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Jenna Lillywhite is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a British criminal who eventually comes to serve as the fourth companion of the Eleventh Surgeon alongside politician Amanda Mycroft and is the only woman in Bounder and the Time Lord to not feature in The Mammal Wars.


Alongside her primary boss Forbflaith Hennessy, Jenna Lillywhite is one of the most notorious women in the United Kingdom. She is a British criminal who has a criminal record about the size of Lincolnshire if not the size of Sweden having been accused of every crime imaginable with the exceptions being assault, criminal negligence, buggery, sodomy, rape, bigamy, public indecency and other sexual related crimes.

Like most other criminals made by the wiki founder, the ones that Jenna is accused the most of are either theft, burglary or robbery and like Tanya Nakova from Defenders of Earth, she has even managed to commit a crime and get away with it by framing another criminal. What makes Jenna notorious and even admired in England is the fact that despite her criminal record being the size of Lincolnshire, she has never been caught once.


She is a twenty nine year old British woman with fair skin, black hair and brown eyes with her hair being just slightly less darker than Forbflaith Hennessy, her boss. In general, Jenna's attire consists of a white T-Shirt, blue jeggings, black knee length boots, a black leather jacket and black leather gloves, but her attire like most other women made by the wiki founder such as Helga Blankenburg is largely composed of tight fitting clothing and leathers typically.

At least, Jenna's aforementioned attire is used in just two stories because after The Sins of Doom and Droid of the Outlands, her attire changes intermittently. In Droid of the Outlands, Jenna changes her attire for the first time and her attire this time, is shown as a silver leather look catsuit and silver go go boots.


Much like her fellow companion and former enemy Amanda Mycroft, Jenna is often believed by the wiki founder to be probably one of the more superior companions of the Surgeon especially in the revived series (The Surgeon did have previous good companions but recollections of them are sketchy). This probably stems from the fact that thanks to herself and the other three women from Bounder and the Time Lord (Amanda Mycroft, Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska) were planned for the future.

Unlike most other characters in literature such as agents of the European Intelligence Network, Jenna tends to come across as a lone wolf and has no desire in working with other criminals and like Forbflaith is also very single minded with almost no regard for any other criminals unless they can help her. But like Amanda, she eventually settles down but it is still her devil may care attitude that she develops after Battle of the Foxes that can sometimes get her in trouble.

In spite of her horrendous criminal record however, Jenna is implied to have at least a moral code like much of the other criminals made by the wiki founder, especially the criminals in the 51st Century who initially did not commit crime for money but for adventure but are forced into conflict by the Dragon Civil War. This is particularly shown when she accuses Harriet Burgess of making up the story she tells about the Star Finder's captain's mental decay in order to make him look bad.

The Surgeon stories

Part 1

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Widbrook Wood (geograph 2522197)

Widbrook Wood, Jenna's former place of operations.

Like her bosses in the form of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, Jenna appears as a shady figure in Widbrook Wood although unlike her bosses, she appears far earlier when the Surgeon takes Amanda through Widbrook Wood to explore it. It is also Jenna's appearance that makes the Surgeon lose hope quickly of a calming session where he would be away from fighting evil.

Lady Blue hq

Scarface's mate and the Vixen that pursues Jenna: Lady Blue.

In the forest, Jenna takes aim in a way that makes it look like she is aiming her pistol at the head of the Surgeon and Amanda but in fact she is trying to aim her pistol at a certain blue fox that is under the protection of another blue fox and its mate. Under its instinct, the fox under protection flees while the Surgeon, Amanda and Jenna are forced to retreat by the vixen and the fox.

Jenna however recovers quickly and changes her plan to go after the fox that was under protection and manages to catch it in a fox trap. She then flees to a secluded part of the wood where she lures the Surgeon and Amanda and flees when she sees them coming; when the pair get there, they see Jenna's figure heading for a laboratory but when they get there, Jenna has vanished and so has the fox.

She re-appears without the fox trap when the Surgeon and Amanda come across Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, her two bosses where she further explains that if the two foxes that were encountered in Widbrook Wood did belong to Forbflaith, then she would be arrested unlike herself despite having probably the worst criminal record in Britain.

When asked how big it is, Jenna proudly replies that the record is about the size of Sweden and for all her offenses, the criminal has never been caught once. After Amanda asks Forbflaith what the fox will be used for, the scientist merely tells Jenna to bring the fox trap and tells the Surgeon and Amanda that they will see in due time. In the operating theater, Jenna reveals the fox that she captured and watches as it takes its place on the table as if it knows what's coming.

