Amanda on her side by telling her that she can help the Surgeon defeat the fox, but it will be an enemy that he cannot fight on his own and instead he will have to go through an alternate method to kill the fox as shown below:

"How does Godzilla fight King Ghidorah? They're both fight a genetically altered fox Surgeon, you have to MAKE a genetically altered fox!"
Jenna is later seen with the Surgeon and Amanda who have blackmailed her to help them defeat Bounder or they hand her over to the police, unfortunately she refuses to co-operate when it comes to choosing a fox to alter so the Surgeon chooses one for her. In the process, Jenna captures that fox in the same way that she captured Bounder and further under coercion takes it to Forbflaith's laboratory alongside her former bosses who the Surgeon and Amanda have also blackmailed.

At the laboratory, Jenna experiences a sense of deja vu because the Surgeon takes his allies to the same operating theater that Bounder was altered at and just like before, the Surgeon orders the fox to be released only this time the fox is shown to be slightly more fearful and before long Jenna becomes fearful at the sheer horror that Ranger seemingly goes through because it reminds her of the experiments carried out on Bounder.

Outside, the Surgeon releases Ranger on Bounder while his enemies (and companion) are forced to watch while he gets the police to Widbrook Wood. After the battle, Jenna watches her former bosses being led away by the Surgeon and Amanda and while the criminal wants to get closer, the criminal is forced away. However she is not being pushed away by the Surgeon and instead is pushed away by the thought of being tried and imprisoned; it is for this reason that the criminal tries to find a different way to go to the Surgeon without coming across the police.

However. Jenna's notoriety gets to her head and she hides in Widbrook until the police have gone to join the Surgeon, which she does. Once the police have gone, Jenna looks back to see her former bosses being driven away in a police car having been arrested; Jenna as such decides to join the Surgeon to leave her criminal background behind and as such becomes the Surgeon's fourth companion.

Part 2

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