Bounder lay

The story's titular antagonist: Bounder

Under Forbflaith's direction, Jenna swaps places with one of her former bosses to watch with the Surgeon and Amanda who watch Forbflaith alter the fox's genes and watch it grow to the size of a coyote. Jenna remains loyal to Forbflaith until the Surgeon berates the scientist for her experiment and the scientist alongside her accomplice delivers the killer blow to Jenna's trust in her Irish boss as shown blow:

""Like! I! CARE!" Forbflaith yelled "You seem to forget, Surgeon that those foxes I had altered were made to PROTECT me from harm!" she added.

"Now you can watch humanity, die!" Katja hissed, all the Surgeon and his companion could do now was watch the foxes leave the laboratory each with their own superpowers such as telescopic vision, invisibility, increased agility and numerous others.
All the while, Forbflaith held the Surgeon and Amanda at gunpoint but Jenna had turned against the scientist and attacked her allowing Amanda to grab the Vixen's gun and instead hold Forbflaith at gunpoint."
However, Jenna has no intentions of helping the Surgeon or Amanda and instead flees to Bradford on Avon...little does she know however that the Surgeon has orchestrated a manhunt for Jenna in order to give the criminal some respite because it will mean that if Forbflaith or Katja got back to her then she would suffer a fate worse than death and it will also benefit the police because they will catch a criminal who they have wanted to catch for a long time.

Jenna is finally arrested when the Surgeon and Amanda confront her at a deserted house that she has been hiding at, however as she is being taken away in handcuffs, the Surgeon tells one of the police officers to keep her in holding and not to put her on trial to which the officer assures him that she will be put in a holding cell much to the delight of the Surgeon because he will see her again, later where he will force her and her bosses to help him defeat the fox that Forbflaith unleashed on Wiltshire.

Battle of the Foxes:

Like the Surgeon and quite frankly, any character previously seen in Bounder and the Time Lord for that matter Jenna does not appear at the very beginning of Battle of the Foxes but there are mentions of her arrest being shown in a monologue at the very beginning of the story. After this monologue, Jenna phones the Surgeon and Amanda and asks them to meet her in her prison cell; despite this however, her trust is called into question.


Ranger, Bounder's opponent.

After a journey to Trowbridge Police Station, the Surgeon and Amanda confront Jenna in her prison cell where the latter calls her trust into question even more than the former. However, gradually Jenna gets the Surgeon and Amanda on her side by telling her that she can help the Surgeon defeat the fox, but it will be an enemy that he cannot fight on his own and instead he will have to go through an alternate method to kill the fox as shown below:

"How does Godzilla fight King Ghidorah? They're both fight a genetically altered fox Surgeon, you have to MAKE a genetically altered fox!"
Jenna is later seen with the Surgeon and Amanda who have blackmailed her to help them defeat Bounder or they hand her over to the police, unfortunately she refuses to co-operate when it comes to choosing a fox to alter so the Surgeon chooses one for her. In the process, Jenna captures that fox in the same way that she captured Bounder and further under coercion takes it to Forbflaith's laboratory alongside her former bosses who the Surgeon and Amanda have also blackmailed.

At the laboratory, Jenna experiences a sense of deja vu because the Surgeon takes his allies to the same operating theater that Bounder was altered at and just like before, the Surgeon orders the fox to be released only this time the fox is shown to be slightly more fearful and before long Jenna becomes fearful at the sheer horror that Ranger seemingly goes through because it reminds her of the experiments carried out on Bounder.

Outside, the Surgeon releases Ranger on Bounder while his enemies (and companion) are forced to watch while he gets the police to Widbrook Wood. After the battle, Jenna watches her former bosses being led away by the Surgeon and Amanda and while the criminal wants to get closer, the criminal is forced away. However she is not being pushed away by the Surgeon and instead is pushed away by the thought of being tried and imprisoned; it is for this reason that the criminal tries to find a different way to go to the Surgeon without coming across the police.

However. Jenna's notoriety gets to her head and she hides in Widbrook until the police have gone to join the Surgeon, which she does. Once the police have gone, Jenna looks back to see her former bosses being driven away in a police car having been arrested; Jenna as such decides to join the Surgeon to leave her criminal background behind and as such becomes the Surgeon's fourth companion.

Part 2 (The Robot Saga)

The Sins of Doom:

Along with her old accomplices Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, and her new companions in the form of the Eleventh Surgeon and Amanda Mycroft, Jenna does not appear in the prologue of the first story of the Robot Saga but she is mentioned in a recap of the Surgeon's adventures thus far, from crash landing in Egypt in Strategy of a Surgeon, to having his plans for a period of rest from fighting evil all the time destroyed in the two parter Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes.

She first appears with the Surgeon and Amanda on board the SIDRAT where the two women try to settle their early differences from Bounder and the Time Lord and it is also here where Amanda believes that Jenna joined the Surgeon to atone for her crimes; but Jenna refutes this claim and says:

"To an extent, Amanda yes. But I carried out crimes, not for hire or because I needed money. I only did it for the adventure that crime brought. With my record, I was practically famous among the U.K's criminal community."
Jenna then asks Amanda about the Surgeon, to which the latter refuses because Amanda has had little chance to ask the Surgeon about himself because since The Super Soldiers, the pair have been on adventures time and time again. Their conversation is interrupted by the Surgeon's erratic piloting of the SIDRAT in trace of a faint signal.

The signal takes the SIDRAT crew to a strange place: The scanner reveals that the place is hospitable and does indeed support life, but registry comes up blank as if the place is somewhere that should not exist. In response to this, the Surgeon decides the best way to find out if the place should exist or not is to have a look outside.

Latveria from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 1 001

The Surgeon's real location: Latveria (initially believed to be Austria Hungary).

Outside, Jenna is both distracted by the location's beauty and frustrated that she can't go back to her criminal background because if she did, she would be imprisoned or worse executed. However, as she and her friends journey further into the place the SIDRAT landed, it becomes clear that not all is what it seems:


The "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!" poster from World War II. This caption also appears on a poster of the country's leader.

Despite the medieval setting, there appears to be signs of anachronism, specifically of a personality cult including heroically built statues all over the city, along with portraits of the statue's focus, some with heroic slogans underneath such as "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!" (One people, one empire, one leader!").

Eventually, the Surgeon learns the subject of the statues and portraits by more captions written in German, Hungarian and Romanian including: "A sötétségből a Doom fényt hoz." translated from Hungarian as "From the darkness, Doom brings light.", "Doom aduce mântuirea." translated from Romanian as "Doom brings Salvation", "Doom este minunat. Doom este just." translated from Romanian as "Doom is Great. Doom is Just" and "Doom: Doamne, rege, țară." translated from Romanian as "Doom: God, king, country."

The last poster that the Surgeon sees has the caption "Doom ist Latveria und Latveria ist Doom" and it is this poster which makes the Surgeon finally realise where the SIDRAT took them: Latveria. Home of one of the world's most famous supervillains; the Surgeon and his companions are soon greeted by army officials who surround them armed with muskets and swords.

Along with the Surgeon and Amanda, Jenna is taken up to the place where the soldiers came from: An ancient castle. At least, ancient on the outside but filled with modern technology on the inside and it is here where she and her friends finally meet the figure who was featured on posters around Latveria and statues around Latveria: Doctor Doom.

Doom welcomes the three of them cordially to Latveria and it is also here where, like Amanda, a hidden side to Jenna comes out: When the Surgeon tells Doom that he came to Latveria because he was following a faint signal, the monarch takes offense and claims he did not send the signal but since the Surgeon is here, the monarch may as well take his new visitor "down".

It is the word "down" that makes Jenna especially concerned because she feels that Doom is going to send the Surgeon to the dungeons despite doing nothing wrong; but Doom reveals the true story:

"Yes, my dear. Before you and your friend came along, my associates found what appeared to be a human being come into Latveria. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to capture that accursed Richards, but alas it was not meant to be." Doom replied. He then added that the human who came to Latveria acted...strange so Doom had him imprisoned in the dungeons.

He further added that before the Surgeon came, Doom and his men tried to get the figure to talk but it refused so Doom tortured it and it was here where Amanda, initially surprised by Doom's cordial welcome for a villain who had a reputation as a tyrant and arch enemy in the Marvel comic universe, lost her temper in a calm way."
While the Surgeon complies, he asks what will happen to his companions to which Doom promises that no harm will come to them and they are free to explore the castle if they so wish, which they do while the Surgeon is away.

As the Surgeon is away, Jenna and Amanda explore Doom's castle and are both intrigued by the modern technology in the ancient castle. It is also during their exploration where the pair manage to put aside their differences much more better than they could in the SIDRAT. During this time, Jenna tells Amanda that despite having a criminal record the size of Lincolnshire she has not been convicted of any of the crimes listed in her description section.

During their exploration, Amanda wishes to see the prisoner as does Jenna and they do...about to be tortured, and in fact being tortured which causes the former to get down there as quickly as possible, with Jenna not too far behind. Once in the cell however, Jenna's previously headstrong nature comes in when she warns Amanda not to get too close to the prisoner.

Unfortunately, Amanda does get too close to the prisoner but in the end it is the combined efforts of the two women that causes the prisoner to be released: Jenna's belief that Amanda would have given the sword to the prisoner to free itself and thus telling her "Amanda! No!" and Amanda for being startled by Jenna's warning causing her to drop the sword suddenly.

The two women escape from the cell as it is re-sealed with the prisoner inside. But the prisoner takes the torturer's key and unlocks the cell door causing the guards to open fire on it to no avail causing her and Amanda to be evacuated by another one of the guards known as "Irina" while another one of the guards continues to fire on the prisoner...until it absorbs (presumably) the Internet causing it to regenerate itself and the guard to flee from the dungeon.

Jenna meanwhile, is led by Irina down a corridor along with Amanda to a staircase which the three women rapidly climb but the Pretender does not to show its true nature when it further declares "Decepticons do not take orders from insects" and kills Irina causing Amanda and Jenna to flee without looking back, even across a battlefield full of Doom's men and Servo guards.

She is next seen with Amanda on Level 39 still fleeing from the Decepticon pretender, on the phone to the Surgeon who tells her to keep running for dear life because the emergency exits which Doom had to rewire the main power into are being sealed on Level 36; but even then, emergency power is not enough and the Surgeon is forced to close the exits.

In the process, Amanda gets through but Jenna is not so lucky and dies when the Decepticon pretender catches up with her. Or so it is believed; Jenna is actually still alive despite telling the Pretender to kill her in a very contemptuous tone, given that it has killed a number of Doom's men.

When it refuses, she asks what is going to happen now that they are dead but the Pretender remembers back to her first meeting with it and the compassion Amanda showed it, indicating that it is starting to change. Jenna is used as a hostage by the Pretender who demands that the Surgeon opens the emergency exit or she dies.

The Surgeon complies and Jenna leads the Pretender to Doom's throne room where she is finally reunited with the Surgeon and Amanda. Here, they watch the Pretender turn Doom from the tyrant that everyone knows him as to literally begging for his life, a request the Pretender doesn't accept and so shoots Doom and kills him.

But the real Doom shows up in the throne room and tells the Pretender that it was lucky that its opponent was one of Doom's robot doppelgangers and declares that it will fight the real deal. As it does, the Surgeon and his companions flee Doom's castle while tyrant and prisoner fight to the death in a sense of history repeating itself as the Surgeon had done this before in The Yeti Factor.

Only this time, the Surgeon and his companions do not stop running until they are in Doomstadt where Jenna believes that as well as Amanda's people, he could potentially have saved Latveria from Doom, if not a universe; but the Surgeon refuses to believe that Latveria will see the last of Doom, but with that Pretender being the last "Decepticon", he supposes he has saved this alternative world and so leaves Latveria with his companions.

Droid of the Outlands:

As she was in The Sins of Doom, Jenna is first seen with the Surgeon and Amanda on board the SIDRAT and it is on board the SIDRAT where, after Amanda asks the Surgeon about Latveria, Jenna asks him about what Doom meant when he told the Pretender "Your opponent was a Doombot." to which the response is:

"Robotic copies of him. That's usually the reason why Doom is always still alive; whenever someone thinks they've finally beaten him, it's always suspicious that he goes down too easily given all his magic and abilities, Jenna..."
During his explanation, the SIDRAT is pulled off course and the SIDRAT crew are greeted by a shadowy face on the SIDRAT scanner who tells them:
"Greetings, travellers. You thought that you could escape into your own world? Think again!"
Once the face cuts off, the SIDRAT enters an autopilot like mode but much more extreme in the sense that the SIDRAT begins to pilot itself and takes the SIDRAT crew to some form of battle cruiser. As the SIDRAT lands, Jenna wants to explore, but the Surgeon sends her back to change along with Amanda, believing that her clothing would be too anachronistic.

Along with a newly changed Amanda and Surgeon, Jenna goes out to explore the ship that the SIDRAT has landed on...and immediately comes across armed crew members and their commanding officer Harriet Burgess who orders the trio to get their hands up, which they do. When they do, Harriet scans the three of them for weapons and when the results show up negative, Burgess tells her soldiers to lower their weapons.

Having introduced herself to Harriet, Jenna also learns that Harriet is the second in command of the BC Star Finder, yet since a yet to be explained event, she has become the ship's primary commander owing to the supposed mental decay of the captain. The trio are later taken to the ship's crew quarters where Harriet intends to explain everything.

In the ship's quarters, Jenna begins to feel a sense of Harriet's supposed moral ambiguity when she sees the ship's crew quarters full of officers, security guards and the crew but no captain and it is in the crew's quarters where Harriet explains everything:

Years ago before the ship reached where it was now, the captain of the Star Finder was a strong, competent and brave captain and for years, the ship carried out its exploration of the universe unperturbed...for the most part. Then as the ship entered the unknown in the universe, the ship began to experience technical difficulties including power failures but still keeping the ship online and still in space.

Each time the power went off, a large amount of the crew had vanished and there came a time where the power didn't go off and whoever or whatever was responsible for the crew's disappearance came right on board the ship and captured a huge amount of the crew, eventually making the captain more and more paranoid, cowardly and mad so Harriet locked him below deck and took over the ship.

During the story, Amanda and Jenna accuse Harriet of wrongful imprisonment and keeping the captain sealed in solitary confinement with no food to eat or water to drink but Burgess refutes this accusation by claiming that every couple of months or so, the captain is released from the cells and allowed in the open part of the ship. Even if Harriet is telling the truth, there is still considerable doubt that the story is fabricated in order to make the captain look bad and Harriet was merely power hungry so the Surgeon decides to meet the captain in person.

This doubt is further reinforced when the captain is indeed brought in front of the Surgeon; it is reinforced because instead of the typical silver uniform worn by herself, Harriet and other Star Finder crew, the captain is shown in a black rubber like catsuit with a compartment for the arms to be put in a straitjacket like position and a deprivation hood with his face covered. To further emphasise this doubt, the captain is also leashed.

But Harriet, once again, refutes this doubt by releasing the captain from his arm bounds and hood at which point, he begins screaming like a madman accusing Jenna and her friends of being agents to the one responsible for the disappearance of the crew at which point, all the sympathy she could have had for the captain goes out the window and is replaced by the same contempt that the Surgeon holds the captain in. Even giving the following quote:

"Pathetic! To think I used to dis-believe you, Harriet!"
Despite him telling a Cassandra truth, Jenna is still unconvinced by Harriet's story and is even more unconvinced when she zaps the captain in order to silence him. She also learns that despite denying the accusation, Harriet in fact did overthrow the captain of the Star Finder once he began to lose his mind but despite her apparent power hungry nature, Burgess did not overthrow the captain for personal reasons.

Instead, she overthrew the captain when he began to lose his mind because to her, it was the logical thing to do and anyone else who took over would have been much worse; either being ineffective or far too controlling, possibly to the point of allowing zero freedom on board the cruiser. But Harriet's story is interrupted by a security guard who says that the one responsible for the missing crew is on board the ship.

Jenna joins the Surgeon and Amanda in the ship's quarters where she discovers the one responsible for the vanishing crew; for a minute at least because once that minute is up, the figure disappears never to be seen again...or so it's believed because the Surgeon also put a tracking device on it.

The Surgeon suggests going after the figure which also results in him taking over as the Star Finder's commander and demoting Harriet back to the ship's lieutenant which drives the captain over the edge, but the Surgeon is prepared to give him one last chance; when the captain blows it, the Surgeon has Jenna and Amanda lock the captain back in his cell while he orders Harriet to trace the signal and follow it.

As the captain is imprisoned, the Surgeon decides there is something that he has to do to the captain and in doing so, he goes down to the cells as Jenna and Amanda are coming up to the deck. That something is to flush the captain out of the airlock so he can't interfere anymore with his plan.

The signal that Harriet is tracing, takes the Star Finder to an un-named planet where the Surgeon insists that on the exploration, his companions stay close to him because he is not prepared to let something like what happened to Jenna in The Sins of Doom in which she was almost killed by a Pretender. But also wanting to come with the Surgeon is Harriet who the Surgeon reluctantly allows to come with him.

On the surface of the planet, the group come across an indescribable location where they ultimately find the missing crew: Contained in suspended animation tubes. And along with those crew members, they also find the one responsible for the crew's disappearance; and among those crew members, the one responsible for the crew's disappearance, Brainiac makes his collection complete by adding Harriet to mix and starting "the age of Brainiac).

But when she was forced into suspended animation, Harriet was carrying a weapon the whole time which means that when Brainiac puts her in suspended animation, he also forced her to drop her weapon. This results in Jenna being given the weapon and she uses it to sever the connection between Brainiac and his prisoners allowing the suspended animation tubes to open and the Surgeon and his allies to rescue the crew.

As Brainiac is put out of action, the Surgeon orders his allies to get the crew back to the Star Finder while he takes on the android. Jenna is last seen along with Amanda Mycroft at the entrance to the Star Finder waiting for the Surgeon...and finally, he comes. A shell of his former self, the Surgeon is now left dishevelled and as a medic puts it "a mess".

She is last seen in the story in the ship's medical facility as the medics try to tend to the Surgeon's injuries and at first, because the Surgeon's hearts are still beating and he is still breathing, allow him to live; which he does. Following his treatment, the Surgeon and his companions depart the Star Finder...on the SIDRAT however, things change:

As the SIDRAT leaves the Star Finder with Harriet as its new leader, it turns out that Brainiac caused much more harm to the Surgeon than the medics anticipated. As the SIDRAT is put on autopilot, the Surgeon collapses in agony as if he is going to regenerate...and by the end of the story, that genuinely looks likely.


After the events of Droid of the Outlands, the Surgeon is regenerating from his fight with Brainiac and as he is, Jenna and Amanda are ordered to get him into an empty room to which they obey and as the door slams shut, the former criminal struggles to understand what's happening to the Surgeon to which Amanda replies he is apparently changing.

When Jenna asks her what that means, Amanda's response is:

"The first time I went with him, he told me that he was a Time Lord. I can't remember when, but he said something along the lines of whenever his body's seriously damaged, he changes it."
But their conversation is shortly interrupted by the sudden re appearance of the Surgeon still in his eleventh incarnation. When he is asked what happened, the Surgeon replies he used the regenerative energy to heal himself and the Zero Room to speed up the process.

A newly healed Surgeon now intends to get out of the multi-verse lest he come across any more powerful threats like Thanos or Darkseid, Eventually, he seemingly gets his wish when he lands back on Earth...but Earth is not what it seems: Images on the SIDRAT scanner show that the Earth has been reduced to a wasteland which the Surgeon puts down first to possibly travelling into the distant future.

For good measure however, he decides to investigate outside with the rest of his companions. Outside the SIDRAT, Earth is revealed as a barren wasteland that is practically empty except for huge telescreens that show off the huge face of a huge metallic figure which gives off the vibe as if its watching the entire world (given that these telescreens are all over the world, the perception just gets more credible).

It's also this figure on the telescreen that makes Jenna paranoid as if she's being watched. She watches this figure for about ten minutes with the Surgeon until he tells his companions to split up and find out more about what happened to the planet. During their investigation, Jenna still feels a sense of paranoia but despite the nature of the apocalypse, she also feels the situation to be a bit laughable:

Apart from the Surgeon, herself, Amanda and "Bird Face" on the telescreen, Jenna remarks that the Earth is now populated by vehicles. She understands the presence of military vehicles; the scariness of the supposed apocalypse feels undercut by Jenna because of the presence of huge amounts of cars and ordinary vehicles on the planet which makes her think that the cars have taken over the planet.

The presence of a police car driving at the two women at a huge erratic speed however, makes Jenna regret taking the apocalypse as a joke; even more so when it scans the two women and instead of driving away into the distance, it instead drives around like some kind of predator or housing some kind of predator as a passenger.

Jenna further regrets taking the apocalypse as a joke when she and Amanda see a giant robot made up of an excavator for the torso, some form of truss crane for the left arm, a dump truck for the right leg, a cement mixer for the head, a bulldozer as the left leg and a front load shovel as the right arm; what makes her regret taking the apocalypse as a joke is that they were the construction vehicles they had just seen on their investigation.

This investigation becomes interrupted by the sudden arrival of Laserbeak and Ravage who were alerted to their position by the police car who is actually Barricade in disguise. As both Ravage and Laserbeak arrive, the latter becomes very attached to her as evidenced when he gives Jenna no personal space and gives off very strong vibes of a stalker or a rapist.

But while Laserbeak gives off rapist vibes to Jenna, he becomes far personal with Amanda when he instead slithers around her. The exchange between humans and robots ends once Ravage shoots both women apparently dead...all the while with the Surgeon forced to watch Jenna's supposed death for the second time along with Amanda's supposed death for the first time.

In fact, Jenna is in the captivity of the Decepticons along with Amanda when she wakes up strapped to an operating table and unlike Amanda who cries out for the Surgeon, she is wise enough to know that calling for the Surgeon will be pointless, as Slipstream tells Amanda. But Jenna instead asks Slipstream how Ravage and Laserbeak knew where they were which cues the entrance of Starscream.

As he enters, Starscream replies with:

"Soundwave is the Decepticon communications officer. He tells me everything; and he's always let us know everything."
Starscream orders the two women to tell him how they got on the Decepticon ruled Earth but Jenna refuses to tell him, so the Decepticon leader intends to make the two women talk by bringing in Shockwave. While Amanda deals with Shockwave, Jenna remains silent all while having electrodes attached to her head...then at which point, she breaks that silence:

Once Shockwave delves into the memories of Amanda, he does the same to Jenna only this time, he goes slightly further back and delves into her criminal background before meeting the Surgeon and Amanda in 1994 Wiltshire. After this, both companions reveal that they are time travellers and companions of the Surgeon which intrigues the Decepticon leadership (except Soundwave and particularly intrigues Starscream and Slipstream).

Starscream uses Jenna and Amanda as bait for the Surgeon, blackmailing him into coming to the Decepticon headquarters immediately or his companions will die which the Surgeon takes very seriously and gets over to the base immediately; at the base, the Decepticon leader keeps his side of the bargaining and releases Jenna and Amanda...but he pulls another gambit on the Surgeon:

After the Surgeon becomes disgusted by the Decepticons including cloning one of their most loyal lieutenants and reducing him to a mindless drone as well as making the combiners permanent, he decides to leave this world along with his companions...but Barricade under Starscream's orders beats them to the SIDRAT and destroys it, leaving the SIDRAT crew trapped on this world.

Old Enemies, New Allies:

At the beginning of the story, Starscream continues to boast that with the SIDRAT crew, they will never leave this planet and just as he does, the crew come face to face with Barricade in vehicle form who sprays them all with knock out gas; in the meantime, another Decepticon in the form of Sideways (though he is never named) comes to help Barricade by putting Jenna in Baricade's boot while he takes care of the Surgeon.

With the SIDRAT crew collected, their destination is back to the Decepticon base. At the Decepticon base, Jenna was tortured in Revelation, but in Old Enemies, New Allies she and Amanda are forced to watch another torture: The Surgeon's torture in which Shockwave and Starscream know the Surgeon's name and his race as he is a Time Lord.

Now that the Surgeon has given Starscream what he wants, he orders the Decepticon leader to give him what he wants: Why Earth is like it is. But before doing so, Starscream has her and Amanda released so they can witness the background to Earth being like it is:

Since 1984, Autobots and Decepticons were introduced to the world (our world) with the Autobots being said as wanting to preserve life while the Decepticons were said to want to destroy any other life that wasn't Cybertronian. While Starscream was much more loyal to Megatron than in other continuities (like Transformers Animated for instance and especially Transformers Animated), his contempt for his old leader is still evident.

Though that may be to do with Megatron's General Failure characterisation during G1 since over time, the former Decepticon leader got more and more intelligent, vicious and evil (especially in Transformers Prime and to some extent Transformers Animated). Keeping on with keeping his word, Starscream shows the SIDRAT crew what exactly happened to the world: The Decepticons invaded in considerably huge numbers overwhelming the Autobots who struggled to keep the Decepticons down and protect the humans at the same time.

As the conflict intensified, both sides began to be helped by two kinds of supers (from the Marvel and DC universes for convenience): Super heroes for the Autobots and Super villains for the Decepticons. During the war (which is described like the apocalypse depicted in the Book of Revelation), the heroes tried to shelter the humans while Autobots fought the Decepticons while the villains tried killing the humans while the Decepticons fought the Autobots...except for one man who had unexplained motives.

During the war, the Decepticons already gained the advantage owing to Megatron's better sense of strategy but gained even more of an advantage when they unleashed The Fallen who wiped out Autobot and superhero alike. Some managed to survive however, and those who did were either imprisoned or killed by the Decepticons.

The villains on the other hand were either captured right away (like Mystique, Catwoman and Cheetah) while others were forced on the run (like The Joker, Black Mask and the Green Goblin) when the Decepticons had no further use for them. Imprisoned supers were then scanned by the Pretenders and impersonated giving the Decepticons two Amazon brigades owing to them killing off men, children and babies while sparing women and super heroines.

But The Fallen wasn't finished yet and so merged with Megatron, who had put a curse on his own body which meant anyone who merged with him would be cast into limbo. And that was the ultimate fate of The Fallen; Starscream also reveals that two supers weren't imprisoned right away: Wasp and Kamala Khan who were instead captured and experimented on by Shockwave; the experiments in question taking away Wasp's shrinking ability and Kamala's ability to alter her body like Mr. Fantastic. After the experiments, both supers were imprisoned.

The villains on the other hand who survived the war were killed...but not by the Decepticons and it is not yet elaborated on because Starscream decides the SIDRAT crew have seen enough. But the Decepticon leaders are interrupted before she can be killed.

Those that invade the Decepticon base turn out to be two figures that were assumed to have perished after the Autobot-Decepticon war told in Starscream's story: Two Face who goes after Jenna and Amanda, dragging them outside kicking and screaming and the Green Goblin who attacks the Decepticon leaders with a combination of pumpkin bombs and machine guns.

In contrast to Jenna, the Surgeon also joins the Green Goblin in a more subdued fashion and merely hangs on to him as if he's carrying out a piggy back. On the ground, Jenna is forced into the back of Two Face's truck and taken to an unknown location. That location is ultimately revealed as an abandoned amusement park.

At the park, Jenna is put in handcuffs owing to her resilient nature and later handed over to the Green Goblin who combats her defiant nature even more by sticking something that looks like a taser in her back and switching it on, causing her to cry in pain. With Jenna subdued, the two women and the Surgeon are taken to an unknown room.

In the room is a shadowy figure who mockingly berates the Green Goblin for supposedly capturing the two women to use as sex slaves or even sell or advertise as sex slaves, but the Goblin mocking refutes this claim and brings the pair in. The source of the voice comes to investigate the two women and in doing so, makes its claims of having standards against sexual slavery entirely false.

Especially when it remarks that the women are "not too shabby. Not too shabby at all" and also begins to make predatory vibes towards the pair with Jenna remaining as defiant as ever, even refusing to look at the figure in the eye. Once the source has finished with the two women, it tells the Goblin and Two Face to bring in someone else that they've been wanting to show the voice: The Surgeon.

During the Surgeon's reunion with the voice which actually belongs to The Joker, Jenna's disgust at him becomes even more apparent when she calls him "a freak" along with Two Face, or as she calls him "Half Man". But on the insistent of the Green Goblin, the Surgeon's reunion with The Joker doesn't last long because he takes the SIDRAT crew and his own men further into the house.

Into the house being the dining room, where like when she first met The Joker, she and Amanda are the first ones to be introduced to the Joker's associates which draw mixed reactions: Some of them have the same twisted reactions as the Joker while others are said to be surprised to see that a real human actually exists in this world, given that according to Shockwave:

"Real humans are Decepticon prisoners, the humans on this Earth are Pretenders."
Once Jenna has been shown off to the Joker's associates, the Surgeon is brought in by the Joker where the only people he seems to recognise are The Riddler (owing to a prior alliance with The Joker) and The Penguin (though the Surgeon's recognition of the Penguin is much more sketchy). Once this is over, the Joker reveals more of his associates to the SIDRAT crew: the aforementioned Riddler and Penguin alongside Lex Luthor, the Green Goblin (who, up and til this point has just been referred to as the Goblin), Two Face (who Jenna called "Half Man"), Ra's al-Ghul, General Zod, The Scarecrow and Black Mask. Following the introduction of the left hand side of the table, Black Mask tells the Joker to move on to "Round 2" which the Joker does. Round 2 in question is showing the SIDRAT crew the ten women on the other side of the table: Catwoman, Talia al-Ghul, Harley Quinn, Viper, Lady Bullseye, Mystique, Lashina, Dust, Cheetah and Silver Sable.

But like the Decepticons, there's much more to the Joker and his associates than meets the eye: The twenty conspirators of The Joker are actually Slitheen, the second organic life form on this planet. And one of them opens a portal to what appears to be another world or Hell, implying that the Slitheen intend to send the Surgeon to it and keep Jenna and Amanda for themselves or send the two women to Hell with him.

The Slitheen however, do nothing of the sort and ask the SIDRAT crew to listen to the portal closely; when they do, they hear and indeed see an old friend: Harriet Burgess who acts a lot more strange towards the SIDRAT crew: The original Harriet was a lot more animated and bolder in denying her treacherous personality while this one treats meeting the SIDRAT crew as a dull surprise.

As revealed, this Harriet isn't even the real person...this Harriet in reality is Brainiac. And he brings someone else with him to this world under the claim of being invited by the Slitheen: The first enemy that Jenna ever encountered: Doctor Doom.